Guilty Pleasure Christmas Treasures

Who needs g.d. candy canes when you have a GoGuiltyPleasures slap bracelet?

Cheesy Chipmunks, this is one of those rare instances when words escape me. So I’ll let pictures do the talking (click on any to enlarge).

"Second Husband"
"He just doesn't know it yet."

That is a deck of cards next to the Reese's. 1/2-lb. Reese's cups, people!!!! A Christmas miracle.

A breathalyzer. That Babs has a real sense of humor.
I've decided to branch out from side ponies.
I made this image with my new MS Office Suite PowerPoint!!! Sigh. Happiness = clip art.

How was your holiday? And more importantly, when are you sending me pictures of your GoGuiltyPleasure slap bracelets (if you’d like one, email your address to JKSchnedeker@yahoo.com)?

P.S. – The pictures from Uncle Jesse’s photo shoot have arrived, AND I’m almost done with my “Why Polygamy is the Right Choice For You” presentation for Second Husband – couldn’t you just pee from excitement?!

15 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure Christmas Treasures”

  1. Love my new slap bracelet. Was planning to use on my blog and link. Would you rather just have a picture? 😉 I love it! What can I give away? Pencils that say Teachers & Twits on the side?

    They would have to be Ticonderogas.

    Le sigh.

    1. Haaa “le sigh” – that really got me! Please feel free to dedicate all of your future posts to me and my slap bracelets. 😉

      I like the pencil idea! Erasers could be funny too, with some line about ‘erasing your mistakes’ – although that’s probably a tag line better suited to say, a guilty pleasure blog, where one might want to forget about the time she told the entire universe she became a vegetarian for JTT.

  2. I am drooling over that gigantic bag of PB cups! Happy Christmas indeed! I am going to attempt to take a few pics of the hellions with the slap bracelets as soon as I can peel them off the ceiling (they are just a tad bit excited and hyped up on sugar this school vacation…)

    1. I thought of you when I posted that picture, Darla! Each cup is a HALF A POUND! OMG.

      I can’t wait to see the pictures, and hope you’re managing to find a little R&R in the midst of the sugar crazies!

    1. I know! Acquiring a second husband at this point will just be icing on the cake.

      Thank you so much! That made my day, and also inspired me to try to get away with saying to Peppermeister this morning that I’m too pretty to do dishes. …He wasn’t convinced.

  3. One of our dogs does that thing where he holds a chewie like he’s smoking a cigar. Every time he does it, it’s the most unbearably cute thing I’ve ever seen. So, of course, he does it more.

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