Slap Bracelets

Once upon a time, I had a vision.

Not only would I bring back side ponies, but also a controversial relic of my youth.

Slap bracelets.

Once banned in schools all across the U.S., these bad boys are coming back with a bang slap.

Sorry, I’m all outta stock now, but stay tuned for the next amazing giveaway!

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32 responses to “Slap Bracelets

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  15. I feel like I’m showing up late to the Slap Happy Party. Like Buying a Pet Rock in 1990 or a Rubik’s cube in 1999. Sighhhhhh But at least I still get to laugh! Great idea!

  16. Any bracelets still? (:

  17. where do you get those slap bracelets? :P

    • I ordered them online! There are a ton of places that do custom slap bracelets, but just a note – I couldn’t find anywhere that did them in quantities less than 200!

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  19. Hey cool blog, I have my own slap braclet that say “live life” I love it so much, i will keep reading more blogs of yours, Please follow at

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