New Jersey: The Greatest Country in the World

In angsting over pondering what to write about this week, it occurred to me that I needn’t labor so hard. After all, it’s Labor Day weekend for us Americans, and the only work we should be doing is squeezing every last, sweaty drop out of summer before she packs her bags and says sayonara for another year.

So, from the bottom of my Jersey girl heart fringe top, I wish you a safe, healthy and happy holiday. And to my fellow chipmunks across the globe sharing in the season’s end: Yes, yes you have every right to judge us.






9 responses to “New Jersey: The Greatest Country in the World

  1. You’re, like, rockin’ those shirts, yo. Word to your mama. (From your mama?) Peace out.

  2. So am I to assume that this weekend you’ll “be there with fringe on”??

  3. You two look so Jersey, I’d swear you wuz from Staten Island or sumpin!

  4. thepighasacurlytail

    Go, Joisey!

  5. Lookin’ good, GF! My days of pulling off a top like that are behind me…like by at least 8 years (I’m almost 59). What? Isn’t 60 the new 40?

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