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Long Island: Short on Good Drivers, Long on, um, Land

Chipmunks! I’m back from Long Island!

I feel less than chipmunky for putting up a new post before even responding to your kind comments and well wishes from my last post, but, psst

…I have something in the works for later this week, and it requires me to get to my ‘200th blog post,’ which means putting up three more posts before the end of the week.

Wait. That came out wrong. I just really wanted to share some highlights from my extended anniversary weekend (truly extended – we decided to stay an extra night and just got back today!) in Long Island.

We were fortunate enough to stay in a family-owned summer home, for free, alone.  It’s the same house my dad spent every summer in as a kid, and where my paternal grandparents lived full-time later in life, so it was a booze-filled terrific walk down memory lane.

I had a wonderful time, but I missed you so much that I kept seeing mustaches everywhere:

I had big plans for this chair. Then I just got drunk.

And I finally had that lobster roll I’d been coveting ever since Rachel’s Table‘s husband ate one while wearing a slap bracelet:

I also had the opportunity to reenact a tragic moment from my childhood – when my sister got clocked in the head by a mini golf club. Let’s just say my brother had an overzealous swing.

This would have been a better reenactment if we had had fake blood. A LOT of fake blood.

Oh and there was this – bonus points if you know who I’m impersonating:

I’ll give you a hint: WHOA.

Also? Lest you think I said I had gone drinkin’ in vain…

Day 1.
Day 2.
Day 3.

Oh my gawd. I almost forgot. Peppermeister (Husband #1) didn’t want me to say that he likes to take ‘arty’ pictures, so, um, I made this collage instead:

Speaking of not arty pictures, Uncle Jesse wants you to know he also had a great time:

Have you had any memorable (and/or guilty pleasure-ful) trips or experiences so far this summer?

P.S. – If you’re wondering about the title of this post, I don’t want to talk about it.

Let’s just say we found this secret garden and it’s full of secrets.

85 thoughts on “Long Island: Short on Good Drivers, Long on, um, Land”

  1. Yay! You’re back. I missed you. Hope you had a super fab time. You deserved it!

    I never doubted that your vacation would be full of wonderful drinking. I mean fun times. Good for you. and I love the pic of Uncle Jesse leaping in the sand with your toes in the foreground. That is a GREAT shot!

    And damnit. Now I want a lobstah roll! :p

    1. Misty! I missed YOU! But dang, was it good to drink, I mean, get away.

      That picture of Uncle Jesse is my favorite shot from the whole vacation. And a photography compliment from you is the real deal – THANK YOU! 🙂

      And did you hear? We’re all crashing Darla’s place for lobstah and beer (I seriously dream about that)!

  2. Wow, you packed a lot of humorous photo ops (and booze) into those few days. I’m impressed! I feel like you should go on more fab vacations so that we can live vicariously through them. Also, more pics of Uncle Jesse, please! He’s the best. Glad you had such a fab time with the hubs. You look so relaxed and happy (except for the mini-golf clock to the head. That just looks painful). I think you’re still on holiday from work?! If so, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! xxxx

    1. Rian! You have no idea the monster you’re feeding by encouraging me to post more pictures of Uncle Jesse.

      I am not kidding when I say I took 150+ photos of him this weekend.

      It’s sick. Imagine how many I would have taken if I didn’t constantly have my hands full of booze?

  3. I’m still in the process of writing about my Copenwarvilnirigtallisinki trip, but I sure as hecks didn’t get champagne as often as you did here! Congrats on the anniversary!
    And for finding so many moustaches.

    1. Uncle Jesse says you should ask Peppermeister, because he’s scared to. Because Peppermeister is still filled with rage. Road rage. (Although I think in New Jersey we just call that ‘driving.’)

  4. Doesn’t look like you drank enough on your vakay… i hope you’re catching up now before the big 200 partay… will there be a party? i like parties. i’ll bring ice cream.

  5. Cool, I grew up on Long Island, St. James area, North Shore about in the middle. I’m happy not living there anymore, too many people, too much traffic, but I do have fond memories and I definitely miss the ocean and the salt water. Glad you had fun. In addition to your lobster rolls and booze, hopefully you indulged in a good bagel. That’s about the only area that you can find them where they are cooked “perfectly”!!

    1. It really is incredibly beautiful – I bet you have some fantastic memories!

      Ohhhh bagels. Is there anything more beautiful? Then again, we did bring the most amazing Trader Joe’s chocolate croissants for breakfast (they’re frozen and you leave them out overnight to rise, then bake them in the morning. Seeing is believing. They’re incredible). Now I’ll just have to go back next summer. For bagels. (Fortunately they do ’em up pretty good here in dirty Jersey, too!)

  6. First – your vacation photos are super lovely, thank you for sharing them 🙂 Second – it’s actually sort of funny but both my bf and I haven’t been on vacation since way back when we were both with horrible horrible people who are now distance exes, so… it’s been a very long time 😉 but I try to make most of my spare time guilty pleasures sooooo I haven’t been feeling too bad about the lack of vacations, we get out of town (to visit family, whee! but it’s still getting out of town) and I try not to work too hard 😉 so it all balances out, we’ll go on a real vacation one of these days, it will be splendid. I’m curious to see what these 200th post plans are 🙂

    1. You’re very kind to thank me for sharing these pictures, as if anything could stop me 😉

      You are DEFINITELY a kindred spirit! We haven’t been able to afford to go away since we got our house three years ago, so we indulge in guilty pleasures around the home front. Finding out we could go away for ‘free’ this summer was pretty exciting!

      I can’t wait to hear where you wind up going when you do plan your next trip! And ooooh get ready for Post #200! First I need to figure out what the heck I’m doing for Posts #198 and #199. Oops.

  7. Jules, thankfully I learned how to drive in Michigan, because I couldn’t agree with you more! No one knows how to drive here, especially those confusing turn signal thingies…

    Sounds like you had a great anniversary, but it’s good to see you back! Oh, and I know I owe you some pictures, but it might take a few days. Still catching up from vacation, although my daughter is sleeping in her bracelet. Yes, sleeping in it! 🙂

    1. Are you still feeling your Freshly Pressed afterglow?? I was SO excited when I saw you up there!

      And re: driving – it’s SO true! Sometimes I’m grateful I was raised in New Jersey just because I feel like I can handle anything – rude people and bad drivers being at the top of the list.

      It’s hard to think of you owing me ANY pictures after that amazing post! Although a picture of your daughter sleeping in her slap bracelet sounds pretty spectacular, LOL

    1. The original title of this post ended in “long on lobster”! (But then I thought, “Well. That’s not funny at all.”)

      I never really ‘got’ the lobster obsession (crab is my fav) until I had it in a fancy seafood salad this past weekend at a place called Dockers Waterside in East Quogue/Southampton (those artsy pics! The place was stunning). It was so tender and delicious and when are we all meeting at Darla’s again?

  8. welcome back! I envy you 😛 every muscle of my body wants to go on a relaxing getaway, I am flying tomorrow but it’s more of a stressful vacation than anything..
    Is it donald trump you are imitating? 😛
    Ps just noticed that you’ve got such an amazing smile!! 😀

    1. Oh Ashley, I so needed this amount of booze, I mean, this trip. I don’t know if I’ve ever been as stressed out as I was before we got there!

      And you reminded me I TOTALLY can do a Donald Trump impersonation, HA! That is a great guess. But I’m doing Joey Lawrence from his “Blossom” days in that pic, his catchphrase on the show was “WHOA” (and I’m doing that because the realtor’s name on the sign is Joe Lawrence). Peppermeister and I have this ongoing joke because I can do the perfect “WHOA” and he can’t. But I must admit he’s improving.

      Thank you so much! 🙂

  9. Welcome back! Between you and Angie being gone, I’ve been lost.

    I know what your title means all too well. My brother lived in Riverhead. We’d drive down to Conn, then take the ferry over to see him. Once we were on Long Island we noticed that everyone seems to drive like they think they’re in the Daytona 500.

    Loved all the pictures, you guys look so happy. The one of Uncle Jesse is AMAZING. and in the second photo down, he actually looks like Uncle Jesse complete with the John Stamos mullet!

    Glad you and the hubs had such a great time.

    1. D Pants! I missed you. Have you noticed how many times I’ve said in the past few weeks [all across the blogosphere] that we’re all crashing your place for lobstah and beer? Ever since you brought it up on B’s blog. I can’t imagine a more fun place to have a bloggy bash. Hmm. What’s the hotel sitch by you? (Um. Yes. I might be inviting me and 40 of our closest bloggy friends to Maine.)

      The most baffling thing about the driving was that NO ONE used the left lane for passing; in fact, most of the time the slowest drivers were in the left lane, and there was NO WAY to pass anyone. It’s a good thing Peppermeister doesn’t own a gun.

        1. Katy! I actually talked to Darla about a bloggy party. I think if we all committed to a time next summer, we could REALLY make it happen… Darla…Maine… lobstah…beer….

          I would bag BlogHer ’13 in a heartbeat to do this instead.

          1. I’m IN!! Let’s bag BlogHer and go to Maine! We can have our own rad blogging “convention.” Hell, as long as there is alcohol (and lobstah) and a bunch of cool peeps to talk to, I call that a win! Screw Chicago. Let’s plan this thing!! Woo-hoo.

  10. Welcome back! Hm, I was hoping you’d explain the title more but…oh well. Glad you were able to get your drink on and post pics for your bloggers. (Haha, the chair was awesome.) 😀

    1. Lilykins! For you? Anything. The title of this post was mostly in reference to our horrific drive home. NO ONE used the left lane for passing (they just used it like a regular lane, driving BELOW the speed limit and keeping others from passing), and people just kept drifting into other lanes – we almost got hit at least twice from people doing that. I think I lost about 10 years of my life during the measly 3-hour drive home. I can’t even tell you the things Peppermeister was shouting out the window.

      1. Aw no! I can imagine what he shouted out the window. 😉 People do suck at driving, I think that’s why I’m afraid to drive on big roads! (Big roads = more idiots than usual) I’m glad you made it back in one piece! And 3 hours, ahhh that seems soooo long. We get to our part of Long Island in 1-1.5 hours. That’s all I can stand in a car!

    1. Oh speaker. I should have known you’d be the first person to really get it.

      Also, you’ve now joined the ranks with Angie as bloggy women I love and dream about. I dreamt last night we met at a blogging conference and you told me your real first name. It was Lori, like my sister.

      Okay. So maybe I’m a little obsessed with finding out the woman behind speaker7 and her Shades brilliance. If that makes you uncomfortable, I’m sorry.

      P.S. – I’m not sorry.

  11. Joe(y) Lawrence. The mini golf catastrophe. And stretches of empty beach. Looks like you found lots to do/drink even with some bad weather. The clocks say sometime close to …was that noon or midnight? Yeah, probably noon.
    And now, after the Belt Parkway and Southern State, you know why I HATE going out there.

    1. Babs – we had that whole part of the bay to ourselves our last night – during the sunset! It was awesome. And the first day (Friday) when it rained, we just sat around drinking and talking, so even that was fun. It was awesome to NOT have cable or internet or a house to clean because then I didn’t feel like I ‘should’ be doing something else. I have to send them a thank you.

      I really thought Peppermeister was going to kill someone. Me, at times.

  12. Looks like an awesome trip! Man, you would definitely be a lot of fun to get drunk with! I am so glad you had a nice getaway with your husband! I love the reenactment of the mini golf slaughter… erm… accident. It looks like the real thing was definitely super painful.

      1. Probably have to be somewhere half way because hitting up Maine probably isn’t on the top of your list. Though the weather is pretty amazing this time of year!

        1. Ooooh Cassy you should see how many times I talked about going to Maine in these comments!! I want to stalk Darla from She’s a Maineiac. She totally invited us all for lobstah and beer – did you hear??

          I LOVE Maine.

          1. Gosh darn it. I am slacking reading comments! The lobstah here is pretty freaking incredible. So yeah you definitely should just come to Maine then! Less scary than Long Island Drivers.

            1. LOL Oh please, I haven’t even RESPONDED to comments from my last post! They should put me in bloggy jail until I do. Although I’m excited to be reading other blogs right now.

              I so want to come up there for lobster, and this IS the perfect time of year… I really think I’m going to plan a bloggy party in Maine next year. Darla said we can all stay at her place. 😉

              1. That would definitely be a blast. Maine is a great place for partying just because you have lovely seclusion without people threatening you with canes and beautiful views all at the same time!

                And good thing there isn’t a bloggy jail… I would be in deep trouble. I’ve gone a couple weeks without responding to people but still blog at the same time… so I look even more like a horrible person… oops.

  13. Went to Vancouver for a Bachelorette this weekend – included lots and lots of different kinds of alcohol, a Shirtless (and temporarily pants less) Poker deal, and the Cops. That last part wasn’t planned.

  14. Congrats on an awesome anniversary!! I had my anniversary recently too in Sedona, AZ. We live in Albuquerque, NM, and drove out there for the weekend. While I didn’t have a beach, it was nice to get out! The rocks of Sedona are incredibly red and yes, I too had “gone drinkin'” LOL.

    We got to go to Maynard James Keenan’s (band member of Tool) winery in Jerome, Arizona too, which was truly an amazing experience. The whole town of Jerome, AZ is only ecompassed on a giant platau and cliff. The city can’t expand anymore from the ten buildings it has because there is no more room on the top of the cliff. This is where the tasting room is, pretty spectacular.

    It had been a while since we got to go on a vacation too because we both have been trying to get through grad school the last two years. 😛 I am glad you could enjoy your special day with your hubby!!!!!! Secret Gardens too? Sounds awesome!

  15. Love the photos! It looks like it was an incredible getaway for you guys! Very romantic, beachy, and boozy – what more could a girl ask for?

  16. What could be more delicious, a giant pint of anything + a cup o’dog + tinch of lobster and a heaping helping of secret garden. Sounds like a recipe for a pretty ‘well done’ vacation. I’m practicing being more domestic this week, hence all the cooking double-entendre’s. I should go make a snack.

    1. Honestly, Debbie? I keep trying to find a champagne I like better than Korbel and it’s just not happening. I love it.

      I’ve said it before, but I really think I need to change my blog tag line to “beer taste on a beer budget.”

  17. That reenactment picture is the best! Also, speaking of “the best,” this happened to be the top post on your blog when I introduced Ba.D. to it last night. It was the perfect introduction. 🙂

  18. Day 1…wait until after noon.
    Day 2…can’t wait 2 more minutes.
    Day 3…is that the sun coming up behind you?

    Sounds like a fab vacation. Can’t wait for the parades and clowns to be cycling through this blog on the occasion of your 200th post!

  19. I’m totally planning my next vacation with you. FORTUNATELY, the only vacation I get this year is my eye surgery….soooooo…I can sport an eye patch and you can sport the cool mustache glasses and we can rock ourselves a night on the town. 🙂

    1. Niiice. Good luck with the eye surgery! I had LASIK surgery about 6-7 years ago and it really was a breeze, so I hope your surgery is as painless.

      Also? Eye patches rule. Second Husband rocked a heart eye patch on the “Glee” Valentine’s Day episode whilst singing “Love Shack,” and if that bit of trivia made you cringe, you mayyyy want to rethink our vacation plans 😉

  20. It looks like you were having a blast – by day 3 you look like you’re naked. Jus’ sayin’.

    I’m heading to Montauk for a long weekend in Sept. I hope my trip goes as well as yours did! 🙂

    How cute is Uncle Jesse! Love!

  21. That looks like a good anniversary break and positively posh looking jet set from where we live.However we have been taking trips down to fabulously named River Otter,just outside Exeter, Devon. We picnic on the banks, catch fish in a net,climb trees and watch the Royal Navy Marine Commando Special Boat Squadron,come hammering up the river and drop camouflaged armed maniacs into the river as they go. True story! One minute I’m eating a tuna roll and sucking on a beer, the next minute a helicopter comes down the river valley at about 30 feet off the ground and men in black gear, flippers, holding machine guns are dropping into the water near where we are! We’ve been three times this summer, the other two weren’t as exciting, though I did fallout of tree leaning over the water trying to rescue an old lady’s plastic shoe that had got away from her! Happy days by the river – positively Wind In The Willows here! Next week ‘the wild wood’ picnic is on!

  22. Great pictures dearie! Especially the ones of uncle jessie. I love how money you look with your little white jacket in the artsy photos 😀 Such a proper lady!
    Your vacation sounds amazing. I’ve only had really one vacation so far and it was a trip up island with 3 girlfriends where we stayed in a town house near the beach. I don’t think we had anything other than the usual shenanigans. Many years ago though i went on a trip to a cabin with my nana and sister and the key was forgotten, we stayed at a strangers house, got locked out of a car and had to break the cabin window with an axe all in one weekend. I think i used up all of my vacation stories on that one trip lol. Glad you had a good time off. Looking very much forward to your 200th post!

  23. I haven’t had my summer vacation yet, T-minus one week! Looks like you had a wonderful time I especially like the bubbly shots and your lil dog is so cute. I have a 70lb weimaraner that thinks he’s cute and a lap dog, an identity crisis for sure! I totally got the impression of Whoa and that’s before reading the name on the sign… lol, I loved that show, I wore overalls and big boots just like Blossom and am not at all embarrassed to share that 😉

    1. Oooh I’m so excited you have a vacation coming up! Have you packed your overalls and big boots yet? (The fact that you got the ‘whoa’ impression before seeing the name makes you my hero.)

      Do you have any pictures of your dog on the interwebz? I’d love to see some!

  24. Guess who’s trying to catch up on month-old blog reading today? Me! I’m loving the collage of arty photos. Truly, there are not enough arty photos in this world, so you should thank Husband #1 for keeping the inventory levels up. They’re gorgeous (and so are you!)

    1. Dana! Thank you so much! And please. I should be booted from WordPress for how behind I am on blog reading. I hope all is well (and by well I mean vodka and chocolate-filled).

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