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Hiya chipmunks! I love this time of year because I don’t even know where to start on my DVR. Between the holiday movies and the festive episodes of my favorite shows, I am geeking out on guilty pleasures like nobody’s business! I like to read other TV junkie’s blogs, and I’ve been seeing in comments that a lot of people are bowing out of cable TV because it’s so ri-donkulously expensive. I am with you!! Part of the problem is that I have no idea what my options are out in the sticks of western Jersey.

The movies that make us better people.

But I can’t give up True Blood! Or Boardwalk Empire (okay that’s Peppermeister’s show, not mine)! Or Lifetime! (Seriously. Where else can you see Fred Savage punch Candace Cameron?*)

Since I have no idea what’s available to me, I’m starting by using – it’s a WordPress site where you can check out cable packages and special programs available from cable and satellite companies. They also give an overview on the various ways to watch cable shows. Right now I’m comparing satellite to cable and thinking about Netflix.

Do you guys have any tips for finding a better deal? What’s the cable TV show you splurge on??

*P.S. – I would like to leave you with some dialogue from the Oscar-snubbed “No One Would Tell”:

STACY: Well, you don’t know what he’s been through! Besides, you don’t give up on someone you love. 
NICKI:  You call that love? They don’t even think he likes you! 
STACY: Well, then you don’t know what love is!

…does anyone else need a tissue?

16 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure Channel Surfing”

  1. I don’t actually watch TV but I do watch TV programs…on DVD. I suppose if I had a DVR, I’d prolly watch more. I like True Blood for eye-candy alone. I love Breaking Bad because the writing is ACE. Oh, and I’ve been watching Grimm. It’s not very good but I like weird crap.

    1. Ohhh you’re sticking with Grimm? We tried a couple episodes, but couldn’t get into it! I was so sad because it seems right up my alley, sorta Buffy-esque. Is it improving?

      1. I’ve seen 2. There are 2 more and since there’s no TB or BB right now, I may watch it. I’m lucky if I have 20 minutes a day to devote to non-constructive behavior, so meh.

    2. We’ve kind of given up on Grimm. It just can’t seem to find its groove, and the “Oooh, shifty face” thing gets old. I want to like it, but it just doesn’t have that Joss Whedon quality it so desperately needs.

        1. I have to admit, there are moments (I think it’s Ryan Murphy’s writing) where Glee dialogue has that Joss Whedon feel. Very silly and unique. This week there were a couple almost-spit-out-my-vodka moments.

    1. I can’t wait to read it! I asked Peppermeister to get me Love Actually so I could see it again (since I wasn’t too crazy about it – a lot of times these kinds of movies grow on me)! And someone mentioned While You Were Sleeping as a Christmas movie they have to see every year, so I watched that last night. Could definitely write a post about it. It’s SO. BAD. The ending was inexcusable. And that’s coming from ME!

  2. I love to watch the Lifetime Christmas movies, even if I’ve seen them before. I have to strategically time my wonderfully hokey Christmas movie viewing because if I don’t my husband will come in and try to switch the channel to something heinous, like American Chopper or Ancient aliens (his guilty pleasures)…

    1. Hi Chris! This comment is delighting me on so many levels. For one, you used my favorite guilty pleasure word (“heinous”), AND while talking about Lifetime movies. That is magical.

      Ed’s the same way (he likes Storage Wars, does your hub watch that one?); I don’t even get to watch Glee when it airs because he won’t stand for it! Tragic.

      1. Yes, unfortunately, i have been subjected to Storage Wars. the good news is that I don’t think hubby knows exactly when it’s on, so only a few times. I recall 2 particularly heinous (that’s for you!) episodes where a guy hired a little person to stand on a pair of stilts so he could scan the prospective lots above the other bidders head, then same guy on another episode hired psychics to sense the lots for who know what…
        Ugh. Give me Kristen Chenowith in a delightfully silly movie anytime! 😉

    1. Right back ‘atcha! I haven’t seen Once Upon a Time! My two favorite shows are 90210 and Glee, they make my guilty pleasure heart so happy! But I watch way too much TV, so I have a lot of other favorites from 30 Rock and The Office to The New Girl to about half of MTV’s line-up, ha! And let’s not forget American’s Next Top Model and TLC shows!

  3. Hi Jules! You know TV is my number one guilty pleasure, so giving up cable would be pretty difficult for me! We don’t have a huge cable package though. The only premium channel that we subscribe to is HBO and we got a deal through Comcast where it’s only $6 extra per month. I almost got Netflicks instead, until my neighbor told me that they only stream past seasons of True Blood and not current episodes. We don’t have a DVR feature with our package, but most of the shows we watch are On Demand the next day if we miss them. I couldn’t imagine not seeing Cody’s flowing blond locks on Sister Wives, or missing Kirsten Dunst in a rerun of 15 and Pregnant on Lifetime! My latest favorite is Boardwalk Empire, although it’s a whole lot classier than my usual taste in TV! Good luck with your quest to find the perfect deal, my friend! 🙂

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