Slap Bracelets, Summer is Hot, Wipe the Drool

Summer Is Hot and So Are You – Issue #1

I mentioned recently that I was so inundated with your awesomeness that I was planning to install a weekly feature for the rest of the summer.

Much like when I mentioned bringing back slap bracelets in my very first video blog, I am following through on my word.  This time, I expect it’ll be cheaper easier just as great.

Because you’ve done all the heavy lifting. So enough of me. Onto you.

In our inaugural issue, we’re going to once again prove that sexy sells. It’s all about the ladies today!

Editor’s Note: Your favorite blogger (ahem) did an ongoing slap bracelet giveaway this year, but the bracelets feature my old blog name, “GoGuiltyPleasures!”. For a full listing of all Slap Bracelet pictures and posts, please see my Slap Bracelets page.

Cover Story – Rachel from Rachel’s Table!

If you thought I was lying when I said this series was “hot,” consider this picture my blowing a raspberry at you.

Rache is totally smart, talented, stunning, and funny, and could have any blogger she wants as a friend. Yet one of the highlights of my bloggy life was finding out Rache had mentioned me on another blog as a blogger she would really like to be friends with. I told her this made up for all the years of sitting at The Geek Table at lunch. Now I’m at RACHEL’S TABLE, ya’ll!

Rache’s blog focuses on natural, locally grown food, which is a plus on its own, but her unpretentious and humorous attitude make reading her blog heaven on earth. You’ll get a lot more out of it than [delicious!] recipes, I promise.

As if that wasn’t enough? This summer, she took her slap bracelets on vacation, and, well, you just need to see this for yourself. Rache’s slap bracelets crashed a wedding! Even I couldn’t pull that off!

That’s Rache. On the right. Wait’ll you see what she accomplished at that wedding.

Things started off harmlessly enough on Rache’s vacation, in Plymouth, Massachusetts…

Then it was onto the beaches of Cape Cod…

Bookmarks! Gah! The cross-promotional possibilities! If I had but known…
I am in love with this picture.

And while seeing the sights is all well and good, I started to wonder if Rache really knew me. But then…

Rache’s hub enjoying a lobster roll. A lobster roll that I should be enjoying. A lobster roll that I’ve been obsessing over ever since I saw this picture.
Rache knew a drive-in movie theater viewing of “Brave” needed enhancement. As I told her, I have this exact ‘single serving wine juice box’ in my refrigerator at all times (duh).
That’a girl.

And now, onto the wedding extraordinaire…

I can honestly say this makes me all farklempt.

Rache told me the groom looked like Run-DMC’s son, Diggy (she was worried I wouldn’t ‘get’ that, hahaha…Please), which is why she took this picture:

And then the kicker, Rache actually accosted the bride and groom (he’s totally Diggy, right?!) to take this next picture! Yes. Yes, you should be giving her a standing ovation right now.

You are an inspiration to us all, Rache!

Featured Article – Angie Z. from Childhood Relived!

In today’s featured article, I’d like to point you towards another gorgeous, slap braceleted lady, Angie Z., who didn’t get nearly the attention she deserved in her original unveiling (I’m thinking a Ladies in Slap Bracelets 2013 calendar might be in order this holiday season, no?).

If people don’t understand why I love Angie and her blog so much, all they need do is read this slap bracelet letter and see the accompanying photos, which take us back to a simpler time, when slap bracelets weren’t yet shanks.

Dear Jules,

I received my snap bracelets in the mail and couldn’t be happier.  They are everything I ever wanted in vinyl wrist accessories.

In fact, what I would’ve given to have them years ago.  (I could’ve been the coolest girl in high school.)  What I would’ve given to have them in the summer of ’93, just in time for my senior year photo shoot.

Can you believe we’re seniors?  It’s gone so fast!

After giving it some thought, I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands — quite literally.  Because who says you can’t reinvent the past?

That’s right — with my very own snap bracelets, I decided to recreate my senior pictures.  I happen to have some of my old clothes even — the early ’90s certainly paved the way in high fashion.  I think you’ll agree that we gave up the hair bump far too soon.

I’ll always remember the homecoming party at T-Bone’s house when we karaoked to Ace of Base.  I’ll always remember how you proposed marriage to Mark Calderon from Color Me Badd.  I’ll always remember how we ruled the school in our band uniforms.  My memory is a little fuzzy on that last one.

Stay cool, never change, and never stop wearing your velvet choker,


P.S.  Why does my old letter jacket stink like Cool Ranch Doritos?

Angie, I still dream about you.

That Fun and Quirky Last Page of Every Magazine – Lady-Blogger Contest Shenanigans


Peg would do anything for me, I mean, you, and you won’t even enter her contest? I guess I was wrong about you.

Win some bloggy loving over on Peg’s blog by coming up with a sales pitch for a fascinating, glowing piece of hardware. (You have to see it to believe it.) DEADLINE: 1PM EST, FRIDAY, JULY 27th.

k8edid: 7 Deadly Sins Series Writing Contest 

Katy’s [slap-braceleted] pooch, Shelby, wants you to enter, too. Don’t make Shelby cry.
Katy runs an ongoing “7 Deadly Sins” writing contest, which supports charity and writing and you and other awesome things. I am entering the current round (“Lust”), though I should have stopped while I was ahead…at “Gluttony.”  The Deadline for “Lust” entries is MIDNIGHT (12am EST), SATURDAY, JULY 28th.

She’s a Maineiac: Get Your Lobster Lollipop Here Contest!

Darla (my favorite Maine-iac) does me soooo proud.

To celebrate two years of blogging, Darla’s offering some FABULOUS Maine-themed goodies. All you have to do is sell your soul tell your most embarrassing childhood stories! I’m sure you don’t have any of those! Yeah! Me either! DEADLINE: NOON (12pm EST), MONDAY, JULY 30th.

Back Cover

Stay tuned for Summer is Hot and So Are You Issue #2 hitting newsstands WordPress Readers (ha ha, no.) inboxes next week! I don’t know exactly what that means yet, but not because you’re not HOT, but because there’s SO MUCH OF YOUR HOTNESS to pick from! Wooo!

Please shower these lovely ladies with attention and compliments in the comments section below, and/or let us all know what else we should be checking out in the blogosphere! I know you will, because you’re amazing like that.

Wow. I never knew I could love you like this.

79 thoughts on “Summer Is Hot and So Are You – Issue #1”

  1. This is a great idea! I think it is hilarious how incorporated the bracelets were at the wedding! It’s nice to see people not so uptight about things, you can truly tell they are enjoying themselves and will be happy together. Where did Run’s House go? That was a fantastic reality show no? Better then Bachelor pad or some weird stuff out there. Thanks for the lovely post! I will be checking out the contests!

    1. Aren’t those wedding pictures amazing?! I can’t even express in words my reaction when Rache sent these pictures. I mean, I knew she was good, but this…yeah. Speechless!

      I did like watching Run’s House, LOL He’s pretty darn charismatic! I think his daughters had a spin-off show for a while?

      And thank you so much – I can’t wait to do the August mustache glasses giveaway 🙂

    1. Unfortunately I can’t comment much now, but I had to tell you I just Merriam-Webster’d “inaugural” because I got paranoid I misused it.

      And yes. I’m on so often that I’ve made a verb out of it.

      …That was a verb, right?

    1. Hee hee hee You have no idea how excited I was to put that picture up, Katy.

      Also? I think I’ve finally accepted what my Lust entry will be. Of course, it was the first thing I wrote. Of course!

    1. The modeling possibilities for Angie are endless, I think, especially as I am seriously considering that Ladies in Slap Bracelets 2013 calendar… Wait. Does that make it sound like bondage (feel free to consult Hugo on this)?

  2. Oh my gawd, I’m in love with this post. You really do rule the school, Jules! What amazing ladies! I can’t believe my hair is that big.

    Oh, DarDar. Peg. I love these women.

    I don’t like to try to lure readers to my own blog…BUT how very special that Rachel is looking so sexy here AND on my blog at this very moment in my Dynomite! School Photo Edition. A must see.

    I love you, Jules. You’re the wind beneath my Pegasus wings.

    1. I love these women, too, Ang!!! If I could, I would re-post your pictures here every day. Every. Day.

      Oh, and I sent Girl on the Contrary to you yesterday and she is completely in love with you now, too. I expect you’ll appear in her dreams shortly.

      1. Really? Girl on the Contrary has an amazing blog! Aw, shucks. I just throw on a letter jacket and crap on a page and I get this much love? You’re all too good to me.

          1. Geewillickers! You are so kind, Jules! You’re like my publicist who doesn’t get paid…you’re awesome…and yet unpaid…did you see the origami fortune teller I gave away? Do you want one?

            As beautiful as your words are to me, the best part of that comment exchange was reading B Man’s comment about Screech that is identical to the comment he left me on my SBTB post last week. Aw, isn’t he adorable? Out sweet little B Man waiting so long for a SBTB post so he could interject his Screech trivia. He’s probably been waiting all his life for a SBTB post to come along and give him his big comment break — and then — he can’t believe his good luck! Two SBTB posts in a week! Oh, it’s like Christmas in July.

  3. Whoa! This is not what I expected to see this early in the morning. Holy hotness! You know I love you, Jules….but why? Why did you put my makeup-less tired ol’ mug sandwiched between two super hot babes? Thank god I’m wearing those ‘stache glasses for distraction. (I’m kidding, you know I like to kid…thank you for adding me to your bevy of beautiful bloggers–I think it’s spec-tacular. I just used that word over at Angie’s blog. I think I need to go back to sleep now)

    1. What MJ said! This post was almost like a warm and fuzzy overload to put together. Your imitation of my moustachioed ‘smug mug’ is TOP. NOTCH.

      “Spec-tacular.” Ha ha! As in spec-tacles? And how good was Angie’s post yesterday, too?! Good gawd. Epic.

  4. Woo-hoo!!! (That’s me giving a construction worker whistle to the super sexy ladies, in case that didn’t come across in written format).

    I am missing so much in the blog world this week, being on vacay with the fam and all, so thanks for the bloggy update! I’m going to try to catch up soon.

    1. HA! Misty, I wish my whistle was better JUST so I could join you on this.

      I’m soooo behind too, so I’m glad I could help someone catch up, LOL I hope you’ve been having a BLAST!

      And only one more week to go!!!! OMG. SQUEEEEE!

    Except it’s not first thing in the morning anymore, so I guess I’ll survive, but I swear I’ve developed a twitch from this. A HOT twitch. A twitch that needs a lobster roll.

    1. HA HA HA Oh, you are so great. This comment has officially made me laugh on (much) more than one occasion. “A HOT twitch.”

      Yes. Exactly. And where the h-e-double-hockey-sticks are our lobster rolls?!

  6. Jules, Jules, Jules….I LOVE you man! (breaking into big, noisy sobs).

    So much awesomeness in one blog is Un.Be.Lievable. And I still can’t get over Angie in her band uniform – why doesn’t she have a major modeling contract, like being the Breck Girl?

    1. Peggles! Here, use my sleeve! Wait, I’m not wearing sleeves. Never mind, that would be gross.

      I am really, REALLY going to have to do this Ladies in Slap Bracelets 2013 calendar. I just think it would be an insult to the Chipmunk Gods if I didn’t.

  7. Jules! You are too kind.

    Slap bracelets in a magazine format? You’ve outdone yourself! And the wedding photo montage is perfection. I don’t even know why the bride and groom hired a photographer. We clearly captured the spirit of the wedding.

    So many things to like about this post. The ‘stache glasses, the letter jacket, the contests, the “single” serving adult juice box, the word “farklempt.” Oh, and I’m totally in for a slap bracelet calendar.

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we “met” on a blog about friendship. I’m beyond happy that we are at the same table. 🙂

    1. Rachel, please be very careful commenting on Jule’s’sss’ss’ blog (I think I may be off one ‘s’ or maybe an apostrophe, there).

      She has taken me out of context so many times. Oh snap, that’s me taking her out of context. My bad.

      1. Juleses’s blog is too amazing NOT to comment on, so I’ll just have to risk it. Thanks for the warning, though.

        Maybe I’ll have to make my way over to your blog and take YOU out of context..

  8. I wonder what ever happened to my letter jacket? I don’t have it, I know that, but was there a moment I decided to chuck it out? Hm.

    Really terrifically put together post. Nicely done, and featuring some nicely accessorized women.

    1. B, you had a letter jacket? That’s not edgy at all! Or do I not understand letter jackets because I never went to high school? That’s entirely possible.

      And thanks! For this week’s issue I figure I get to focus on hot guy bloggers. Do you know any?


  9. Wow, I’m loving those wedding slap bracelet photos! I just found another one of those bracelets under my couch yesterday. #5 is wearing it now. Love the recreated senior pics too: awesome!

  10. Loving this post with some of my mostest favorite LB’s – Lady Bloggers. Wait till you see my LUST entry for Katy’s blog. OMGosh, it may surprise some of you. ‘nuf said about that. My lips are sealed until I enter it.

  11. Wow, that slap bracelet just went on a pretty fab vacation. I’m jealous! The bride and groom shot is priceless…talk about ballsy. And those letter jacket pics always make me smile. Way to go, girls!

  12. So Diddy!

    Also, you absolutely have the best friends… I may need to pry your slap bracelets from my kids and take them on my two week European cruise. I’m pretty sure those pictures would be worthy of a feature 🙂 Do you have new ones from your new blog name?

  13. Jules, there is so much goodness here. I particularly love Angie’s contributions to bringing back the eighties! And I also love the addition of sausage. However, I do not see any pictures of bacon. And if your goal is sexy, there should be bacon.

    Don’t worry though. I still love it. I’m trying to figure out how to make this post my screensaver. Hey! That should be your next giveaway! Screensavers made by Jules! Bonus points if you include the picture of B-man in drag…

    1. You are tempting me beyond control to answer ‘yes’ to all, but really all you have to do is send me your address ( and I would LOVE to send you one! 🙂

  14. Rache’s drive-in…if that’s Cape Cod it’s the Wellfleet Drive-In – many many memories there…..

  15. I didn’t realize the many creative and useful functions of the slap bracelet. I am so-o-o envious. Congratulations to these ladies. Because of your generosity, they now stand out in the crowd. Woo-hoo!

  16. Funny lady. You have excellent, unparalleled and superlative (enough adjectives already?) taste in lady bloggers – I know this for sure because you have also visited my blog 🙂
    I will be hitting up the ones I have not already hit up 🙂

  17. Um, those recreations of Angie’s prom shots were GOLDEN! I was wondering why on earth she had poofy hair up to *there*, but everything makes so much sense now. Look at all the good your slap bracelets have brought to the world, Jules! (Wedding photos, even! OMG!):)

    1. Can’t you say with all fairness they’re the greatest thing you’ve ever seen besides Second Husband, Darren Criss? LOL I bow to her.

      Wait. Do you not have a slap bracelet?! You know I still have some, right?! I actually just sent out 5 more today!

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