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The Real Warblers REVEALED

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Boys and girls, do I have some news for you. Although apparently, much like Blaine Anderson, this has been out for a while.

The Warblers, as in those blue blazer-sporting Dalton Academy crooners you hear on Glee, are really Tufts University‘s Beelzebubs!! So cool, right?!

…What, you mean you never went out of your way to see them perform, and by out of your way I mean really just to a church in the next town over? Well, I have, because let me tell you, the Beelzebubs are THE top college a cappella group in the country.  Nay, the world!

As a long time college a cappella fan, you can take my word for it.

Now you might be asking – who the heck are those guys on the show, then? They’re the ones who do the background vocals for Glee, all those ‘boo bop bop bops‘ you hear as the football bullies go slush-happy or Sue Sylvester hatches another evil plan.

Before you start to think it’s all a sham, rest assured that Darren Criss is indeed the killer voice behind the lead vocals, and the Beelzebubs re-record their hit tunes specifically for Glee. Besides, isn’t it super spiffy that they’re using real a cappella kids??

For a fun article on this, including some Warbler vids, click here.

P.S. – Mini Warbler is back, and I think the ‘Bubs should save a place for him in about 12 years!

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