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What Lent Means to Me

Why, it means a favorite guilty pleasure is back (the song, not the sandwich)!

Happy Friday!!!

If you think this post is lame, did you ever consider that I’m busy saving the world preparing my 1-year anniversary post for Feb. 26th?

What’s the hardest thing (food, habit, etc.) you’ve ever had to give up? If you would like me to start eating/doing more of that thing on your behalf during these times of deprivation (for you), please let me know. I live to serve.

24 thoughts on “What Lent Means to Me”

  1. I did not grow up to recognize Lent, but now that I understand it, I love the opportunity it brings to shed light on areas that are holding me back in life’s journey. Things like overindulgence, unforgiveness, a hard heart, etc. etc.

    Enjoy the weekend, friend! Looking forward to your anniversary post!

  2. I’m attempting to give up coke and eating out. However, both with the caveat that if someone pays for it, its fine.

    Its not been going well considering that I asked a friend to lunch today, luckily she said no!

    1. Oh thank goodness there’s a caveat. I was starting to wonder if I was all alone in this warm, fuzzy (…chocolate and meat-filled…), guilty pleasure world.

  3. I’ve tried many times to give up eating delicious, fattening foods. But like a beautiful siren song, those bitches always pull me back in to their yummy clutches. And I have a big fat ass to show for it. Drats!!

  4. LMAO! Love this post. Love the fish! Love the Sumo guy! 🙂

    I have been craving a Filet-O-Fish for years but since I don’t eat that garbage (haven’t in years) it looks like I’m gonna have to keep on craving.

  5. I don’t drink a ton of coffee, but I am utterly addicted to it. Headache, fogginess, everyone else becomes a jerk and an idiot… I don’t actually want to quit, but I thought I should just to know I was able.

    I’m not able.

  6. Like The Bryonic Man, I drink a ton of coffee. I gave it up–once–until my family shoved cups of the mood stabilizer in my direction. I had lasted 4 hours, and I consider the experiment a success. My family now knows better than to stand between me and the coffee pot.

  7. I gave up cheese once and it was the devil. My boss (a devout Catholic) asked me if I thought it was as hard as carrying the cross to Calvary. I told him to get real.

    Anyhoo, I do dog rescue, so this year a light-bulb came on and I was like, “I’m not giving up crap for lent! I give up my life every day for dogs & cats. I’m living lent!” So I’m soaking up the cheese, chocolate, salt, sweets, bread, bacon, and liquor like there’s no tomorrow. And I think I’ll have a filet-o-fish value meal for lunch, now that you mention it.

    1. Nooooo not the cheese! After booze, I think that would be the next thing that would make me cry to give up. That’s hilarious about your boss, and your reply was perfect!

      I’m totally with you – you’re living lent! That is really cool to hear that you do dog rescue; my best friend volunteers for a no-kill shelter (11th Hour Rescue) here in NJ. We’re both really passionate about animal welfare. I actually interviewed her for a guest post on another blog last year (about the shelter)!

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