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Hiya chipmunks! I love this time of year because I don’t even know where to start on my DVR. Between the holiday movies and the festive episodes of my favorite shows, I am geeking out on guilty pleasures like nobody’s business! I like to read other TV junkie’s blogs, and I’ve been seeing in comments that a lot of people are bowing out of cable TV because it’s so ri-donkulously expensive. I am with you!! Part of the problem is that I have no idea what my options are out in the sticks of western Jersey.

The movies that make us better people.

But I can’t give up True Blood! Or Boardwalk Empire (okay that’s Peppermeister’s show, not mine)! Or Lifetime! (Seriously. Where else can you see Fred Savage punch Candace Cameron?*)

Since I have no idea what’s available to me, I’m starting by using – it’s a WordPress site where you can check out cable packages and special programs available from cable and satellite companies. They also give an overview on the various ways to watch cable shows. Right now I’m comparing satellite to cable and thinking about Netflix.

Do you guys have any tips for finding a better deal? What’s the cable TV show you splurge on??

*P.S. – I would like to leave you with some dialogue from the Oscar-snubbed “No One Would Tell”:

STACY: Well, you don’t know what he’s been through! Besides, you don’t give up on someone you love. 
NICKI:  You call that love? They don’t even think he likes you! 
STACY: Well, then you don’t know what love is!

…does anyone else need a tissue?