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Guilty Flavor of the Week: Week Two!! (a.k.a. “9021-Oh My God”)

It’s that time again, you little guilty pleasure fiends, you.

Guilty Flavor of the Week!

Coming to you RIGHT NOW!

It’s like the time you graduated kindergarten, only better!!

It’s marginally cooler than when you rescued that turtle by the park right before it fell in the sewer!!!

And I dare say it is drastically keener than when you got that glass plaque at work for something you did two years earlier!!!!

This week’s prestigious Guilty Flavor of the Week honor goes to…

LUNCHABLES! They’re not just for depressing Monday lunches in your car anymore!

How else can you get two day's worth of sodium in one sitting?

…just kidding (not in the slightest. C’mon! Capri Sun?)…

Okay, the REAL guilty flavor of the week is THE FOLLOWING POST! Wow, you guys got a two-fer this week! It’s time to buy a lotto ticket!

9021-Oh My God

Yesterday morning I walked into the kitchen saying to my husband,

“You know what I just realized? The Walshes named their kids Brenda and Brandon.”

“But they’re twins,” my husband explained patiently.

“So?!” I retorted. “That’s terrible.”

Conversations like this are anything but rare in my house, because I’ve been watching 90210 since long before I knew what a merkin was (which is what happens when your only sister is 5 and a half years older than you and your mother is sick of your pre-pubescent whining).


…I’m finally starting to feel old.

On Monday night, FOX aired a new episode of their reincarnation of the 1991 classic, and -I can’t believe I’m about to say this- I think they might have gone too far. They ‘somehow’ managed to corral the entire cast onto a private jet (no matter what leap of faith this required, like accepting that Adrianna and Silver would EVER share the same air space) so they could fly down to Mexico for Spring Break. Now, I’ve seen season one of Laguna Beach three times, watched every episode of The O.C., and can often be found ogling the Kardashian family, but nothing can suspend my disbelief long enough to swallow that:

Teddy Montgomery, High Schooler

1.) Annie and Dixon, the Brenda and Brandon of the 21st century, could afford this trip (even if they did get to fly on Teddy’s dad’s private jet for free). They’re supposed to be struggling for money, and I know this because I’ve had to sit through many boring scenes about their mother (the only parent you regularly see on this show, the ageless Lori Loughlin) trying to find a job.

2.) Every couple had their own room (with no mention of trying to hide it from their parents), where they all had blatant relations. Aren’t these kids JUNIORS IN HIGH SCHOOL? Someone please say it’s not just me.

3.) Teddy is in high school – this is so far from reality that it almost comes full circle, back into the realm of possibility.

4.) Teddy and ‘the first straight man he ever had feelings forsuddenly would a) show up in Mexico at the same resort, b) turn out to be a gay, and c) somehow look even older than Teddy! As if!

Teddy's Meaty Gordita, Fellow High Schooler

5.) Silver would be dumb enough to drink from an unsealed bottle of water in Mexico (after Adrianna swapped it with tap water so Silver would get sick, that sadistic

Adrianna, Wicked Witch of the West Bev


6.) Adrianna would be evil enough to THEN swap out Silver’s meds so she’ll go bipolar on the next episode (I can’t WAIT to see that…).

7.) Oh! Oh! I almost forgot! So then there was a whole scene with Ivy having a marijuana tweak-out on the beach at 7am (I’m making up the time, by the way) and Dixon is calmly talking her down!? Okay, I know times are a-changing, but to have it represented on 8pm network TV targeted at tweens and creepy guilty pleasure bloggers like it’s just ‘whatever’!? Amazeballs!

You’re probably wondering why I even bother with this show anymore. Well, here’s why:

Meet Liam (I dont know his real name and I dont care).

10 thoughts on “Guilty Flavor of the Week: Week Two!! (a.k.a. “9021-Oh My God”)”

  1. Ahahaha! I was reading through the list wondering, “How the heck does a show like this stay on the air?” The answer is now hunky . . . I mean, clear. 😀

  2. Are we the only 2 people we know who still watch this??
    1 more observation….is it just me or do they all drink way too responsibly/maturely for their “age”? casual sips of a beer at a bar don’t happen at that age right? Where are ther funnels? hahaha It’s so unrealistic I do agree but I can’t stop watching!!! 🙂

  3. I have a hard time watching shows where huge storylines change in an instant, like someone having financial problems for an extended period and then suddenly taking a big expensive vacation. I’m glad to hear someone else complain about this.

    1. Exactly! I haven’t even put up a post about “No Ordinary Family” yet. They are walking a very fine line between silly-funny and unbelievably ridiculous. And yet, I watch….

      1. I’ve never been so glad to have comment subscriptions active! Thanks for the giggle 😉

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