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Dating and Hot Wax Don’t Mix

If you thought my year of eHarmony heartache (as evidenced here and here) might have deterred me from online dating, guess again.

For the past several months, I’ve experienced the highs and lows of Stay tuned for future posts, Your Facebook Profile Says You’re Still Married and No, Thank You, I Would Not Like To See A YouTube Video of You Surgically Removing Your Toenails.

One might consider these experiences a sign. Take a little break, Jules, a little step back, they might suggest.

Ha!” I say. “Show me a REAL sign.”

Last night, I was getting ready for a third date with a delightful gentleman who discovered my blog before we ever met, so let me just again say he is especially delightful (and owes me a guest blog post).

He was picking me up for dinner, so I straightened up the house, got all dudded up, lit a few candles (to cover up any Eau De Dog-who-really-needs-a-trip-to-the-groomer) and anxiously awaited his arrival.

Ten minutes before he was due, I blew out the candles. One of them was the sort that has a tea light heating a scented wax cube.

Apparently they’re called wax warmers. Well. That’s disappointing.

It was resting atop a wall sconce. I lifted it down, let’s just say, a tad carelessly.

Suddenly, all the hot, melted wax sloshed out.

Onto my face.

Onto my white dress.

Onto my couch.

It was red.



Have you ever had any last-minute blunders while getting ready for a big night out? (Come on, I know for a fact one of you has had a run-in with a curling iron.)


83 thoughts on “Dating and Hot Wax Don’t Mix”

    1. Ha! Oh. God. Yes. I think there’s STILL honey glued to select spots of my kitchen floor.

      Sprinkles (the granulated sugar kind) are fun, too. Especially if they melt.

  1. It looks a crime scene! Forget your face and hands, the poor couch. Ice cubes might help harden the wax to get it off. Yes. I know. We don’t usually use ice cubes for anything but cocktails. (And I happen to know where you can get plenty if you need some.)

  2. First of all, you are my favorite. 🙂
    I was getting ready for a first date one evening and was NERVOUS. I was curling my hair (maybe after a couple shots) and was not paying quite enough attention. Instead of grabbing my hair to curl, I grabbed the entire hot curling iron. I burned the entire palm of my hand.

    However, I did what normal humans do. I grabbed the ice cold bottle of fireball and held it in the burned hand, while taking a few more shots.

  3. I burned my neck with a curling iron and by the time I saw my date, the burn mark looked like a massive hickey. That was awkward…

    Also, I’ve missed you! I’ve been so absent from blogging and no longer have Facebook, so I didn’t even know about your dating escapades! I’m now going to read through your entire blog again because you’re perfect and adorable and hilarious and I love you.

  4. Let’s face facts. You’re cursed. Look up “Witch Doctors” on Craig’s List. Maybe you’ll find a nice-looking Jewish one, who knows? But you need to get rid of the bad Juju, Jules.

    As for bad pre-date mishaps, I can’t remember a single one…not because they didn’t happen, but because I was good and liquored up. I just can’t remember anything. I’m not kidding. About anything. Not even the Witch Doctor. I never kid about Witch Doctors…

    1. I’m on Craigslist as we speak. I’m not kidding, I think this place is like the haunted Old Maid Mansion (minus the mansion part): All Men Who Enter Shall Never Appear Again.

  5. Ok, I have had to remove wax:
    That should help. As for personal issues, I bought some candles at a garage sale and lit them (about a dozen) to make the mood better. Then I cleaned up and all. When I walked into the room, I nearly screamed. It seems that if a regular cheap candles becomes damp (like being stored in a basement or garage), it absorbs the water. When burning then it will sputter, high and huge, all over everything within about a 3-foot circle. This covered my carpet, shelves, and curtains. Hence, the article above.

    1. Nooooo. Was it white wax? I’ve decided to take the ‘strategically placed throw blanket’ approach, but it’s only a matter of time before I’m found out!

  6. I would give some helpful hint about newsprint and an iron getting the wax out, but with that red? That’s gonna stain, gurl.

    There’s a part of me that really wants you to give Tinder a try. Because I imagine the stories would be no less than epic.

    1. I don’t know what’s worse: the idea of needing to buy a new coach, or the thought of signing up for Tinder (do you even have to sign up? Or do you just scan your boobs as the QR code?).

    1. SIX kids, you say? I think I’m going to go hide under the coach.

      (In all seriousness – congratulations! So happy to hear about a successful ‘match’!)

  7. Nothing about the date – which I take as a good sign. Either that, or you’re just making up a story for the trial to explain the all the red splatter.

  8. There’s nothing like climbing out of the blogging crypt and finding you here! And jobs and miserable bastards and stuff! My only question is: did you see Mormon yet, or did he take the tickets back? Cause I can set you up with a tour 😉 Love you & happy to see you here!

    1. JM! Hi!! 🙂 I was just telling someone that I’m back (again) because I think I’m finally ready to tell the rest of this story (book of Mormon help us all… and yes! I got the tickets; HOWEVER, were you aware that Wed night shows start at 7pm and not 8pm? I’m sure you were. Babs and I were not. That’s right. We missed the first hour. Perfect ending to an altogether fail of a tale)!

  9. I can’t believe how calm you are – must have been a good date. The couch stain would have made me postal, never mind hot wax on your face. Only upside is it would have taken care of any pesky mustache.

  10. I think you should have left the dress on and invited him in to sit for a few minutes. Then you would have known if he really liked you or not! I mean, who wants a guy who would run from a little murder, right? Or is that just me? Perhaps I’ve said too much . . . .

    Hope there’s gonna be a fourth date!! 😉

  11. I was getting late for a lunch. In a hurry, I pinched my skin when using the eye lash curler. Gosh that was damn painful and left a mark on my upper cheek. I dropped my blush and highlighters and all through the lunch I kept discovering little stains of that powdery stuff on my hands, feet, on my dress ….

  12. My mishap was a mountain of pimple pop up on my forehead. I’m confident so I went on the date anyway, and he stared at it the whole time smh

  13. AHHHH! how’s your face? Yee-ouch! Well, as a former recovering employee at Yankee Candle — yes, ice gets out wax and at our store they were called “tart wamers”. Ahem.

    True story: On my second date with Jim, I introduced him to one of my two tabby cats, Max. I picked him up, walked towards Jim and Max promptly scratched the shit out of my arms and stomach. I had to change because there were little drops of blood on my shirt. Not the sexiest moment of my life. (but the second sexiest)

    1. My face is doing great apart from the extra chin. I blame Yankee candle for that, too.

      (P.S. – I sputtered like a hot tart warmer at ‘but the second sexiest.’)

  14. I’d lost my link to you — I thought you’d stopped blogging, but I saw your comment elsewhere and traced you back here. So glad to see you.

    When I had terrible colitis in my 20s I pooped in my pants on a picnic on the West Lawn of the US Capitol during their Labor Day concert. I can’t believe I didn’t get a proposal.

    1. I was able to give a text message warning, but the best/worst part was that he had brought a cute little gift for me and was all consumed by that, but I just wanted to cry, “Dude! I can’t focus on this right now! I might need to go to the hospital!!”

  15. I was getting ready for a date. Was already running late and I had to shave my legs. So I was going about it really fast and realised I’d cut my leg at so many places, there was blood oozing out of my knee. Super painful. And my boyfriend had arrived some 45 minutes ago, he kept calling and my phone was on silent. He must have assumed I died. I did make it eventually, thanks to band-aid.

  16. Right before Kiefer picked me up once, I also blew out a red candle. A tad bit too hard because I also splattered wax. Lucky for me it was only all over the wall and a shelf. Candles should come with warnings.

  17. When I bake I burn myself. I have burns all over my wrists and forearms. Let’s just say I’ve had to convince a date or two that I’m not depressed and my relationship with my father is just fine.

    I’m not a cutter, I’m just a bad baker!
    FYI…I’ve spilled candle wax on nearly everything in my house (it’s always red wax…I think it’s the only kind that spills). Placing a couple paper towels over it and then ironing it will take wax off of everything.

    1. Do you think the iron trick will work after 3 months? (I’m optimistic because it’s also the amount of time it takes to fully embrace a cat lady lifestyle.)

      P.S. – I still have scars from a particularly tasty blueberry pie.

  18. Oh my dear, that was just brutal to read, but very funny. Thanks for sharing your misfortune so I could laugh. Once I made a beautiful chocolate cake for my then boyfriend and went traipsing over to him to present it when he came in the door. I tripped on the rug and the whole thing fell upside down at his feet. Here you go, honey. Dig in!

    1. hahaha Likewise (for suffering for the sake of my amusement)! I think yours is worse because he was right there when it happened; I had about 10 minutes to figure out I didn’t need to call 9-1-1.

  19. hiya im new to wordprees and id love it if you could all check out mdy page and well done (is it jules) you seem to have made a great page xxx

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