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My Guilty Pleasure Christmas Tree

Cheery chipmunks, I got my Christmas tree this weekend! Huzzah!

We went to one of the three Christmas tree farms near our house in western Jersey; this one was a self-serve farm, so we made good use of our chainsaw and lived to tell the tale got an amazing deal.

Peppermeister putting on his best Grinch face.

Iย busted out my favorite Christmas CD, John Denver and the Muppets, while I decorated (a long-honored tradition).

Of course, no tree of mine is complete without animals dressed as other animals.

"F my life."

And animals dressed as food:

"Eat me."

Or homemade ornaments featuring Uncle Jesse in his Christmas sweater:

"My mother needs a hobby."

And there was only one casualty.

Ah well. This one was kind of ugly anyway.

Even Uncle Jesse got in on the fun.

Have a very doodle-y Christmas!

To see what else I was up to this weekend, check out these cookies (more on this new site later)!

How are your holiday plans coming along?

32 thoughts on “My Guilty Pleasure Christmas Tree”

  1. We cannot afford a tree. Sob. I saw some for a tenner in the supermarket so took emma.. but she was (still) drunk from last night so we concluded in the tree aisle that maybe today was not the day. was hilarious. although a little alcohol smelling!!! I love the animals dressed as other animals. Cant wait to see Uncle J dressed as a reindeer!! (oh he better be!)

    1. We still can’t believe how cheap the tree was! I think drunken tree shopping is the only way to go. …Except if it involves chain saws, as our trip did.

    1. Thanks, Darla! We’ve lucked out living so close to tree farms where it’s so convenient and CHEAP! 30 miles east of here you pay two-and-a-half times more!

    1. Ha! Marta, this cracked me up. The tree was huge! Probably 10 feet, or more. We had to cut about a foot off to get it in the house! Thank goodness for the chain saw.

  2. Hey Jules! Your tree is gorgeous! I just finished my holiday shopping today!! Yay! I’m only wating for a few gifts that I bought online. We’re not putting our tree up until my older daughter gets home from school on the 16th. Ours has to be artifical because of allergies, but it’ll still be pretty. Still nothing smells (or makes us sneeze) like pine! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you so much, Sprinkles! I finished my shopping last night thanks to the beauty of Amazon! Such a good feeling, huh?! Are you going to post pictures of your tree? My co-worker just told me their tree caused allergies this year too, but for the first time! Do you know what it is that triggers it?

  3. We have a very nice artificial tree, but every couple of years we get a yearning for a real one.So we alternate. Not sure this year. We’ll make up our minds soon, I hope.

  4. We have a tree sitting outside, staring menacingly through the window. Basically it looks like it’s accusing me of sloth, and killing it for no purpose If I’m just going to let it sit out there.

    1. We used to do that, and then we realized with fresh-cut trees from around the block, they last FOREVER! So we figured we might as well put it up as soon as we got it, and get it earlier than usual. Last year ours was in such good shape at New Year’s, it was a shame to take it down. But I do NOT take guilty pleasure (surprisingly) in having Christmas decorations up at Easter.

  5. Beautiful tree! There’s always something so magical about the christmas tree when it’s all lit up. I can’t wait to put ours up – probably going tree hunting this week ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Peppermeister looks like he takes his trees very, very seriously.

    In my house we just use a plastic tree these days, hoovering the needles up after a real tree is a pain in the bum. We have egg and bacon sandwiches Xmas morning to make up for it though.

    1. Ha! You’re right about that. Just so long as he also takes the chain saw seriously, I’m okay. (Oh, man, it makes me so nervous when he’s got that thing. He is not a country boy.)

      The pine needles are a pain! Luckily with a fresh cut tree, it’s just the initial hoovering-after-shoving-it-through-the-front-door clean up that’s a hassle. Doesn’t shed too much after that.

      Mmm…bacon-egg sandwiches… true to guilty pleasure form, that’s my go-to breakfast during the year, too, LOL!

  7. Your tree is lovely! I always go with fake, to match my boobs (JUST kidding. Not about the fake tree – about the boobs. Those aren’t fake. But the tree is. Got it?). My sister chops one down, like you, and tells me they went out to hunt and kill their tree.

    1. Okay, so what you’re saying is you have a fake rack. Got it. Lookin’ good, Peg!


      I am a ruthless hunter when it comes to Christmas trees, but when it comes to animals, I simply hunt down animal costumes for them to wear.

  8. That grinch face just made my morning, not that the ornaments aren’t also made of win! ๐Ÿ˜€

    My holiday plans are pretty much not coming along. I did write a guest post about Hanukkah for Renee’s #HanukkahHoopla, so I guess you could say its subject matter represents one thing I’m prepared for. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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