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Getting Carded is Music to My Ears (…so is Charlene Kaye)

Chatterbox Chipmunks, I’ve been lied to. There’s no way I’m turning 30 in April. I can’t remember much from those early years, so for all I know, life began in 1986 and not 1982 like my birth certificate would lead you to believe.

That’s right. I’m not a day over 25.

My taste in accessories (slap bracelets) and hair styles (side ponies) suggests not a nostalgic fondness for the styles of my youth, but rather a hipster-esque desire to embrace ‘vintage’ trends.

I’m the baby of the family.

Of my friends.

I’m the young one!!


Er, meet my new friend, 21-year-old Christie:

Remember Christie? We met two weeks ago cavorting outside the “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” stage door, exactly the way smart, funny, adorable girls in their early twenties meet.

Christie is as sweet as a teeny, tiny baby chipmunk and attends a crazy-good school to study architecture.  We met up this past Thursday in lower Manhattan to see my fellow 25(ish)-year-old, Charlene Kaye, perform at the Rockwood Music Hall.

I wore a $4 white thermal shirt from Old Navy. You know, ’cause us young kids just don’t give a shiz*. The guy who carded me even said I was “a baby.” Now, I won’t be greedy. I’ll settle for 25.

That was the highlight of the night.



Charlene Kaye was brilliant, and managed to fill the venue, despite playing a 7pm set on a Thursday night. She performed for a mere 45 minutes, which is my only complaint. Charlene’s voice is pure and unique – both haunting and comforting. She can incorporate hip-hop beats into her music just as easily as power ballad piano riffs.

I'm a terrible photographer, but I think you can still see that Charlene is the cat's pajamas.

We said hello to Charlene after her set (there were high-fives exchanged…they have become cool and hip, so naturally I was included), and she asked if she’d see us again. Sure, Charlene, we’ll be at your CD release party in March – if I’ve finished my term paper I’m not too tired after work to make the commute.

Here’s a taste of my favorite song of Charlene’s, the title track of her soon-to-debut album, Animal Love:

*Until said young kid arrives home and realizes her tanning lotion has rubbed off on the sleeves.

What age do you want to relive so badly it makes you cry into your orange-stained sleeves?

26 thoughts on “Getting Carded is Music to My Ears (…so is Charlene Kaye)”

  1. it’s nice when you reach the age when looking younger than your actually number is a good thing, isn’t it? as for the age i would like to relive… how about the roman-era age, like from the movie Gladiator. Is that what you were asking? Because i don’t want to relive any of my life experiences. i’m a move-along kinda gal. 🙂 great post and photos!

  2. You’ll always be youthful looking. Embrace it. and you’re welcome. Your beauty…well, that’s all you (and maybe those woodland fairies I saw during your birth. Let’s not go into that)
    Love the Charlene Kaye song! Christie kind of looks like her.

  3. So you met somebody in line and became such good friends you’re now hanging out? You’re my outgoing idol – I want to be you (orange sleeves and all)!

    1. It’s so funny that you comment on that aspect of the post, Peg, because it’s actually very unlike me! Wait. Very unlike the OLD me. Kinda ironic that blogging is getting me out and about, huh?! 😉

  4. People often think I’m older than I am, sort of drove me crazy but now I’m used to it. When you know someone is married with two kids you assume they’re older than ALMOST 27. Speaking of which I celebrate my third 25th birthday on Saturday when I turn ACTUALLY 27.

    I always assume everyone is the same age as me and I’m still 22 in my head so you can be 22 with me.

  5. First: You don’t look anything at all like 30…
    Second: You’re as young as you feel (for serious yo).
    Third-ly: I love that you’re smiley and stuff in every photo.

    Yay for jellyfish, ripe tomatoes and all that jazz! 🙂

  6. I’m 44. Is it wrong that I want to relive a first kiss. I love my husband and all, but that anticipation of a first kiss. Le sigh.

    I would like to remember that again.

    And FYI: Thirty is waaaaaaay better than anything in your 20s. Keep wearing those slap bracelets, chipmunk!

    1. Not at all! I think it’s what us married folk miss – that anticipation!

      And I don’t think anyone could wrestle these slap bracelets away; not even out of my cold, dead paws.

  7. I am getting up there also in age.. You are a few months ahead of me, but I am more worried about what my friends are planning for my 30th! That is one of those parties that people tend to overdo.. Though it should be fun!

    Glad that I am not the only one with anxiety about hitting the big 3 – 0!

    1. You definitely aren’t the only one! Although I think I’m guilty of the overdo, because I’m seriously thinking of renting sumo wrestler suits and a ring to set up in the backyard. LOL

  8. You are young, you look gorgeous! 30 was wonderful and 40 was just fan-freaking-tastic. Really. I’m being serious! The older I get the more I enjoy life and don’t sweat the small stuff. Hell, sometimes I don’t even sweat the big stuff.

    An age I’d like to relive (if I had to choose…) would be 27 because that was the year I met my husband. Oh, and when I was seven. I was all about climbing trees, riding bikes and playing hide-n-seek outside. Good times!

    1. Thank you, Darla! That is wonderful to hear, on all counts (I’m not too crazy about these pictures of me on this post! But I suffer for my art *snort*)!

      You and I would have gotten along splendidly at 7. My mom had to bribe me indoors for dinner every day!

  9. I haven’t found that age yet. But I do want to relive all of your posts, over and over again! 😉

  10. My late teens. I made so many decisions during those years that had a lasting impact on my life. If I had been smarter and braver then, I believe my career would be very different today. Also, I’d love to be able to stay up all night again and not feel like I’d contracted a life-threatening illness. 😉

  11. the girl who sits at the desk next to me turned thirty this week. I rewarded her with coffee and a lemon mousse bar. she like you looks 25, so i think the same treatment will be bestowed upon you. ill put the lemon mousse bar in the post. its the only way. the. only.way

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