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Sketchy Artist

I don't wanna wait!

Celebrity portraits have got to be the first cousin of fan fiction. I know a lot about celebrity portraits. Not because I know the name of anyone who does this for a living, but because I personally spent many hours drawing Kate Winslet and the various Dawson’s Creek cast members.

When it comes to sketching, people are a lot more interesting than plants, and celebrities are the

Rainbow Eyes!

ultimate muse. Drawing anybody borders on creepy, and if you’ve ever tried this yourself, you know what I mean. Even in an age of high-definition television, there’s really no reason you should know that your best friend has a freckle like a fried egg or that Kate Bosworth has two different colored eyes (okay, everyone should know that. That’s wild).

Even J.T.T. gave good brow.

I always start with the left eyebrow and eye, then the nose, the mouth, the right eyebrow and eye and finally the outline of the face and hair. I’m not sure if my interest in eyebrows created this pattern, or if it came about because of this process. Justin Timberlake has great eyebrows. In fact,

They're amazing.

all of the actors I like do: Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Pattinson, Darren Criss and of course, Peter

Gallagher. No one rivals Peter Gallagher’s eyebrows. It must be a measure of testosterone levels or something. All I know for sure is you’d better have some bushy brows and nice teeth before you’re getting on my sketch pad.

Ryan Phillippe - it looks just like him!

You might be wondering how someone could be as blessed as me; unparalleled writing and artistic gifts? I understand your frustration. If it makes you feel any better, I’m also a really good cook.