Project Management, Slap Bracelets

Slap Bracelet Pictures: June 6th Deadline!

Oh, god…

Oh no, please no…

…here she comes…

I. Just. Can’t. Stop her!

Project Manager Jules is HERE.

CERTIFIED Project Manager, bee-atch.

She says you have until next Wednesday, June 6th, to send in your precious, priceless Go Guilty Pleasures slap bracelet pictures!

I know. A deadline. What a cow.

But she claims she has her reasons. And she might even tell you what they are. (Seriously. Who does she think she is?) So I guess in the meantime, get snappin’ and sending’ to I’d hate to see what she’ll do to you if you’re late.


38 thoughts on “Slap Bracelet Pictures: June 6th Deadline!”

  1. LOL. I didn’t know you were a Project Manager one of my good friends at work is a certified PMP too. I like to put a little i in there and call her a PiMP. =)

    1. HA! That is incredible. Can I (please) be a PiMP, too?! I will make sure all of my ladies in waiting aren’t kept waiting too long. (Because, you know, I manage schedules well.)

  2. I think your readers already done slapped those bracelets on just about everything you could legally show on this blog (and maybe a few things you couldn’t.)

    1. You know what the perfect gift (for me, I mean, your mom) would be, don’t you? The same slap bracelet pose as before, only this time with a NOTABLE ‘STACHE!!

      P.S. – Can you please also provide her maiden name, your social security number and the make and model of your first car?

  3. Will you please clarify if this is a deadline for photo submission only, and that there is no limit on actual slapping?

    1. ha! As long as those things keep snapping, I hope people keep slapping.

      P.S. – I feel like such a blonde re: the temporary tattoo. How do I go 30 years without learning these things?

      1. Take comfort, little one; I have 20 years on you and this is my first temporary(?) tattoo. I scrubbed it today and it’s still there. Cool, I say.

  4. “Moderately proficient”
    “Moderately proficient”
    “Moderately proficient”
    “Moderately proficient”

    What aholes. You deserve better!

    1. AMEN! Jerks. I was really peeved for a while thinking I passed by the skin of my teeth, ’til I found out I could have gotten 2 ‘below proficients’ and still have passed! And then I also tell myself if I’m going to go after ‘highly proficient’ in anything, I’d much rather it be in drinking. And chipmunk-themed haiku writing.

  5. I can’t find my slap bracelets! deargod,whatamigoingtodonow? Maybe I can get a slap bracelet tattoo on my wrist. Or have it shaved into my cat’s fur. Or create an oil painting of a slap bracelet. Or just eat ice cream.

  6. You got it, sistah.

    Hey, you have the same De Beers ads that I do right now. Does that make us even more classy than we already are? In fact, it does.

  7. I need to make a disclaimer here so I don’t insult you because that’s not what I’m going for, but I always thought “Project Manager” was always the most vague sounding title there is. It’s like when they call someone an “Engineer”, why couldn’t they call it something cooler!
    Like “Bitch that gets shit DONE” or something.

    Also, I’ll email you for a slap bracelet goshdarnint.

    1. hahaha I’m so far removed from my title as Project Manager, I’d be upset if people DIDN’T make comments like this – and I could not agree more! πŸ˜‰ Although what’s really sad is my previous titles in Pharma have been WAY more vague and way less fun to explain. Erm, Signaling Support and Disclosure Lead…Anyone? Anyone?. …Yeah. Can I please come work with you? I’m a fast learner, and I’ll happily taste-test the croissants for you.

      I will be sending your slap bracelet no later than Tuesday! πŸ™‚

    1. You’re kidding!! I don’t know what happened?! This is the first time one didn’t get delivered? I think it was a work address – could a mix-up have happened in the mail room?

    1. Don’tcha just love when that happens? Oh, but it’s also the deadline for sending me some In-N-Out Burgers. Sorry. I thought that was obvious. πŸ˜‰

  8. This means I have only two days to find a gypsy to pose with one of your bracelets! No joke, I have 3 bracelets in my purse and have been taking them with me everywhere! Will you settle for a pic with the cats?

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