I'm Going To Chop My Ear Off Any Day Now

My New Business Cards REVEALED!

Chipmunks, you have some seriously capable, wee, adorable paws.

I’m not sure I’ve ever felt so much bloggy loving as I did on Wednesday. You sent such thoughtful comments after I asked for your help in choosing Go Jules Go business cards (for my first blogging conference next month, BlogHer ’12)! I was not expecting so many responses, nor such shared enthusiasm.

I even got an email from a friend in marketing with some helpful suggestions.

I really, really appreciate it. (You thought I was going to quote Sally Field for minute, didn’t you?)

Clearly you agree this is the most important decision anyone has ever made.

The results surprised me. I was sure #2 or #3 would win. But…


  • Option #1 – 58%
  • Option #2 – 20%
  • Option #3 – 15%
  • Option #4 – 8%

THE WINNER (OPtion #1)

I guess ya’ll can’t get enough of THIS FACE. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the ‘stache glasses*.

By taking a lot of the comments into consideration, I made a few changes to the winning design, and now present to you…

My New-and-Already-Ordered-So-Please-Don’t-Burst-My-Bubble Business Cards!



So, how tempted are you to prank call me now? Do you have any good prank/practical joke stories?

*Psst, another ‘stache glasses giveaway happening next week!

108 thoughts on “My New Business Cards REVEALED!”

    1. OMG Kate, for some reason I thought of you this morning whilst driving to work composing a haiku. I guess I just knew you’d appreciate that kind of randomness. Anyway, I caught a whiff of bagels (one of my favorite foods) and then this happened in my head:

      Oh bagels, why have
      you so many calories?
      You are not that big.

        1. Awww that is lovely…. I love haikus and limmericks! I only know one bagel place, and I tried one for the first time last year……….. it was soooo yummy I could have eaten 5 (10) 😉

          I am going to eat a curry in a wee bit! Yum, yum, yum!

          Here is a rather hurried Haiku…. (and I have poetic license for using the ‘word’ tastyness).

          Hello curry friend
          Your tastyness bring much joy
          Except vindaloo


          1. HA HA! Oh, I bow down to your hurried curry haiku (also, ‘hurried curry haiku’ is a lot of fun to say). Fabulous.

            I love curries. If (when!) I come to England, I am eating only Indian food and fish and chips. And pasties. I’ve never had one of those. And beer. I will bring my fat pants.

            1. You might want trousers too, we tend not to just wear pants 😉 xx (titter titter)

              (English breakfasts too……..and pasties… oh my, they are good….the best are from Cornwall, and more importantly best cider from Somerset…. my homeland)

                1. Yeah, I remember when Blink 182 released the album ‘Take off your pants and jacket’ and I thought it was far ruder than it actually was…. woooops… 😉

  1. Wow! I love it Jules! Looks amazing! The color combination is perfect.
    And definitely the front seems so hypnotic, can’t get enough of it. 😉 happy Friday!

    1. Aw, thank you AJ’s Mom! I may have to quote you on that when I put together future marketing packages. “Her mustachioed face has been called hypnotic. Much like a car accident, you cannot look away.”

      Happy Friday to you!

    1. Well Misty just said something about hats, so I’m not entirely sure *I* know what I’m in for here 😉

      But it’s a real-deal kind of conference, where they start with breakfast and an opening speaker, and then each hour or so, you can pick a different speaker to go see (out of about 5 choices), based on what topics you’re interested in. For example, one might be about how to make money from advertising on your blog, another might be about techie stuff, and another about ‘mom blogs.’ Katie Couric and Martha Stewart are supposedly keynote speakers! The full agenda is on the web site, so of course I already have my day planned (Project Manager Jules is such a cow)!

      1. Yeah, yeah, yeah….Katie Couric and Martha Stewart…but HATS?! This is going to be an epic conference! Can’t wait to hear all about it. And yes, please let me know how to make LOADS of moulah with my blog. This seems to be the one big thing eluding my blogging career.

  2. You are so cool…I am surprised you hang out with an old grandma like me.

    I loved this one and voted for it, and like the changes even better. Have a wonderful time – this get together should provide you (and those of us who live vicariously through you) a mountain of bloggy gold.

    1. I’m still jealous of your meet-up with Peggles. I’m seeing “Wicked” tomorrow and it won’t be the same without you two.

      Thank you so much – I can’t WAIT to report back with all the juicy scoop! 3 weeks to go!

  3. Yay! Option 1! That’s what I picked! Yay! Big money! What I’d win?

    I love the changes you made. And the tagline on the back is perfect! I’d call you to tell you more, but I’m terrified that you’ll talk with a Jersey accent and not a Mississippi accent like the way I’ve imagined you talk.

    1. OMG Angie, you just won A FREE BUSINESS CARD! And maybe the post office won’t bend it before it gets to you!

      Wow this is so fascinating. Mississippi? I will work on that accent. I don’t want to dash your hopes and dreams. Although, wait! You’ve heard me talk on camera (gift basket giveaway video)! I think I keep the Jersey in check 95% of the time, but it’s there. It’s always there.

      1. On The Colbert Report, he said Nebraska is the telemarketer capital of the world because they talk like they’re not from anywhere. Which is worse in a way.

        You’re right — but that was so long ago. We barely knew each other then — and now that “I know you”, it just seems like you need a Southern accent?

        1. Aw, don’t worry, I’m sure you have an accent to me 😉

          If it means I get to wear big hats to church (even though I don’t go to church) and drink mint julips, I am all over it.

          1. I mean it as a compliment — like the Kentucky Derby hats and Southern hospitality kind of way. Not like the missing teeth and couches on your front porch kind of way. (Easy there, my Southern brethren — I know we have that where I live too!)

            1. Aw now Angie honey, I knew that. Why don’t you come sit down on this here porch swing and take a load off? Your piggies must simply be barkin’ away. I just made a fresh batch of sweet tea and scones. There, now, darlin’.

              (…How was that??)

  4. I like your cards even better with the bright fun font now. Great choice. I soooo want to come to this conference! Would it be cruel to leave my child who will be home 1-day after having been away from 4 weeks of overnight camp. I mean, will I severely damage him? Or just mildly? Jules, I wanna come. Dang it.

    I wouldn’t even have time to order cards. *kicks the dirt*

    Next year. Yes. After you tell me everything.

    1. Commmmme. You knowwww you want to. Tech’s not going to care. Just leave him one of those Costco-sized containers of Nutella and some waffles.

      Otherwise, I still have your fall trip to NJ marked on my calendar. You can’t escape me so easily.

      1. I’m not ready. You probably know just what you are wearing. Plus, I want to finish my book. It’s a major priority. I’ve been writing all morning. Time to STOP.


        I’m so excited that you might meet @ErinMargolin and that you have so many other peeps to hook up with.

        Not like that. You know what I mean. Take a skillion pictures!

        1. HA! I DO know what I’m going to wear!

          But in the name of getting to read your novel sooner, I will give you a pass. THIS TIME.

          OMG, even if I somehow let you down in the photo arena, Misty won’t! She’s a picture-taking ninja!

  5. I love them!!! I didn’t know you were going to blogher!!! I want to go! I would have so creepily followed you around everywhere! Next year, ok? I’ve still never been to a conference!

    1. Marta, you would be my most favorite stalker ever. Next year, YES! I am hellbent on meeting my favorite bloggy friends within the next 1-2 years. And I will have time to save up for the whole thing and stay over next year (this time I’m just taking the train in for the day, on Sat). I’ve actually never stayed overnight in NYC and I’ve always wanted to.

    1. Thank you so much – I’m feeling pretty spiffy about it thanks to all of you awesome chipmunks! Although I keep checking it thinking I MUST have spelled something wrong 😉

  6. That. Is. PERFECT. The end.

    Ok, fine. You know I can’t leave it at that. It’s a sickness, really. I don’t want your pity.

    The changes are brilliant and I LOVE the back. That is completely perfect. I got my boring old cards in the mail yesterday and I thought of you and wanted to send you a pic immediately, then realized I didn’t have your number to text it to you, and didn’t have time to get on my computer to email you, then I realized I DID have your number (as does the world now), but still didn’t have time to go on your site to retrieve it. Sigh. Anyway, I have my cards. Lemme know if you want to see them.

    We are going to have so much freaking fun! I am getting so excited. Did I mention the pimp hats? Oh yeah, I got us pimp hats to wear. You’re welcome. 😀

    1. Misty, your comments always make me feel SO GOOD! And of COURSE I want to see your cards!

      Okay, I really hope you’re not joking about the hats, because I’ll be so disappointed. I may also have something for you two to wear…TEE HEE!

  7. I really like the colorful fonts! It’s totally you. 🙂

    I pulled a couple of good pranks in college. One involved a fat dead possum. Seriously, you have no idea how heavy possums are until you find one on your front sidewalk and decide to “gift” it to the girls who live across the street. It took about four of us with giant shovels. We went all out, and even wore black ski masks well doing it. I can’t even imagine how ridiculous we must have looked. And there was another prank that involved stringing c@nd@ms all over their tree. We really didn’t like those girls, although we justified it by telling ourselves that technically we were doing them a favor. Free c@nd@ms!

    Sheesh, no wonder my grades were horrible in college. I did absolutely nothing productive.

    1. Thank you so much! This comment is great. It goes from colorful fonts to dead possum and condoms in a FLASH. I love it. Who knew they were so heavy?!

      Now, see, if I could have done it all over, I think I would have done less studying and more dead animal pranks.

  8. I used to prank “Mark” on a regular basis because he had the same phone number as me but with a different area code. We used to talk on almost a weekly basis.

        1. Peg! You should come. It’s gonna be a blast! And I’ll be there . . . what more could you need? Oh yeah, Jules, too. And Thoughtsy. But seriously . . . ME!! 😉

          1. Actually, I will be arriving Wednesday night, for maximum trouble making possibilities. Leaving Sunday morning.

            And they aren’t just hats . . . they are PIMP hats. Book now, Peg. What more incentive would you need than THAT? Hmmmm?

            1. Misty – I just read in the latest newsletter that people getting their badges on Sat have to get them at 7:30am, HA! Which means I’ll be getting up at about 4:30am. Which means I’ll be very loopy, AND wearing a pimp hat. AND ‘stache glasses. Are you sure you’re ready for that?

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  9. I love love LOVE it! If the final design had been one of the choices, it would have been my pick for sure. I love the new font and pops of color. And the back… priceless!

  10. Big Bucks! No Whammys!
    The cards are seriously awesome. Well done, lovey!

    PS- I nominated you for a couple of awards, if you’re interested. The I Want to Wear Your Head as a Hat Award is sublime.

  11. Nice, Jules. I really like the bolder, bigger fonts. And who couldn’t resist the tagline on the back.

    Oh yeah, if a (916) area code # pops up on your phone, it definitely wasn’t me! 🙂

  12. This is awesome and I promise I won’t prank call you, but perhaps with enough vodka in me, a text?!?! Kidding 🙂 I followed the Truth and Cake trail (I’ve been here a few times before) and know just what blog I read that I want to comment on, I wasn’t as comfortable before, but hey..you only live once, right? Be well Jules and while I don’t like squirrels {long story} perhaps I can share some love with the chipmunks you adore. Be well

    1. I was hoping the post you hinted at here was what you meant, and am SO thankful for that comment (just responded)! There is something so liberating about letting it all hang out, although I have to say I just reread the post and it still made my heart pound and stomach knot!

      Oh and I don’t like squirrels either! They’ve got NUTTIN’ on chipmunks. Ha ha ha. Sorry. It was too easy.

      Isn’t Rian at Truth and Cake the best?! SO happy to have ‘met’ her.

    1. Thanks, B! I love lists.
      1. You have a great tag line! You say Hilariouser. Promise me you’ll keep that word no matter what. You could also use just about any line from the beginning of your About page.
      2. 75% of the comments are from me trying to peer pressure people into attending BlogHer (they say 10% of the attendees are men, you know… whoa imagine if you were single!), and trying to determine if Misty’s serious about having bought us pimp hats (she is).
      3. Don’t pout. I heart you. Remember this?https://goguiltypleasures.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/slide3.png

    1. Thank you so much! I should have changed the font on that one before putting it to the vote, but I was SO sure no one would vote for it… Shows what I know! 😉

  13. I am absolutely in love! I totally missed out on voting because I was on a slight vacation – but, these are marvelous. I’ve been thinking about doing up some cards myself because people always ask you to write down your blog address and I always feel like such a hack jotting it down on a sticky note, but these look so elegant 🙂 perhaps your shining example is just the motivation I need. Good luck at the conference!

    1. I hope you enjoyed your vacation, even if it was slight! Thank you so much – I would love to see your business cards if you do decide to design some! VistaPrint even lets you do nice free ones, and it’s really easy! Sigh. I heart the interwebz. 😉

    1. Aw, Rache, thank you so much! I feel like I’m going through graphic design withdrawal now. LOL I may need to make some more pictures with Second Husband in PowerPoint or something…

  14. Looks AWESOME!!!! Love what you say on the back.
    hey you haven’t gotten nerdy mail yet have you?

    1. Thank you so much, Erin!! Positive feedback from you on anything artistic is very flattering!

      And why YES, yes I did. I sent you an email this morning – you are THE BEST!! Now, no running in the halls, you hear?

    1. Thank you so much, Mendy! You might be interested in tomorrow’s post, then, tee hee…my next mustache glasses giveaway! (Can I get a mustachioed ‘woot woot’?) 😉

    1. Thank you SO much for your kind words and for the follow – that means a lot to me! Any friend of B Man’s is a friend of mine. And clearly you have remarkable taste in everything from business cards to blogs 😉

    1. Thank you so much, Dana!! If I’d put the back of the card to the vote, you would have seen some really interesting (read: crappy) ideas. My first thought was to use a funny, random quote from a movie (maybe even an incomplete quote, like “You complete,” hahaha), but that just seemed like it could backfire in a big way.

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