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GOGP’s Sexiest Dog of the Year!

Okay. Maybe not sexiest. Unless you’re into that kind of thing. (I’m a guilty pleasure blogger. I don’t judge.)

As you might recall, Uncle Jesse, our [not quite] 2-year-old Australian Labradoodle, had his first photo shoot last month, and the 130+ pictures arrived on Christmas Eve! Thanks, Jenn and Joseph Frazz Photography!

Are you ready for this, celebratory chipmunks?! These were taken in our yard, and yes, we have a giant flag painted on a board on the back fence, courtesy of the original homeowners. (We’re thinking of adding flags from around the world, whaddya think?)

Prepare yourselves for hunk-itude:





And my personal favorite:


How are you celebrating (besides putting your supermodel dog in a gold bow tie? Oh wait, is that just me?)? Any resolutions?


Guilty Pleasure Christmas Treasures

Who needs g.d. candy canes when you have a GoGuiltyPleasures slap bracelet?

Cheesy Chipmunks, this is one of those rare instances when words escape me. So I’ll let pictures do the talking (click on any to enlarge).

"Second Husband"
"He just doesn't know it yet."

That is a deck of cards next to the Reese's. 1/2-lb. Reese's cups, people!!!! A Christmas miracle.

A breathalyzer. That Babs has a real sense of humor.
I've decided to branch out from side ponies.
I made this image with my new MS Office Suite PowerPoint!!! Sigh. Happiness = clip art.

How was your holiday? And more importantly, when are you sending me pictures of your GoGuiltyPleasure slap bracelets (if you’d like one, email your address to

P.S. – The pictures from Uncle Jesse’s photo shoot have arrived, AND I’m almost done with my “Why Polygamy is the Right Choice For You” presentation for Second Husband – couldn’t you just pee from excitement?!

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Merry Christmas to All (But Mostly Me)!

Dear Cherry-Nosed Chipmunks,

This post came very close to being a review of the Yule Log offerings on Comcast OnDemand (Yule Dogs?! Hello! Awesome!). But really all I want to say is: I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! May it be filled with peace, laughter and love spiked egg nog, cold hard cash, and the satisfaction of looking better than all of your relatives.

My gift to you me? Why, a magical Christmas combo: my favorite holiday song, sung by the one and only, Second Husband:

Love and Snuggies,


Chipmunks Forever, Just For Fun

A Super Star Tree

Chipmunks with cheeks full of roasted chestnuts, you are in for a treat – a guest post from Babs, the very woman who gave ALL OF THIS (i.e., me) life!

You’ll soon see how the [shamelessness] apple doesn’t fall far from the [guilty pleasure Christmas] tree.

(Click on any of the pictures to enlarge.)

So, for years my (our) guilty pleasure has been to find someone/thing worthy of the most high honor of being our Christmas Tree Topper (the ‘star on top’). It started with Britney in her red unitard, then swoon-worthy Justin Timberlake, and another year it was NSYNCer, Joey Fatone. In 2009, it was sparkly Edward Cullen, and last year, the singing Bieb himself. Oh, baby.
But this year, to honor your blog, our angel is a… chipmunk!
Decked out in huge wings, a starry halo, and yes, her own version of a slap bracelet (it’s Second Husband!).

Merry Christmas!


Isn’t that magical? (And yes, she adds the wings and halos herself!) You rock, Babs! By the way, for those of you who requested GoGuiltyPleasures slap bracelets before Monday, you should have them by tomorrow! For those of you who haven’t requested slap bracelets, what are you waiting for?? I’ve got one with your name on it (or, you know, 200 with my blog name on it)! Just email your address to me at

Happy Slapping! …Er, you know what I mean.

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Dear Justin, Please Bring Sexy Back. It’s, Like, My Christmas Wish.

Sexy like this, Justin.

Dear Justin Timberlake,

Think of all the poor little children without denim in 2001.

I forgave you for the denim suit you wore to the American Music Awards in 2001. I forgave you for the cornrows you wore to…lots of places. But when you stopped going on tour and took up acting? Well, that one still smarts.

You’re a top-notch performer, J.T. We can all appreciate that (even the macho-macho-men). But that’s not acting.

Look at them! They're so straight and...teeth-y.

I’m so sorry.

I’m sorry because I love you. You have beautiful teeth.

Please remember that as I tell you I’ve finally figured out why you can’t act (something I’ve been pondering ever since I saw Model Behavior on ABC):

I wanted to like it. I really did.

You’re too confident and famous.

You have NO idea what it’s like to be normal. That’s not an insult. You just don’t. Why would you? It’s kind of like the way I don’t know how to be cool, or how to end an awkward conversation.

When you act, you try to pretend you’re the nice guy who finishes last, but it’s just pretend. I think you think by using your ‘breathy voice’ that you’re conveying vulnerability, but you’re not.

Oh. I feel so bad saying this. Did I mention I love you? You’re the only one who can bring sexy back.

But the thespian thing, it’s just not working out. I mean, you’ve been in some REALLY good movies. You’re tall and handsome. But I still don’t believe you. You’re not a superhero or the guy next door or the smarmy entrepreneur.

You’re Justin Timberlake. And you bring the sexy.

Please, Justin. Please. Bring sexy back.

Snuggles and Slap Bracelets*,


*don’t forget about my Slap Bracelet Giveaway!!!


Photo Credits





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GoGuiltyPleasures Slap Bracelets Giveaway – Yeah, I Said SLAP BRACELETS!

Chipmunks-in-a-trunk (tree trunk, that is), I mentioned in my first ever video blog that I would be bringing back not only the side pony, but also…


And I’m no liar.

They just arrived today!!!

They’re REFLECTIVE! You know, for safety.

I’ve got 200 of these puppies (dressed as rad, neon pink accessories) to give away, and you’re gonna want to make sure you get one! Don’t be the only one at the guilty pleasure party without the latest bling.

If you trust me enough to send me your address (and why wouldn’t you? Nothing says trustworthy like this), email me at I’ll get one in the mail to you lickety-split.

All I ask in return is that you take a picture of you and/or your loved ones/pets wearing the slap bracelets and allow me to post it here on

Chipmunks! We’re gonna bring back slap bracelets!! (…FINALLY.)

NOW you know what your life has been missing.
Booze, I'm Going To Chop My Ear Off Any Day Now

Gingerbread Pillage

There are a lot of reasons I heart my besties, Jenn and Mary. Namely:
  • They are funny.
  • They think I am funny.
  • They are smart.
  • They think I am smart funny.
But when it comes to enumerating their many qualities, the word crafty (like Martha Stewart-crafty, not Wet Bandits-crafty) doesn’t necessarily spring to mind. Nevertheless, this holiday season, I decided to push them out of their comfort zones, right into gingerbread village. To help them cope with the shock, I provided the following:

1.) A home-cooked roast chicken dinner.

2.) Encouragement Vodka.

3.) Uncle Jesse in a sweater.

4.) John Denver and the Muppets.

5.) Duct tape.

Mary says Jenn was 'icing with rage.' I say her candy cane suicide threats were empty.

We set to work.

"All the vodka in the world can't make this right."
"You will not defeat me, Gingerbread!"
One Two hours later…
Mary's gingerbread creation puts the "tree" in "treeat."
The stuffing Uncle Jesse immediately ripped out of his new toy from Mary made for really nice snow around my sleigh.
"Gingerbread houses divided will not stand." -Jenn (Image courtesy of Google Earth, Gingerbread Edition)
And in the end, the gingerbread creations [couldn’t stand the long drive home for Jenn and Mary and] were mine…all mine! Merry Christmas, me!

Any holiday crafts going on in your neck ‘o the woods, Chipmunks?