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I’m Going to Need a Lot More Money Before I Start Feeling Guilty

At the risk of divulging too much personal information In the hopes of finding my first stalker, I’d like to share some exciting news with you about my county. Hunterdon County, New Jersey, that is.

Turns out we’re rich.

Very rich.

According to a number of recent articles, including this one from Yahoo! Real Estate, we’re the second richest county in the nation.

I have a theory about how we achieved this impressive  embarrassing status. It’s quite simple. The CEO of Nasdaq lives in our town. That’s got to throw off the whole average, right?

New Jersey, the most densely populated state in the U.S., has a reputation for housing a number of the world’s wealthiest, no doubt given our proximity to New York City, and Snooki’s poof. I was sure Russell Simmons’ stomping grounds of Bergen County would make the top of the list. (Click here for a neat WordPress article about stars in Bergen County.)

Not this place:

Picture I took of my 'hood for another amazing post:

Does it change anything, you ask? Will I refuse to cross county borders now for fear that I might breathe in fumes of the poor? Will I now get to pronounce the ‘t’ in ‘often’ without feeling douche-y? Look for preschools for my yet-to-be-conceived children? Receive a special membership card? I just got an invitation for a Visa black card yesterday…was that it in disguise?

I’ll keep you posted. For now I’m going to go back to eating Ramen noodles in front of the fan.

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The Real Warblers REVEALED

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Boys and girls, do I have some news for you. Although apparently, much like Blaine Anderson, this has been out for a while.

The Warblers, as in those blue blazer-sporting Dalton Academy crooners you hear on Glee, are really Tufts University‘s Beelzebubs!! So cool, right?!

…What, you mean you never went out of your way to see them perform, and by out of your way I mean really just to a church in the next town over? Well, I have, because let me tell you, the Beelzebubs are THE top college a cappella group in the country.  Nay, the world!

As a long time college a cappella fan, you can take my word for it.

Now you might be asking – who the heck are those guys on the show, then? They’re the ones who do the background vocals for Glee, all those ‘boo bop bop bops‘ you hear as the football bullies go slush-happy or Sue Sylvester hatches another evil plan.

Before you start to think it’s all a sham, rest assured that Darren Criss is indeed the killer voice behind the lead vocals, and the Beelzebubs re-record their hit tunes specifically for Glee. Besides, isn’t it super spiffy that they’re using real a cappella kids??

For a fun article on this, including some Warbler vids, click here.

P.S. – Mini Warbler is back, and I think the ‘Bubs should save a place for him in about 12 years!

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I’m Going to Ruin Your Life, Too!

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Life Ruiner (noun)

Someone who is unbelievably perfect; ruins your image on how most people are; makes you believe that most people are unworthy because there is someone like him/her around.
Source: Urban Dictionary (and thanks to one of my favorite life ruiner sites for clueing me into this all-too-real phenomenon)
I’d like to expand this definition to include more than just perfect people, but the perfect, and perfectly imperfect, things people put on tape. You know, those things you get from Web Soup-y, Tosh.0-tastic clips. Life ruiners because, well, how can we be expected to do anything productive when we have these to see? Still don’t know what I’m talking about? Watch this.
Not your cup of tea? Try this.
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My GLEEful Summer Starts NOW!

Lucky Little Gleeks. Photo credit:

I felt the presence of angels on Sunday night, and I think I can die a happy woman now. The only problem with that is I’d miss the remaining episodes of the Oxygen network’s new show, The Glee Project.

Take 1 part Glee, 1 part American Idol and 1 part (preferably the eyes) Darren Criss, and you get my new reason for living.

This show is a dream come true for anyone who ever fantasizes about a) getting on Glee,  b) casting the talent on Glee, or c) making Darren Criss uncomfortable with your crazy eyes (click here and skip to minute 8:47). During the first ‘intro’ episode, they narrowed it down from 40,000+  to just 12 contestants, who will now compete for a 7 episode contract on Glee. 7 episodes? You know I’m going to say it: AMAZEBALLS!

I’ve got my eye on the nerdy guy (top right) and the one in dreadlocks, what about you?

P.S. – For some clips, as well as exposure to another fly WordPress blog, click here.

P.P.S. – In case you didn’t know, it’s now 2 days and counting ’til the first NJ Glee concert, so if you’re expecting any other kind of subject matter this week, slushie in the face for you!

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Boob Tubing with River Dan

My darling husband would like to submit this commercial, which he legitimately just saw on television this morning (is this the price we pay for living in western New Jersey? Or the reward?), for your guilty pleasure consideration, particularly, the last 5 seconds.

Hint: it gets funnier the more times you watch it.

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Guilty Pleasures, Big and Small

You know what, guilty pleasure buttercups? I bet you think this post is going to be all about Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards, especially the part where they showed a sneak peek of “Breaking Dawn.” And also when the adorable Emma Watson introduced a “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” trailer. Oh and when Robert Pattinson kissed Taylor Lautner for the ‘Best Kiss’ acceptance speech!

Well, I want to, I really, really do. I mean, come on. Nothing says guilty pleasure like a 29-year-old staying up way past her bedtime -not to mention sitting through full, MTV-length commercials- to watch the cast of Jackass don laser boners.

Master Thespians

But I fear I’m becoming too predictable. So, without further ado, I present to you:

Mini Warbler! This kid even got Darren Criss‘s attention via Twitter! (All right, all right. This was pretty predictable. I can’t help myself.)

And click here to check out a hilarious clip of the Gleeks hanging out backstage on the “Glee Live” tour. One week and two days ’til they come to Jersey! Is anyone going to see Darren Criss perform solo at Irving Plaza on June 15th???