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Well…This is Awkward

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I know I’m supposed to be your guilty pleasure goddess, right? And at this point you rely on me as something of an immoral compass – as long as I continue to go off the guilty pleasure deep end, you can rationalize your own guilty pleasures, right?

I was afraid that.

Because I have a confession to make.

Arg. Look at me, I'm acting so scary. Arg. Photo credit:

You know how MTV started airing a new show, Teen Wolf, this summer? And how it has everything I normally geek out over, guilty pleasure-style (teens with little adult supervision, werewolves, leather jackets…)? Well…

I kinda…sorta…

DON’T LIKE IT! I’m sorry! I know. What’s wrong with me?? It just sits in my DVR, taunting me. Is it the terrible acting on the part of the male lead (the teen wolf)? Does it take itself too seriously? Or is it just that Buffy (my all-time favorite show ever ever ever) set the bar too high?

On the flip side, I LOVE MTV’s other new summer show, Awkward. It fills a little bit of the hole My Life as Liz and My So-Called Life left behind.  The one negative is that it’s only 30 minutes long.

What do you guys think? Should I be dethroned?