Guilty Pleasure Christmas Treasures

Who needs g.d. candy canes when you have a GoGuiltyPleasures slap bracelet?

Cheesy Chipmunks, this is one of those rare instances when words escape me. So I’ll let pictures do the talking (click on any to enlarge).

"Second Husband"
"He just doesn't know it yet."

That is a deck of cards next to the Reese's. 1/2-lb. Reese's cups, people!!!! A Christmas miracle.

A breathalyzer. That Babs has a real sense of humor.
I've decided to branch out from side ponies.
I made this image with my new MS Office Suite PowerPoint!!! Sigh. Happiness = clip art.

How was your holiday? And more importantly, when are you sending me pictures of your GoGuiltyPleasure slap bracelets (if you’d like one, email your address to JKSchnedeker@yahoo.com)?

P.S. – The pictures from Uncle Jesse’s photo shoot have arrived, AND I’m almost done with my “Why Polygamy is the Right Choice For You” presentation for Second Husband – couldn’t you just pee from excitement?!