I'm Going To Chop My Ear Off Any Day Now, Uncle Jesse

Help! Save The Byronic Birthday Man!

A year and a half ago, I cheekily called a favorite blogger, The Byronic Man, my BFF. I thought it was hilarious. To call a blogging acquaintance -whose real name I’d only learned a month earlier- my Best Friend Forever? Ha! Be careful what you wish for, Chipmunks. Since then, The Byronic Man has become not only one… Continue reading Help! Save The Byronic Birthday Man!

Chipmunks Forever, Everyone Loves a Braggart...Right?

Bragasaurus & Byronic Man: Best Friends Forever

Cheerio, Chipmunks! I’d like to talk to you a little bit about my best friend, Byronic Man. I know we’re best friends because he shares all of his deepest, darkest secrets with me*, and when I’m hysterically laughing at his every blog post, I know he was only so funny just to make me guffaw.… Continue reading Bragasaurus & Byronic Man: Best Friends Forever

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I Tasted Another Man’s Peppers

Chipmunks, when I dream, I dream big bad. And by dream I mean scheme. I set my sights on things like embarrassing my friends. Or my in-laws. Or my web design classmates. It almost never backfires. (Except for when it always backfires.) Up until last week, I was still dissatisfied, though. A nagging, long-time dream eluded me:… Continue reading I Tasted Another Man’s Peppers

I'm Going To Chop My Ear Off Any Day Now, Just For Fun

A Very Byronic Birthday!

I’m so excited right now, I don’t know whether to pee or squee. Wait. Do chipmunks squee? I mean I know they pee, and they give really sh*tty advice, for sure, but I guess there’s still so much I don’t know about them…where was I going with this? Oh, right: Today is The Byronic Man‘s birthday! You probably didn’t… Continue reading A Very Byronic Birthday!

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My Bra Is Stuffed (But I’m Still Hungry)

***DISCLAIMER: This post was not sponsored (except by my growing bum). All opinions expressed are my own.*** I’ve got something special in my bra, Chipmunks. Also a Fitbit. What the sugar-free fudge is a Fitbit? Thanks for asking. It’s basically a pedometer on crack. Two weeks ago, a colleague showed me a nifty little device,… Continue reading My Bra Is Stuffed (But I’m Still Hungry)

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You’re Not Going to Believe This Shiz.

Something happened recently, Chipmunks. Something so mind-frenchingly miraculous, only a moving picture show could capture it: ~*~*~*~*~*~ You heard saw right. A man named Chip Monck is following my blog! This is not a joke. Nay. This is the best thing to ever happen to me, apart from discovering chocolate-covered bacon: So let’s all give a… Continue reading You’re Not Going to Believe This Shiz.


Please, Don’t Try to Contain Your Raging Jealousy

Oh, Chipmunks. I can’t stuff a cheek without bumping into another compliment / award / congratulatory butt slap these days. So it goes when you have brains, charm and a disarming perma-grin honed from years of smiling and nodding. This week I received not only a rad ‘stache-themed award from the lovely xdanigirl of The Life and… Continue reading Please, Don’t Try to Contain Your Raging Jealousy

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Vote For My Third Spouse!

Welp. The preliminary polls have spoken! While I’d narrowed it down to four “3rd spouse” candidates all on my own, you fine chipmunks joined forces to determine candidate #5: The Byronic Man. I certainly can’t blame you. In fact, I’m pretty sure nine out of ten bloggers already think I’m married to The Byronic Man. It occurs to… Continue reading Vote For My Third Spouse!