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The Girls Next Door versus…The Girl Next Door?

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I’m watching “Hef’s Runaway Bride” on Lifetime.

Because why, you ask?

Because I love this stuff! I’m obsessed with the Playboy mansion. I’ve seen every episode of “The Girls Next Door” at least once. It’s strange though, you see, because¬†I’m the real girl next door. The giggly, innocent one who’s made so many fashion mistakes Anna Wintour would stroke out, and had so many embarrassing moments it’s a wonder MTV never got ahold of me for a primetime show. But also the one who’s occasionally stepped outside of her shell long enough to sober-sing karaoke (“Walkaway Joe” by Trisha Yearwood, in case you were wondering) and make the first move on the boy she was (is!) in love with.

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So what is it about The Hef and his bevy of beautiful bombshells that draws me in? Is it just because I’m fascinated with the Grand Canyon-sized gap between my life and this one? Probably. And also because I love men that love women.¬†Hugh Hefner loves women. I mean, really loves them. He’s smart, funny, charming and successful and does it all without being smarmy. My favorite kind of man. He pulls it off like only the great ones can!

Luckily for me, I’ve got one of the great ones, and I can sit back and enjoy these shows for the entertainment that they are.

What do you think of Hugh and the Playboy mansion? Does it gross you out? And if it does, do you still watch?

How ’bout Trisha Yearwood (I love her too, by the way)? Any good karaoke stories??