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My GLEEful Summer Starts NOW!

Lucky Little Gleeks. Photo credit:

I felt the presence of angels on Sunday night, and I think I can die a happy woman now. The only problem with that is I’d miss the remaining episodes of the Oxygen network’s new show, The Glee Project.

Take 1 part Glee, 1 part American Idol and 1 part (preferably the eyes) Darren Criss, and you get my new reason for living.

This show is a dream come true for anyone who ever fantasizes about a) getting on Glee,  b) casting the talent on Glee, or c) making Darren Criss uncomfortable with your crazy eyes (click here and skip to minute 8:47). During the first ‘intro’ episode, they narrowed it down from 40,000+  to just 12 contestants, who will now compete for a 7 episode contract on Glee. 7 episodes? You know I’m going to say it: AMAZEBALLS!

I’ve got my eye on the nerdy guy (top right) and the one in dreadlocks, what about you?

P.S. – For some clips, as well as exposure to another fly WordPress blog, click here.

P.P.S. – In case you didn’t know, it’s now 2 days and counting ’til the first NJ Glee concert, so if you’re expecting any other kind of subject matter this week, slushie in the face for you!

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