GoGuiltyPleasures Slap Bracelets Giveaway – Yeah, I Said SLAP BRACELETS!

Chipmunks-in-a-trunk (tree trunk, that is), I mentioned in my first ever video blog that I would be bringing back not only the side pony, but also…


And I’m no liar.

They just arrived today!!!

They’re REFLECTIVE! You know, for safety.

I’ve got 200 of these puppies (dressed as rad, neon pink accessories) to give away, and you’re gonna want to make sure you get one! Don’t be the only one at the guilty pleasure party without the latest bling.

If you trust me enough to send me your address (and why wouldn’t you? Nothing says trustworthy like this), email me at julie.davidoski@yahoo.com. I’ll get one in the mail to you lickety-split.

All I ask in return is that you take a picture of you and/or your loved ones/pets wearing the slap bracelets and allow me to post it here on goguiltypleasures.com.

Chipmunks! We’re gonna bring back slap bracelets!! (…FINALLY.)

NOW you know what your life has been missing.


62 responses to “GoGuiltyPleasures Slap Bracelets Giveaway – Yeah, I Said SLAP BRACELETS!

  1. Love this idea, Jules. Fun project. I sent the address to your email.

    • Hooray! I got your email and can’t wait to send your (FABULOUS, SHINY, ONE-OF-A-KIND [except for the 199 others just like it]) slap bracelet! Thanks, Michael! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Oh, I so want one of these. Bring one this Saturday. I already know the picture I will take. Of course…

  3. You are the True Larger Than Life Spunky Monkey. I will wear a slap bracelet just for you, or find a worth recipient.

  4. All over it. I’m going to definitely need a snap bracelet. Maybe throw in an extra for Ben too. =)

  5. You’re just one of my favorite people. You just are.

    • I need one of Deb’s little hearts for this comment reply! I read this on my phone as I was scrambling, er, getting ready for work and it’s been making me feel even MORE awesome than I normally do on a Friday. Right back a’tcha!

  6. You are totally hilarious. But oh so tempting… I am so sending you my address. Well, that is, the Sweet Ridge Farm address. -kate

  7. Man, I had a slap bracelet when…the 80s?! So funny to see this stuff come back.

  8. I’ve never owned a slap bracelet, although I’ve played with one! In the early 2000s they were outlawed at the school I taught at. I took one away from a rule-breaking girl and slapped it on and off about 50 times during my planning period. (I did give it back to her at the end of the day, because I’m a pushover like that!) My cats are begging me to send you my address and they’ve promised to share and model for a picture. Nothing says cute like 20lb cats wearing neon!

    Totally off subject, but TLC is doing a Gypsy Christmas special this coming Sunday night!!! I wouldn’t want you to miss it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hey, I was planning to have my cat, Beeby, model the slap bracelet in an orgy of kitty cuteness. Think there will be room at the Go Jules Slap=Happy party for 2 such pictures? (BTW, I saw the ad for that show, too – not gonna miss it.)

    • Wait. Wait wait wait wait. A Gypsy Christmas special!?!? Are you SERIOUS?! That is A.Ma.Zing. How did I need see any commercials for this?! THANK YOU for the heads-up!

      I remember when they started banning slap bracelets around here, too. Sad, sad times. They used to be metal and REALLY fun.

      I cannot wait to see your cat pictures!! Neon is very, er, um, okay, not slimming. I got nothing.

  9. Slap bracelets can make you slap happy if you aren’t careful ๐Ÿ™‚

    Talk about back in the day…

    sent ya an email!

    • LOL I hope you’ll pull me back from the edge if I go too far into slap-happy-ville.

      Got your email, and can’t wait to send you a bracelet! Thanks so much for having such keen fashion sense ๐Ÿ™‚

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  11. hyperventilating with excitement. im going to slap bracelet the UK – you just wait!! i love the fact that they seem to glow in the dark too, i mean, you cant get enough glow in the dark, can you??!

  12. I’m late! Are there any left? I want one!

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  14. ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh please tell me you have more slap bracelets! Those are so awesome.

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  21. So we so totally have pictures of this, and I NEED TO SEND THEM TO YOU. So sorry, it has been a brutal couple months. But the slap bracelets were super fun to have at Christmas. -kate

    • OMG this is spectacular news, Kate!!! I was hoping there wasn’t any problems with them getting to the Sweet Ridge clan! Judging by your blog pics, I am in for a TREAT!!

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  23. omg i WANT ONE!!!!! great idea!

    nice blog. you are wonderful

  24. I love your Slap bracelet .Its so cute and shiny.I want one too.(:

  25. Hey! I love your bracelet.Can I have plz (:

  26. Can you really ship it into Pakistan.

  27. Hi Julie! its me Safia Asim. I was wondering when are you going to send that cute slap bracelet .I have emailed you my address. So if you can send it to Pakistan.Please do (:

    • Hi Safia! I’m sure if you saw it, but emailed you earlier today. I did send some slap bracelets to your family today. Hopefully they’ll get to you soon – I used the address as you provided it. The post office couldn’t confirm whether or not I needed a postal code, so I hope they get to you without a problem!

      • Hi Julie ๐Ÿ™‚
        I got the wonderful Slap Bracelets you send to us.They are great.And thanks to you we are wearing them right now.And again thank you so much ๐Ÿ™‚ bye.

        • Safia, I’m SO glad they made it to you!! That makes my day to hear!! I would love to see pictures if you are able to send them (I could post them on my blog, or not post them if you’d rather not have them public)!

  28. Hi Julie! its me Safia Asim. I was wondering when are you going to send that cute slap bracelet .I have emailed you my address. So if you can send it to Pakistan.Please do (:
    and btw Dazzlingtips is my sisters blog .So both of us want your slap bracelets.

  29. Thank you so much Julie(:
    can’t wait for the slap bracelets.
    and btw l love your blog

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  32. I every time spent my half an hour to read this blog’s articles everyday along with a cup of

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