I'm Going To Chop My Ear Off Any Day Now

My New Business Cards REVEALED!

Chipmunks, you have some seriously capable, wee, adorable paws.

I’m not sure I’ve ever felt so much bloggy loving as I did on Wednesday. You sent such thoughtful comments after I asked for your help in choosing Go Jules Go business cards (for my first blogging conference next month, BlogHer ’12)! I was not expecting so many responses, nor such shared enthusiasm.

I even got an email from a friend in marketing with some helpful suggestions.

I really, really appreciate it. (You thought I was going to quote Sally Field for minute, didn’t you?)

Clearly you agree this is the most important decision anyone has ever made.

The results surprised me. I was sure #2 or #3 would win. But…


  • Option #1 – 58%
  • Option #2 – 20%
  • Option #3 – 15%
  • Option #4 – 8%

THE WINNER (OPtion #1)

I guess ya’ll can’t get enough of THIS FACE. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the ‘stache glasses*.

By taking a lot of the comments into consideration, I made a few changes to the winning design, and now present to you…

My New-and-Already-Ordered-So-Please-Don’t-Burst-My-Bubble Business Cards!



So, how tempted are you to prank call me now? Do you have any good prank/practical joke stories?

*Psst, another ‘stache glasses giveaway happening next week!

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Go Jules Go Gets Down to Business…Cards

Chipmunks! I need your help!

I’m attending my first blogging conference on August 4th (BlogHer ’12), and naturally need to wow my fellow bloggers future fans with my business cards.

Or at least impress Thoughtsy and Misty, who I’ll be meeting for the first time.

I’ve designed several options on VistaPrint, and I’m leaving the rest in your capable paws.

Thanks in advance for your vote (poll below), and if you don’t like any, just…lie to me.


WINNER announced 6AM EST on Friday the 13th (oooh), July 2012.





Have you ever been to a blogging or writing conference? How was it? Any funny/scary/interesting conference stories (blog-related or otherwise)?