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Guiltiest Pleasures of 2012 (So Far)

It’s only February, and already I’m bursting at the seams with guilty pleasures, some new, some old. I can’t contain it any longer, so I’m just going to spew them out all over this post. I mean, delicately list them on this delightful blog with the most fetching of phrases.

#1 – Reflective Gear: Lead Me to the Light!

Yeah. It’s my new thing. Of course, there’s the obvious:

GoGuiltyPleasures slap bracelets are finding happy homes all across the WORLD!

And then the not so obvious (thanks, Babs!):

Because loving Glee and side ponies didn't make me cool enough. Now I can walk Uncle Jesse after work in true style.

#2 – Uncle Jesse‘s Famous Head Tilt: He’s All Bark, No Bite!

This one really needs no introduction. (Advance apologies for my ‘puppy voice.’) And yes, the whole family loves The Office.

#3 – Mac Photo Booth Application: So Wrong, It’s Right!

I am truly ashamed of the level of vanity my Mac Photo Booth application inspires (yes, these pictures are all linked to actual blog posts of mine…sigh).

It makes me want to show off my waterproof mascara...
...And let's not forget my very first romance novel cover...
...I've toasted to myself...
...And I've shamelessly embraced being a bottled blonde.

#4 – Real Haircuts: Why, I Just Might.

My vanity knows no bounds. After taking Uncle Jesse for a routine (and costly!) visit to the groomer’s last week, I decided that the time had come to stop cutting and dying my own hair. Hallelujah!

Why should he be the only one who looks touchably soft?

Oh crud. Is it still long enough for a side pony?

#5 – Hats: Rocking Them Day and Night!

This is a vintage guilty pleasure for me, and this past weekend, I started recruiting a whole new generation.

My niece has my eye for fashion. She picked out my sunglasses. I told her they were perfect for hiding my hangover. (Kidding, Sis. ...Just...kidding...)

 What’s your guiltiest pleasure of 2012 (so far)? If you’re feeling shy: how much do you love my new haircut?

38 thoughts on “Guiltiest Pleasures of 2012 (So Far)”

    1. I buy them, Thoughtsy, and then never wear them! I think we should have a hat slash blogger slash flavored vodka convention and set our inhibitions aside.

  1. I’ve never seen Uncle Jesse look more fluffy/huggable/handsome. Those $$$$ appointments may just be worth it! And then you…whoa. Love the new do.

  2. What a hoot! You make an awesome romance heroine, Jules. And the giggles I had when reading your intent to get your hair done because “Why should he be the only one who looks touchably soft? You are a delightfully evil woman. =)

  3. You are very sleek now. Sleeker than before but I hardly recognised you without you telling me you were you cos there wasn’t a side-pony.

    Your dayglow/nightlight vest is cute but would get more attention without the clothes underneath. I’m thinking the boys of the neighborhood may even ask if they could walk Uncle Jesse for you — or move furniture — or unplug a sink.

  4. Even if you hadn’t asked about the haircut, I was going to say it looks fabulous! (Much like my hair might look, if I decide to cut it ever again? Hmm! Oh, and “fabulous,” that is. Not blonde. I tried that in middle school and it was all guilt, no pleasure.)

    My guilty pleasure continues to be Us Weekly. Why do I read that crud? I have no idea, but I LOVE IT. Once a month or so, I buy that and I fall asleep snuggling it close to me, wondering how I can not care and adore so much all at the same time.

    1. We must discuss in more detail later. Us Weekly rules. I love the pictures at the beginning, just like in People. Like the “Star Watch” or “Out and About” sections or whatever they’re called. When I’m waiting in line at the grocery store, that’s exactly what I go for.

    1. That’s funny, because I do feel especially oomphy! Thank you! 😉

      I would like to hear about this steak in much more detail. Next time, will you take pictures, too?

  5. I’m not feeling shy, but I am lovin’ the new haircut–beautiful! My hair is currently so long I am almost ready to chop it all off again just to lose an instant 10 pounds.

    And, oh my god, I forgot about that fabulous romance cover picture of you! I could have used that for my heart-stopping Valentine’s post, dammit!

    1. I was at the end of my side pony, er, rope, with my hair! I’ve been thinking about getting a real cut for YEARS. Of course, ever since Sunday (at the salon), I haven’t been able to get it to look like that again… LOL

      That Valentine’s post was perfection, just as it was!

  6. Guilty Pleasure? Teen Mom. I’m not gonna lie, those tiny teenage mamas make me feel WORLDS better about myself. I often watch the show with my toddler…while we eat pixie sticks… and skip bedtime.

    1. I love the nature of this guilty pleasure! It’s the same reason I like watching Hoarders and Intervention, even though I’m pretty sure they’re trying to make me feel depressed and not enabled.

  7. Hey, I think I read that romance novel! What was it like when Dirk Bryce, (the actual Marquis of Lengingham, who was hit over the head, sold into bondage and shipped to the colonies by his evil cousin who wanted to inherit the title, where you purchased him at an auction in Georgia to help out on your failing plantation because your father, the frail and gentle scholar, has no head for business and the tobacco crop died this year), clasped your heaving bosom to his rock-hard chest?

    1. Well, Peg, it was green lights and all rights until Dirk whipped out his hand-rolled Lenginghamian cigarettes and started smoking them right in front of my father. I don’t how the cigarettes survived the trip in steerage, nor how Dirk hasn’t begun to suspect foul play, but my father was none too pleased. I distracted him by showing him the projected book sales numbers, but I had to explain with stick figures made from tobacco plants. In the end, I began to question if getting to rub coconut-scented oil on Dirk’s rock hard abs was worth it.

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