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My Very First Romance Novel Book Cover

Not long ago, I added “Go Guilty Pleasures” to my blog banner in scandalously cursive, deliciously red text. I constantly occasionally amuse myself imagining people getting caught by their spouses/significant others/cats reading my blog on their lap tops, in the dark.

Imaginary spouse/significant other/cat: What is that?

You: N-nothing. Slams lap top shut.

Imaginary spouse/significant other/cat: No, no. I saw some girl and the words “guilty pleasures.”

You (laughing nervously): Ohh. It’s just a blog I like to read sometimes.

Imaginary spouse/significant other/cat: Is that code for… never mind. I don’t even want to know. Walks away.

Since you like to reread all of my posts before you go to bed, you probably remember that my banner photo is, in my fuzzy little chipmunk brain, the epitome of guilty pleasure. Sunset, beach, etc. I’m not particularly fond of the photo; I’m not even wearing make-up, for crying out loud. But, it evokes happy memories of when I first laid eyes on the Pacific Ocean, and of my first vacation with Peppermeister.

It also makes me think about my first romance novel book cover. I mean, the one I imagine being on after I’m done picturing you getting busted for reading my blog in the dark.

It looks at lot like this:

"I swear I felt a bobby pin in there somewhere. No?"

What would your smutty romance novel book cover look like? …If that question makes you uncomfortable (and it really should), here’s an alternate: how often do you read my blog before you go to bed?