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All I Want for Christmas is Your G.D. Wish List!

Let me start off by saying ’tis the season of giving.  But if you’re one of those modest people who doesn’t want to make a Christmas Wish List, you’re probably just frustrating your loved ones. I know you don’t want that. Make one, send it, pronto! Guaranteed free shipping before Dec. 25th doesn’t last forever, Chipmunks.

Every year, my husband, The Peppermeister, e-mails our family his Christmas Wish List in a timely manner. People look forward to it.

Here’s [a few examples of] why:


Ok so here is the list that you have all been waiting for.  I know that you all love me and I will get everything on this list.  I am so lucky to have such terrific parents, a great pregnant sister and brother in law and a good enough fiance’.  As always, please communicate with one another to ensure that this christmas is among the best i’ve ever had.


As always, I encourage you to look for great deals.  Deviating from the list is not encouraged, and frowned upon.  I categorized them to make it easier for you, my beloved family.

For the Bar (Because a man needs a cave, and that cave needs cliché bar stuff)

1. Sweet dartboard with wooden doors and chalk boards for score keeping (I’d like real darts, not electronic or rubber, safety is NOT a priority)

For General Practicality and “bad-ass-edness” (Because you never know when the zombie apocalypse will occur)

1. Wind up (crank) LED flashlight without radio


2.  Wind up (crank) flashlight with am/fm radio

3. Leatherman 830032 Blast Multitool with Leather Sheath

Gift Cards (Because I want you to take money that used to be good everywhere, and make it good in only one place)

1. Target – “Terrget”

2. Gamestop


Happy Birthday Jesus!
This year, I’ve tried to make things as easy as possible for my generous family. I’ve created an Amazon wish list.
When trying your best to please me this Christmas, be sure to note the following:
-There are two pages on that wish list.
-I have plenty of sweaters.

And another painless year of holiday shopping commences.

Do you have any wish list wins or woes?