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All I Want for Christmas is Your G.D. Wish List!

Let me start off by saying ’tis the season of giving.  But if you’re one of those modest people who doesn’t want to make a Christmas Wish List, you’re probably just frustrating your loved ones. I know you don’t want that. Make one, send it, pronto! Guaranteed free shipping before Dec. 25th doesn’t last forever, Chipmunks.

Every year, my husband, The Peppermeister, e-mails our family his Christmas Wish List in a timely manner. People look forward to it.

Here’s [a few examples of] why:


Ok so here is the list that you have all been waiting for.  I know that you all love me and I will get everything on this list.  I am so lucky to have such terrific parents, a great pregnant sister and brother in law and a good enough fiance’.  As always, please communicate with one another to ensure that this christmas is among the best i’ve ever had.


As always, I encourage you to look for great deals.  Deviating from the list is not encouraged, and frowned upon.  I categorized them to make it easier for you, my beloved family.

For the Bar (Because a man needs a cave, and that cave needs cliché bar stuff)

1. Sweet dartboard with wooden doors and chalk boards for score keeping (I’d like real darts, not electronic or rubber, safety is NOT a priority)

For General Practicality and “bad-ass-edness” (Because you never know when the zombie apocalypse will occur)

1. Wind up (crank) LED flashlight without radio


2.  Wind up (crank) flashlight with am/fm radio

3. Leatherman 830032 Blast Multitool with Leather Sheath

Gift Cards (Because I want you to take money that used to be good everywhere, and make it good in only one place)

1. Target – “Terrget”

2. Gamestop


Happy Birthday Jesus!
This year, I’ve tried to make things as easy as possible for my generous family. I’ve created an Amazon wish list.
When trying your best to please me this Christmas, be sure to note the following:
-There are two pages on that wish list.
-I have plenty of sweaters.

And another painless year of holiday shopping commences.

Do you have any wish list wins or woes?

29 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas is Your G.D. Wish List!”

  1. Reminds me I better get a list to my husband….last year he bought me a shirt that his mother would have worn and a tacky jar with my initial on it (made in China). Better yet, I’ll just go buy myself something.

  2. That’s the way to do it. Subtlety just means mistakes. One year I drew my husband pictures. He and the salesladies had a lot of fun, and I got everything I wanted.

  3. Hilarious, post. What do I wish for the Christmas? Not peace on earth, but peace in the living room on Christmas morning. Meaning, a quiet moment to drink my coffee before utter chaos erupts once the hellions (ahem) I mean kids wake up and terrorize the presents.

    1. Thanks, Darla! I am wishing for you some quiet moments on Christmas morning – or at least the chance to mainline some coffee before the gift ravaging begins! 😉

    1. We’ve been trying to mellow things out a bit with the gift-giving, so I only asked for Second Husband and not also his brother’s dog (the squirrel costume-wearing one). I think that’s big of me.

      Happy, happy to you, Renee! 🙂

  4. I’ve taken to buying my own stuff, then handing it to The Duchess to wrap and put under the tree. Saves bother.

    This year, I’m getting convertible running gloves, $20 and replacement heads for my old-arsed Clarisonic, $40 (I have lupus and related skin issues, more than you wanted to hear but a C. facebrush is AWESOME–so, replacement heads are not lame as a gift).

    So, there’s my gifts from the elders and I LOVE THEM! The gifts, not the elders.

    1. Ha! Luckily I don’t have to do Peppermeister’s shopping, but I do have to do the wrapping (I’m kind of a wrapping Nazi).

      I am very glad to hear that it sounds like you gave the elders a g.d. list 😉

  5. See, a Peace on Earth wish is just asking for some ironic “Twilight Zone” ‘Oh! Everyone’s dead but you! You got your wish, sucker!’ thing to happen. Best to stick with material things. For the good of humanity.

  6. After 25 Christmases together, I simply shop for and wrap most of the gifts he gives me and then I make up a pretty fail safe list for him to shop with. And, your post reminded me, I better get on that or I’ll be in trouble!

    If I add a “Freshly Pressed” to my list too, do you know which store I should send him to? 😉

  7. Wait a minute… you already got the Freshly Pressed and I’m still waiting for mine. Of course it would help if I stopped including gags of questionable taste and actually learned how to take a picture. THey seem to like pretty pictures.

    1. I am SURE you will be Freshly Pressed, and with the post you least expect them to pick! That’s what seems to happen to everyone. Of course, pretty pictures never hurt (ha!), but I think you already have those! You take great pics!

  8. I think it’s really thoughtful of your hubby to give very specific instructions to all the giftors. He’s still going to end up with a scratchy sweater and a bad tie, but at least he made the effort.

    Hope you get all the stuff on your list, AND peace on earth.

    1. Peg, you and Peppermeister would get along splendidly! Hopefully I will be able to toast to peace on earth this Christmas, with all the champagne in the world.

        1. As I hit “send” I noticed the misspelling of palate. It was in slow-mo, my finger reaching and pressing the “enter” key while I started saying “NO-o-o-o-h” in that really deep, slow-mo voice. But I was too late – I’m so ashamed.

          Unless I really meant that you should send me a pallet of Asti for my palate. Yeah – that’s what I meant!

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