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My Surprise Collector’s Item – It’s Terrifying!

Whilst preparing an exciting upcoming post (oooh wouldn’t you like to know?), I stumbled across a favorite book on Amazon:

The Pop-up Book of Phobias

It's what bacon is to breakfast, what Neil Patrick Harris is to TV, and what you need in your library.

I own this book. I love this book. My first job was at an independent book store, and when I got wind of this bad boy in 1999, I had to have it. I may have even paid full price: $24.95.


New copies on Amazon start at $143.36. Hot diggity! While this surprised me, it’s probably only because I never thought about it. Of course this book is costly, if it’s in short supply. Sometimes the world makes sense.

It’s the best coffee table book ever made. Just look:

Get that drill out of my face, you g.d. sadist! Dentophobia.


I saw Buried. No thank you. Not even with you, Ryan Reynolds. Necrophobia.
I'm not really afraid of heights, but even my knees are wobbling with this one. Acrophobia.
Er, um, the three agencies of government I would like to eliminate are, ahhhh, um...STOP STARING AT ME LIKE THAT!!! Glossophobia.
Ah, everyone's favorite fear. Claustrophobia.

If you’re not busy calling your therapist right now, you can see even more heart-stopping pop-ups by getting this book used for a good price! Don’t make me say “I told you so” in another 13 years.

Do you have any irrational fears? (Reactions to my last post suggest a strong aversion to sloths.)

Here's mine. Creepy crawlies. Eeeeesh.

 Photo credit disclaimer: While I took these photos, I do not own the content of this book, which was created and written by Gary Greenberg, illustrated by Balvis Rubess, pop-ups by Matthew Reinhart, published by Rob Weisback Books, and produced by Melcher Media, Inc.