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You Are About to See Something Special

There are certain things people don’t usually share. Their salary, political beliefs, ‘magic number’, feelings on drugs and abortion, whether they really believe in God. I can appreciate this, but I’m about to show you something most people don’t usually divulge. That’s right. Here it comes…

My guilty pleasure resume!

It’s not so much a document detailing my experience as it is a photographic expression of my commitment to the lifestyle. Nevertheless, I’m available for hire for all your guilty pleasure gigs, big and small (please submit job descriptions, down payments, and pictures of animals dressed as other animals to gojulesgo@ialwaysknewidberich.com). Enjoy:

1.) I have a cabinet full of plastic Medieval Times cups at all times (keepsakes from my 27th birthday party that we use constantly):

I'd like to dedicate this toast to all the knights and wenches in the hiz-ouse.

2.) This is my Harry Potter wall calendar, hanging in the kitchen for all to admire:

Don't you hate the boring months like this? Who cares about these guys?

3.) A staple: vodka in the freezer. …’Scuse me, I’ll be right back…

If this doesn't make your mouth water...well, good. More for me.

4.) …Cheers. Here are all of the ingredients to make bonfire s’mores at any given moment:

Marshmallows + chocolate + graham crackers + fire = a g.d. good time, that's what.

5.) This is the light cover I made for my craft room. Yeah, that’s right, craft room (a.k.a. why my future children will be living in the shed):


6.) Here is my dog, Uncle Jesse’s, monogrammed L.L. Bean bed. I know I should be embarrassed, but I’m not. I’m proud. So proud. (I mean, c’mon. You’re allowed exactly 10 characters, including spaces. It was meant to be.)

The kind of happiness only money can buy.
I know. I don't take him seriously either.

7.) This is the comment my husband just made:

“Do you wish your whole life was blogging? You wouldn’t have a blog if you didn’t have a life, though.”

…Oh, what’s that you say? You’re dying to see my craft room, especially the stripes I painted on the walls myself? Well, okay, if you insist. Here it is!

Julie, you are SO creative! Why thank you, Julie.