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I Wanted to Sell My Stuff, Not My Soul

I Wanted To Sell My Stuff Not My Soul Go Jules Go Title Graphic 27MAR2019


Remind me never to move out of a third floor walk up and sell all of my stuff ever again.

I can’t believe my Fitbit is still working.

Have you ever tried to sell anything on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace or the like? Then I apologize in advance for giving you PTSD with this post.

This is my life now.

Facebook Marketplace 1Facebook Marketplace 2Facebook Marketplace 3Facebook Marketplace 4Facebook Marketplace 5


Do you go the donate route or try to make a few bucks?


19 thoughts on “I Wanted to Sell My Stuff, Not My Soul”

  1. We usually have a monster yard sale every few years. Make some money, then donate everything else to Salvation Army. If it’s a really large expensive piece… furniture etc.. I’ve done Craig’s List, but people can be a nightmare about appointments to view.

    1. I just had a no-show this morning for the VERY LAST THING I was trying to sell… I wound up putting a bunch of really good stuff at the curb yesterday, and it’s almost all gone now! (Because I agree, it only feels worth it for things like furniture.)

  2. I’ve listed and sold things via the internet, and used consignment shops. But for getting rid of mass quantities of stuff at once, donation (or yard sale) is the way to go. When my brothers and I cleaned out my childhood home (very quickly) after my folks died, their local Goodwill made out like a bandit. Some towns around here have massive annual yard sales, set up like craft shows where you pay a small fee for a space or table and sell your unwanted stuff.

    1. If I had more time, I would have considered a yard sale! I did that when I downsized to the tiny apartment, though, and made LESS money than I made on this go ’round without doing it, and saved about 40+ hours of work… Ya just never know!

  3. I have sold a lot on Craigslist, bought on FB Marketplace. I feel your pain a tiny fitbit. Goodwill was my best friend when I was clearing out the junk from 22 years of living in the same house. The craziest people were the ones who responded to my FREE stuff ads on Craigslist.. their responses and questions were similar to the ones you received. However, I hit Craigslist gold advertising stuff for free, because one guy just kept asking me what he could take (some people are addicted to free).

    1. Ooh, that reminds me of the woman who came to my yard sale when I downsized to the tiny apt. She came back THREE times. She even took cracked flower pots that were in the yard since…god only knows when (before I moved there, certainly)! She was LOVELY, but it made me a little sad; it really did feel like an addiction.

  4. We utilized both when cleaning out our parents’ home last fall/winter, in part because their condo association didn’t allow sales of any kind. One sister took pictures and sold some stuff on FB Marketplace (because she was local) but at the end, we donated some pretty nice furniture to Salvation Army because none of us kids or grandkids wanted/had room for said items. I could have put them in my huge basement but we’re getting older and don’t want to deal with it down the road. Was hard to resist though and bittersweet. Life.

    1. Good for you!! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put stuff in the basement or attic thinking I’ll sell it or do something with it, only to create a HUGE project (cough pain in the ass cough) for myself later on.

  5. Since my futon fiasco (read my comment on your FB post…) we donate everything. I have given tons to Goodwill and Salvation Army over the years, clothes, toys etc. I just gave them another 2 bags of my clothes last summer and it feels so good to be free of stuff I will never wear. Why do we cling to material things so much?

    1. YES! Somehow, even in the tiny apartment, I wound up having THREE BAGS (bursting!) of clothes to donate! …It probably doesn’t help that my weight fluctuates by 5 sizes every two years, ha ha ha

  6. OMG donate every time! I can’t handle the “will it or won’t it sell?” while it just sits there. I like certainty, especially when I’m trying to get rid of stuff. listing on line and the scenarios you just described is time-consuming and a hassle. However, I tried to sell my wedding dress online a few years ago (I’m divorced) and I could see that 90 people viewed it and not one interested buyer. It is still hanging in my cupboard. It was designed for me and I just can’t bring myself to give it away!

    1. The uncertainty, yes! You nailed the hardest part about…well, EVERYTHING, ha! During my downsize to the tiny apt (the move just before this one), I finally just THREW OUT my old wedding gown. This might be because I was pretty sure I managed to pee on it during the reception, when drunken bridesmaids didn’t hold up their end of the bargain (or the train).

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