There are a lot of fabulous bloggers out there (below are just a few). Coveting new posts and comments from them has become my latest guilty* pleasure.

*I don’t feel guilty. Not even a little.

20 responses to “Blogroll

  1. yay!! ans why should you feel guilty, we rawk!! 😀 xx

  2. yep… i always put becuase when aiming for because. i like to think its my special way. im actually just stooopid 🙂

  3. Yeah!The Blog above just is my need.I actually thank you.

  4. Hello! It’s me Safia i have a blog and it’s about fashion, beauty, style and fitness. So please do check it out
    Bye (:

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  9. hAaloo..teztezting ho areyou.

  10. Jules. Hey Jules. You know how I changed the name of my blog to just my name? Can you change it here? I know. PITA, right? But I’ll buy you a pair of earrings. Or I’ll be your designated driver. You pick. PS: The earrings have to cost less than $4.99. 😉

  11. Oh,thank the baby Jeebus for you and your Blogroll!! I been wandering around Word press just banging into blog walls for weeks. I just needed to find the light switch !! High 5 , Lady !! 🙂

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  13. I’ve just come across your blog and it’s not only very funny, but very original. Great stuff, thanks.

  14. Kelly at Reasons to Ruminate

    LOVE this blog! You. Are. Hilarious.

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