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For the Woman Behind “Jules”


Well, apparently if you were born in either July or October, I like you. Have you ever noticed that? A plethora of birthdays in any given month? If not, did you notice I just used the word plethora? You probably did, because it sticks out like a sore thumb. It’s like a lot got all dressed up for a dinner party, and since it didn’t know anyone, it bought a really fancy bottle of wine from the Hamptons so it could make conversation brag about its summer home.

Anyway. My point is that you’ve already seen a post about my bloggy BFF’s birthday this month, and now today is my real-life BFF’s birthday (next up: First Husband’s birthday on Sunday! Told you).

I’ve mentioned Jenn several times before, and you’ll hear from her directly soon. She has finally succumbed to many months of what I like to call WordPressuring, and will guest post right here on Go Jules Go next week. You won’t want to miss it, and now that I’ve put it in writing, she can’t get out of it.

Happy birthday, Jenn!

I think of myself as her everything.

There’s so much I want to tell you about our 12 year-longstrong friendship. Jenn once said in a brilliant piece of writing, “Of all the reference sections in the world, Jules had to walk into mine.”

I’m pretty sure my life didn’t begin until I met Jenn, when she came to work alongside me at a little, independent bookstore in northern New Jersey. She was older, wiser, fiercely smart, hilarious and musically gifted. I was 18 and worshipped her instantly.

I could tell you more about those scandalous memoir-inspiring early days, or about the time we almost died, on a road trip lost in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

“Squeal like a pig!” Jenn quoted Deliverance, laughing, as we wound through the middle of no where, right before her new Honda Civic hung off the edge of a cliff.

Savannah, circa 2002. Five days from near death.

But then I thought of something. Something small, but maybe really big, too.

Jenn is the reason you call me Jules.

Eleven years ago, her wonderful boyfriend (now husband) started calling me Jules, as if it would have been unnatural not to. It’s not an unusual nickname for Julie, of course, but before then, only a stray gym teacher or soccer coach ever used it. Jenn ran with it, and pretty soon our tight circle of friends all called me Jules.

After many years of feeling less than, this little nickname made me feel special. I soon hated when anyone else used it. Jules was for cherished friends only.

For some reason, though, when I started this blog, I chose gojulesgo as my profile name. At the time, it was all one word, and my blog name was GoGuiltyPleasures.

Several months in, a couple of new blog buddies asked via email whether I preferred Julie or Jules. I was a little afraid to answer. Who was I to them? Who was I going to be?

But there was only ever one choice.

While I knew nothing about blogging or the friendships I would eventually make, some part of me knew that being Jules here was important. Though [in my naïveté] this blog was originally about solitary writing and portfolio building, it quickly became so much more, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Every time you call me Jules, I feel like a friend is addressing me affectionately. Let’s face it, it’s as awesome as a chipmunk hug if chipmunks didn’t have such teeny, tiny arms.

It’s why my About page and business cards say, “I sense you’re ready to take our friendship to the next level.”

Thanks to Jenn and her belief in Jules, this li’l blog is one of the most gratifying experiences of my life. Jenn has helped uncover the real me in this way and so many more, and I’m not sure there will ever be a birthday gift big enough to repay her.

But methinks going to see “Wicked” last weekend was a good start.

I love you, Jenn-a-fahhhh! (How’s that for the left-hand side of your card?)

For bloggers, what’s the story behind your blog name? To non-bloggers/all, do you have any favorite nicknames (for yourself or others)?

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  1. My blog A.Rocki.Day also comes from my name like yours. My names is Abby Nawrocki and up at our lake house we have a sign that says sandy beach Nawrocki’s (sounds like no-rockies) and my tag line is A Doodle Production which is what my dad always called me when i was little “doodle.” Thanks for the good memories! Loved the post!

    1. Ha ha! All right, you’re so chock full of great nicknames here, I don’t even know where to start! (“Abby” included!) Doodle has got to be one of the greatest words of all time. (Our dog is a labradoodle, and we’re always trying to incorporate ‘-oodle’ and ‘doodle’ into what we call him.)

      Thank YOU 🙂

  2. My parents named me David, but that name is saved for whenever I’m in trouble. I go by the wild, mad-cap nickname of “Dave”. I forget who coined it first, but it stuck.

    My blog is called 1pointperspective. To be honest, I wasn’t familiar enough with blogging when I named it or I could have come with something better – more smart alecky. Originally, I wanted 3 point perspective, which I enjoy drawing more than 1 points, especially when I’m on the phone and there’s an old envelope laying around and I’m bored, but it was already taken. Happily, it turns out that 1 point kind of sounds like “this is my view point and it’s only one…yours may be different, but please take a moment to read about mine”. What a happy coincidence!

    By the way, happy birthday to damn near everyone but me!

    1. LOL, Dave, the first draft of this post didn’t acknowledge that ‘Jules’ was a common nickname, and I was like, “All right, people are going to think I’m NUTS for making a big deal out of this.”

      I think 1pointperspective worked out perfectly, too! Have I mentioned how much I love your drawings?!

  3. I write stories and people tell me that they are funny. So I started “thatfunnyblog ” in order to plug my book. And in a moment of lack of creativity, I chose “thatfunnyblogguy” as my blog name. Maybe I could have selected “thatfunnyguywhowroteabook”. Call me Marcus.

  4. Well, happy birthday to your bestie, Jenn!!

    My name, unfortunately, IS a nickname. And because of that, I have never had a good nickname. There just wasn’t really any point with my name being what it is.

    I actually always dreamed if having a long luxurious name that I could shorten into a nickname. Like a Miranda that I could turn into a Randy, or Alexandra to an Alex. Sadly, I am just a Misty. And that is all. 😦

    1. Thanks, Misty! You’d love her. And seriously, where do you go from Misty? I need to work on a nickname for you, I think… I always loved the “Alex” nickname for a girl, too. I could call you Alex, just to confuse everyone else. I think “Randy” in place of “Misty” could get too suggestive. (No? Just me?)

      And, by the by, even “just Misty” is almost more fabulousness than I can handle. 😉

      1. Whenever I see Misty’s name I’m wondering – is it Misty’s laws, as in these are my rules for the universe, or Misty Slaws as in, I’m the world’s best maker of cole slaw. Because I think Cole Slaw would be a great nickname for you, Misty.

  5. Happy Birthday to your BFF! Looking forward to the guest post.
    I think I chose my name because I knew I’d have things to say, but probably some people wouldn’t like those things so, you know…”don’t quote lily” I didn’t say it! Yeah I know, lame!

    1. Thank ya, Lily! Between your name and gravatar image, you are packing quite a punch! And a person’s name in their blog/gravatar name is immensely convenient (ahem). 😉

      No lameness whatsoever, so you cut that out. You can quote me on that.

  6. Happy birthday to Jenn! Can’t wait to read her guest post!

    My husband’s bday is tomorrow and I already have a wicked embarrassing tribute for my blog planned. mwah ha ha!

    I had to ask if you preferred Jules because people call my daughter Ju-Ju (my son started it day one) but no one calls her Jules….yet. Personally, I love that name! It fits your personality perfectly.

    Blog name? There once was a Lewiston ice hockey team here called The Maineiacs. They finally retired the team and I immediately stole their name.

    Do I have a nickname? Let’s see:

    DJ (middle name is Jo)
    Deege (I’ve had that nickname for 15 years thanks to my co-workers)
    The Darla Lama (my personal fave, people always come to me for advice…like I know ANYthing? ha!)
    DarDar (thanks Angie)
    And any of the millions of gems Pegolicious has cooked up for me. My personal fave is: Darla Clementine and Darlinski

    (sorry for the novel)

    1. Okay. This is epic. You win. DJ!!!! One of my favorite nicknames of all time (thank you, “Full House”). Darla Lama and Darla Clementine are going to have me giggling for the rest of the day. Peg is a master of nicknames. As is Angie.

      I *almost* linked to the bloggers [in this post] who asked me the Julie vs. Jules question in those early days, because I remember it so well (you, Deb and B Man). Which, you know for me, is saying something.

      And your hub is in for a treat, I can tell! I can’t wait to read it tomorrow! I’m still brainstorming for Peppermeister. Oh, I will just steal your ideas tomorrow. You know what they say: Hard work pays off later, but procrastination always pays off now.

      Okay. Fine. I stole that from

          1. Some sort of nickname involving grammar or English. I mean, look at how she was hyperventilating over comma usage in the comment down below here. She used to be an English teacher so something smart and savvy invoking literature, maybe Shakespeare…something that would suggest the struggle of modern literature to achieve the greatness of the classics…
            How about Debbie?

          1. Peg, you’ve done it again. You should seriously charge for this. I knew I asked the right woman, ESPECIALLY once Darla shared the nicknames you gave her.

            Hippie, weird AGAIN. I was just going to tell Peg before you did, the same thing about “Debbie”! Peppermeister (my hub) and I have this ongoing joke about the name Debbie, which I can’t adequately tell here without seeming offensive.

      1. I bet Peppermeister is in for it. 😉 I can’t wait.

        Yeah, let’s just say Jim will love tomorrow’s tribute to him. Instead of “Shark Week!” it’s “Humiliation Week!” over at my blog. There will be pictures of him, and they will be embarrassing. (I actually have Jim’s permission to exploit them…er….I mean USE them, for my blog…)

        1. OMG. I can hardly wait. I’m struggling with trying to keep my post PG, because some of the funniest things Peppermeister has ever said were, um, not.

          1. I hear you. I sometimes wish my blog could venture into R rated territory…or at least PG-13. But now I’m pegged as a ‘Family blog’. Sigh. As it is, I think I’m turning people away with my constant bathroom humor. And this current contest I’m running isn’t helping any, is it? haha!

  7. Jules–can I call you Jules?–your bff sounds awesome. I want a BFF and approached Hugo the puppet, but Hugo told me to go suck on a ball gag. He can be so mean sometimes.

    1. Speaker, I would be insulted if you didn’t call me Jules. Hugo, on the other hand, the jury’s still out. I sense he is a very selfish friend; don’t be fooled by his rugged good looks.

  8. Awesome Jules! This is a lovely piece, on so many levels. I answer to anything. My favorite is actually when my friend Jilly’s sons call me Nay-Nay. A lot of people call me a lot of names, but when Alex and Colby say “Nay Nay?” I’ll do it. Whatever “it” is. Jump in the pool with my clothes on. Sing in pretend German. Show them my disco moves. (Okay, I was going to do that anyway, but still.)

    1. Sigh. You have Darla’s contest in the bag, don’t you? (Singing in pretend German?! C’mon! Can you imagine THAT in a vlog dedicated to the Darla Lama?!)

      And thank you – that really means a lot, especially coming from you! 🙂

      1. Whaaaaat? Renee is going to sing ‘She’s a Maineiac’ in German and jump in a pool while fully clothed and send me the videotape?? Have I died and gone to heaven? (I need to change my contest rules back to vlog entries stat!)

  9. My real name is Susan. I guess most Sues and Susies are really Susans. I love my name and it only made sense that it would be my blogging name since I blog to build a writing platform. It would be silly to be know as Gwenelda Fudbottom on my blog and then write a book under the name Susie Lindau!

    1. You were very wise, Susie! It really makes things easy (to use your name for everything), doesn’t it?

      Gwenelda Fudbottom, though… Man. Can I use that for my book then?

  10. My blog name stinks, so let’s just move on…
    Annie is my nickname. My parents gave me a longer more sophisticated name, and then from the moment the held my gooey little body in their arms they called me Annie. It’s no where on my birth certificate. I was about 5 when I learned it wasn’t really my name. Talk about freak out!

    1. Get out of here, Annie-or-whatever-your-real-name-is-because-now-of-course-I’m-dying-to-know! I can say with confidence this is not a comment I was expecting when I asked the question. Wow! That is so cool.

    1. Thanks, Thoughtsy! We luuuuuuurved it. The voices were incredible, and the theatre is amazing, too! It’s HUGE. (And yet? 6 bathrooms. WTFudge? Our other friend and I missed the first 5 minutes of Act 2 waiting in line! Then we almost died climbing over everyone back to our seats. How about you move your purse there, lady, if you’re not going to move your arse?)

      Side note: Yesterday I had my first Pop-Tart in quite some time and it was everything I hoped it would be and more. Toasted cinnamon-brown sugar with a side of strong coffee? Wow.

    1. Thank you so much! I was a little worried this might not be remotely interesting to anyone else, LOL

      Jenn will be really glad to see this comment, too, and I suspect you will have a new fan.

  11. Happy birthday to your BFF! Can’t wait to meet her via guest blog. When somebody has huge signs following her around town announcing she is a “cultural phenomenon”, you know she’s going to be great.

    My blog is Peg-o-Leg’s Ramblings because, well, I tend to ramble. I had just Ramblings at the top of the page, but that got too confusing with Tori Nelson’s Ramblings (mine came first, by the way). Her readers would come over to my blog by mistake and say “wait just a gosh-darn minute, this isn’t Tori’s Ramblings. Where’s the genius? Where’s the funny? I coulda sworn there was a whole sh*t-load of funny the last time I was at this blog???” So I added the Peg-o-Leg at the top and it’s all good.

    But hey, enough about me, it’s all about you, Jules, and I love your nickname and you and your friend and…and…I’d like to buy the world a Coke and sing in perfect harmony!

    1. Peg, I might have shot myself in the foot, because once everyone gets a taste of Jenn, they’re not going to want me back! She is one of these people who can make a story out of anything – and I just sit back and laugh my a*s off. When I was taking pictures of her last weekend, she said, without a trace of embarrassment, “You know I’m willing to make a fool out of myself for your blog, Jules.” Now that’s a good woman. And I think she’s never looked less foolish. 😉

      I didn’t know that about your blog name! And Tori’s been away, right? I haven’t missed anything? Because I’d totally be there instead of your blog. hahahaha okay. I couldn’t even type that without giggling.

      Peggles! …That is all.

  12. As it was Jules in the beginning, is now and ever shall be. Jules, Jules, Jules – thank you for the best birthday present ever: unsolicited and unpaid endorsement. I love you!

    1. Jenn-a-fahhhhh! Using a nickname to comment, how apt (I would expect no less from the greatest real-life BFF in the world who I totally forgive for almost killing me)!

      Unpaid? Oh, you will pay. In ways that look startlingly similar to a guest post.

  13. I have clemarchives as the url since Relatively Awesome was taken (though I might just pay to get Relatively Awesome is… Well, my friend’s and I in the summer between our Freshman year of college came up with this idea for a comedic spy show that was, well, like a combination of Batman and Get Smart. If that makes any sense. It probably doesn’t. When we tried to think of a name for the show nothing seemed to fit the ideas besides one strange phrase, relatively awesome. The idea was just a joke so it went away, but I changed my email a year after to relativelyawesome and continue to use it for most of my online avatar names.

    1. Isn’t that the WORST when you have a name or inside joke that’s totally, 100% yours (and yes! It makes sense!), only to find out someone else got there first?! I’m STILL pissed that there’s already an @gojulesgo on Twitter. It’s not even a girl.

      1. Yet another reason there needs to be a time machine; so people like us can go back and create accounts with our specific names on every possible site with a login.

  14. I’m sure you’ve noticed this, Jules also is a very sparkly nickname. You had me at plethora , but its (properly used) put me over the top. Happy birthday to all the lucky people in your life!

      1. Just so you know, I’ve put Peg (Peg-o-Leg) to work on a nickname for you! I feel it’s important we all rally together on this.

        And? Thank you so much for pointing out my correct usage of plethora and its. My grammatical prowess gets so little love. Probably because it ends at plethora and its.

        Why are you hyperventilating? You know how to do italics in comments! I bow down to you! I tried to do it once and wound up italicizing half the comment.

        1. You’re like . . .magic! I was just sitting here going through my old comments looking for the link to your blog because Peg-o-leg just called me Debbie.

          Oh, and the italics — it’s just a flick of the wrist. Try again, I’m sure you’ll be great.

  15. Aw, you two are adorable. Can I get into your group hug? You know, can I be that annoying person who tries to squeeze her way into your inside jokes just to feel like I’m a part of it all? Those kinds of friendships are seriously the best and totally meant to be.

    My blog and username is bleh. No exciting story behind those names. My husband calls me Ng (“nuh-j”) — when is a shortened version of Ang. Exciting stuff. And my best friend from high school called me Sonny. No good reason behind that either. Her entire family still calls me this.

        1. Hey, I DID squeeze in the middle of that inside joke! See how I did that? Without even being seen by the cool-kids on either side of me. It’s like a cool-kids/spaz sandwich!

          I so miss junior high.

    1. Ang, The ‘nuh-j’ thing is perfect. Peppermeister did that to me – now he just calls me Le’ (pronounced ‘Lay’) because it got too exhausting to say, Jul-lay like he did when we first started dating. He actually hates the nickname Jules, but he has a hilarious way of saying it when he does, using a girly, gossipy voice.

      I kind of like the idea of calling you Wonder Bread – off of Peg’s comment! But only because you’re wonderful, not because you’re fake and full of empty calories.

      Oh and I kind of still want to hear the Sonny story anyway.

  16. such a whacky fun post! and sentimental and crazy and touching all rolled into one. Happy birthday to Jenn! I am sapna “which is dream in hindi” though my friends have hardly ever called me that. Its been sappy, or sappu, or sapsy or whatever other variation they could dream up. And there was this crazy time in college when I was called “Lizzy” for a (u guessed it!) Lizard! Don’t go examining my photograph. I can assure you I look nothing like one ( well not really!! or do i??) . and no I am no fan of creepy crawlies absolutely hate lizards. But every time this crazy group of girls called me lizzy I positively beamed. that’s how friends make you fee. I guess. cherished, no matter what they call you.

    1. Ha ha If you think THIS is wacky, I’m wondering what you’ll think when I get back to my ridiculous PowerPoint-laden posts! 😉 Thank you!

      That is a WONDERFUL name. And re: Lizzy, it just goes to show the power of a nickname when it comes to making a gal feel loved. (No, I see no lizard-ness to you at all, LOL, but I love that you have a nickname based on that. One of my other best friends has a lizard tattoo on her back, so lizards also make me think of friends and good things. :))

    1. You know, I actually think what you call ‘unoriginal’ is more like ‘user-friendly.’ I think sometimes when people use something difficult to remember or seemingly random, they kind of shoot themselves in the foot! It might be the next big thing, orrrr, it might mean people can never find them again and just give up, LOL Part of changing my blog name to Go Jules Go was to just make it easier and universal – Jules/Julie Davidoski. That’s me. The real me. That’s it. Ba-da-bing-ba-da-boom.

      Also, your name is great!

      1. thank you and I love the nickname Jules – but Julie is a nice name too – my name is LouAnn but lots of people call me Lou
        my full name is LouAnn Geauvreau-Karry – how is that for a mouth-full
        in conclusion – I love Go Jules Go – it sounds dynamic!

        1. Oooh. That is a name meant for novels and heroes and romance and epic things. Truly.

          Thank you so much! I’ve definitely grown to like Julie, too, even though I didn’t until well into adulthood!

  17. My husband and I like to talk about food… In particular, he loves sandwiches with piles of lunchmeat. One day, I was trying to explain to him that I was in a bad mood. The phrase that accidentally came out was as follows.

    “I feel as sexy as lunchmeat.”
    Hubby, “But I love lunchmeat!”

    And right then, it dawned on me that perspective is EVERYTHING. Anyway, I wasn’t going to name the blog “as sexy as lunchmeat”. So I added love to it, figuring that we all ultimately write about what we love. It’s what sustains us in both good times and bad. (Cue the Beatles song…)

    1. That is SO. GREAT. “But I love lunchmeat!” The image I have in my head of that conversation is priceless, and has been making me smile since I first read this yesterday!

      And this name DEFINITELY caught my eye right off the bat as one of those blog names where I was like, “Yup. I’m going to like her.”

  18. I was psyched when you told me I could call you Jules 🙂

    My boyfriend and I were talking about something – who the hell knows what – and I made a comment facetiously prefaced by the phrase “As a linguist,…” and he totally jumped on that. Told me I should just start every sentence that way, no matter what I was talking about. And thus, a blog name was born! 🙂

    As for nicknames, when I was in middle school, my friends called me Lee, and that stuck all the way through grad school (where some of my friends started calling me Ree after hearing one of my Japanese students call me that!)

    At some point, Lee became Leo and I liked that better for some reason, so I’ve become Leo to a lot of people these days. Well, except for one of my colleagues in the English department who likes to call me L.Rod because he likes the Yankees and my last name is Rodrigues 🙂

    1. Aw, Leonore! Thank you! Does that mean I can call you Leo? Because that would be AWESOME. Wait. “Ree” might be even more awesome. (And L. Rob ain’t bad either! Geesh! You are on fire!)

      I love the story behind your name, and I love that your boyfriend teased you about saying that. I also appreciate your blog name because it gives immediate insight into what your [awesome and one-of-a-kind, by the way] blog is going to be about.

  19. Awww.. Jules.. what a lovely story behind your name. That first pic really got me giggling straightaway. There’s just something about the ‘stache Jules. Something about it that I can’t quite put my finger on. Perhaps I should get one, to find out?

    (The name Sweetjellybean came about after my long search of cute, cool names that would lure you to my blog or make you want some candies or sweets (as we call it here). And while I was harassing my brain to give me more ideas or just get on with it, I saw the tub of jelly beans I recently bought which I forgot to open (I know!) – and aha! So yes, it was the aha! moment I’ve been waiting for.)

    1. AJ’s Mom! Thank you! Your comments always make me feel all warm and fuzzy (and all kinds of awesome). The power and appeal of the ‘stache is kind of elusive, isn’t it? I don’t think I can put my finger on it, either (metaphorically speaking, of course, because literally I’m always twirling my ‘stache). I’m already sad that the trend is going to get old eventually and I’ll have to stop giving away ‘stache glasses. I saw mustache cuff links today and I wanted them even though they were for dudes.

      And yes! I remember this story (‘o course!), which I think is so great. I think “AJ’s Mom” and “jellybeans” go hand-in-hand in so many ways. Aha indeed!

  20. I love the comfort of old friendships, you might not see each other for months and then just pick up right where you left off. My oldest friend lives a fair distance away, her last name is Gemmell and everyone called her Gumbee, nat I became Pokey. For those under 40, they were saturday morning claymation characters….now they turn up as ‘Retro-Collectables’ at Antique shows HA.

    1. I was JUST saying that to Nina Badzin (who commented right after you! Weirrrrd) on her latest blog post! That is TRULY the sign of a wonderful friendship, when you can always pick right up where you left off. I don’t live very close to anyone anymore, but it hasn’t mattered at all because of that.

      Gumby and Pokey?! Get out! Do I know Gumby?! It was one of my favorite shows as a wee lass! I’ve even TALKED about Gumby on this blog! And here is the pic to prove it [of me at age 4]:

  21. I got my name on a ziplining tour. I had a guide that couldn’t say my actual name Aniela and went on to tell me that my new name was to be Annze. With a Z he went on to explain, a Z for ziplining. That made me think of how much of a trip my life is, no matter how “boring” my life may be.

    1. That is so great, LOL! “Z for zip lining!” I also love that it’s the type of nickname that can take you to a ‘good place’ every time you think/hear it.

      My sister and I want to go zip lining this summer (it’s actually on my bucket list). I hope/assume from this that you recommend it??

  22. This is boring and much too serious, but my blog is called ‘Letters From No Man’s Land’ and it’s called that because we’re at war, have been since we invaded Iraq second time, and the UK is also very much a divided society these days, haves and have nots, and my blog is a political one about the UK. Bet you’re sorry you asked now. On a lighter note my nickname, Rickythewiz, stems from a misspent youth and a shady past. (That’s worrying… I sound like a lunatic zealot… hmmm… maybe I need to lighten up. I know I’ll read some uplifting and invigorating blogs… just did!)

    1. LOL Your comments always make me laugh (er, if that makes you feel any better?)! And I realized last week that I think I’ve been calling you Rich here sometimes, even though I know you’re Rickythewiz on Twitter (and thank you again for your generous Tweets!). Do you like being called Ricky? I’ve actually been meaning to ask!

      And now I also want to ask about the shady past. Mwa ha.

      1. Well thank you. My wife calls me Rich, my mum calls me Richard and old friends called me Ricky. So you pick. As for Twitter it’s a social media and sharing great stuff, especially your brilliant, fun and happy stuff, is like introducing people at a party; ‘Have you met Jules? She’s lovely.’ It’s how social media should be. As for my shady past…sadly it’s true.. I was a teenage ++ criminal/ thief, mostly burglary; no criminal record, hence ‘the wiz’. Very ashamed of past; wasn’t a nice guy when younger… still at least I changed for the better. Why keep the nickname? Remind me not to be off hand rude, wittily rude to point of hurting people, have respect for other people and their feelings and ultimately every time I see nickname I’m reminded of who I have become, (nice guy with warm feelings, not cold hearted unfeeling user of past). (Bit dramatic really and looks like romanticizing past, which isn’t true.. I don’t really like to mention it, but internet is a bit like therapy really – talking to strangers; could be worse and talk to people on buses about it – (Sit next to an old lady and start telling her I used to be nasty but I’m nice now; wouldn’t get a good reaction; Probably have my nostalgic reminiscences tazered.)

  23. Let’s see… my blog’s called the foodandwinehedonist because I’m a hedonist when it comes to food and wine. Clever, no?

    As for nicknames for others, I don’t use any real names on the blog because I…. Actually, I have no idea why I don’t. So I’ve come up with Boom Boom (wife), Pieholes (kids), Sh!tshow (niece), Bugnutz (nephew). For friends – The Sicilian, The Bloodsucking Lawyers, Beowulf, Botha….

    1. LOL I will never forget when I first met you, “FWH”! I still kick myself because, though at the time I was in hysterics over it, I feel like I could have done SO MUCH with that amazing Friday guest posting opportunity.

      Okay, never mind. The “Growing Pains” song in a cappella will never get old. I’m laughing just thinking about it.

      Your family/friends nicknames on your blog always kill me. And I’m glad you said that, because I was wondering about your level of anonymity in the bloggy-sphere. Since my slap bracelet days, I have so much power, I mean, information (i.e., everyone’s real names and addresses), so I try to be reallllly careful (I know I used your real first name not too long ago, EEP. I still feel bad!)!

        1. Ooooh. Really? I got very excited when I read this, so please don’t toy with my emotions.

          I was also just thinking Rache (Rachel’s Table) could rock a guest post, too, if you were looking for more guests!

  24. The only real nickname that is derivative of my actual name is Teegs – short for Tegan of course.

    I have also been called Madam Pyro by my friends since the age of 15. This may or may not be because I accidentally set a small embankment on fire…

    1. Teegs! That is a nickname whose adorableness you cannot dispute (much like chipmunks).

      But Madam Pyro…well that’s just amazing. I feel like Madam Pyro needs a whole costume, with a flaming red cape.

      DO feel free to share the rest of that story here ANY time…

  25. This post is a really good example of how to write about a personal relationship well… and I think it’s very sweet too 🙂 My nickname is “Hula” and was given to me by my boyfriend, and his best friend, who passed away last August. Our friends call me by my nickname less and less, but I’ll always keep it as my memory with Daniel ❤

    1. Thank you so much. And I’m so sorry to hear about Daniel, but hope that is memory lives on in his nickname for you, as it does in many other ways I’m sure 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing that story with me, too!

    1. hahaha Country Wife, I think we should all be scared. (I don’t even KNOW what it’s going to be about, for starters. But, let’s face it. I’ll be awesome. She taught me everything I know. ;))

  26. Happy Birthday to your buddykins!!!

    My name ‘Katiepede’ was a nickname my friend Sian created. I got the nickname because at the time (age approx 18) I kept some millipedes! Hence Katiepede!… da daaaa! I hope all is well in your life/hood 🙂 x

        1. Oh lord. Okay, Kate. I wasn’t prepared for that. Your name and you are still adorable, but I think I need to get used to the REAL millipedes.

          Out of curiosity, did they make good pets?

          1. If I’m honest… no they were pretty crappy….. not friendly…. didn’t want to be handled…. and the cage was icky…. I think I was doing the whole angsty grungy teenager thing…. te he he 🙂 x

    1. 1. You should not need notifications to know when you’ve put up your own post. But I forgive you. I mean me.

      2. When I wrote the question on this post, I was thinking, “B Man’s got this one in the bag! Here’s the page! BAM!”

      You win the Most Thoughtful Blog Name award. Your prize is a life of great passion followed by crushed ideals.

  27. A nickname says a lot not only about how the person who gives it views you, but about them too – It’s wonderful to have these friendships 🙂

  28. In high school, my nickname was “Rebel.” I don’t think I fit that, but the name’s next to my photo in the yearbook. So I guess it’s true.
    The “earthrider” in my blog came from a random conversation on a bus on the Las Vegas strip (my brother lives in Vegas). An elderly man said he felt he was being screened out of a high-stakes games at the casino when they asked what he did for a living. His answer: earth rider. And, being the opportunist I am, I seized on that name for a blog I planned to start.
    I love your name, Jules. And I’m so glad you gave your readers permission to call you that cuz I’ve already done so before I realized your preferences.

    1. Ooh, you were a wise woman to snatch that gem up! That’s a GREAT story, and a terrific name.

      And wouldn’t it be funny if I told people NOT to call me Jules when I call my blog Go Jules Go? If I could SEE people’s reactions to that (“I prefer Julie, actually”), I might be tempted just for giggles 😉

  29. I actually say plethora often. And now whenever I do I’m going to think about it being all fancied up at a dinner party.

    When I started blogging, forever ago, Lost and Forgotten was the name of one of my favorite poems I’ve written. That was the name of the blog url, but the masthead said Sudden Silence, which was a line from the same poem. Never when I started writing did I ever expect to end up writing about my children. Nor did I have any idea that so many other people were writing and what a crazy community it is. And I absolutely love it.

    Can’t wait to take our friendship to the next level one of these days Jules! IN PERSON!

    1. ha ha! Marta, what is it about talking animals and words in costume for me? I just… it’ll never NOT be funny.

      I’m so glad you shed some light on your blog name! These things (I’m gesturing to my computer/blog right now) really do take on a life of their own, don’t they?? I’m so glad I ‘found’ you!

      Yessss. I’m counting on it.

  30. Happy birthday to Jenn! Can’t wait to read her guest post!

    My husband’s bday is tomorrow and I already have a wicked embarrassing tribute for my blog planned. mwah ha ha!

    I had to ask if you preferred Jules because people call my daughter Ju-Ju (my son started it day one) but no one calls her Jules….yet. Personally, I love that name! It fits your personality perfectly.

    Blog name? There once was a Lewiston ice hockey team here called The Maineiacs. They finally retired the team and I immediately stole their name.

    Oh, shoot, I just plagiarized Darlinski, Darlingtion, Dar-dashian, Deej’s comment!! Woops. But it did save me some typing.

    I should do that more often! hehehe

    1. MJ! I know I’m so behind on blogs and comments, but I just want you to know all of the comments I’ve been seeing from you have been cracking me up (as always)!

      My nephew calls me JuJu! I love that. (And thank you for the compliment, too! Although I suppose I can’t take much credit for any of my names, LOL)

      I just called Darla “Deej,” too! I love that. But Dar-dashian might have to come next. Her name is really the most inspiring name of all-time when it comes to nicknames, isn’t it?

  31. Well….. it’s simple really, my first name is Stacey, my last name is one of those fancy Irish “Mc” names and what do you do on a blog usually? Well, you write on it! So I thought hey, SMcWrites, oh that’s so clever – te he! I do like your story though, it’s much more heart warming than mine 🙂

    1. Tee hee hee “Fancy Mc names” – I LOVE those. (My paternal grandmother was a “Mc.”) And I also love how you converted it into such a fun blog name!

      I happen to disagree, too, as my heart is now feeling quite warm and fuzzy thanks to reading this explanation 🙂

  32. Jules: that is how I feel about El. I finally just declared to the world that I was El when I began writing. Jules is perfect for you–and when I use it, I do feel as if I’m addressing a dear friend.

    Now–are you listening? Your writing here was so good, it gave me chills. Are you writing memoirs? You should be. Anytime you wanna talk about craftsmanship, please, please do not hesitate to PM me or call me or e-mail me. I really think you have a knack for both serious stuff and hilarity. And I would not (so would not) say that if I didn’t believe it. And Renee says the exact same thing.

    I’m a gabby soul. LOL. 703 825-9043.

    1. El, this COMMENT gave me chills! There is no way (even with my MADD RITING SKILLZ) to tell you (and Renee!) how much this means to me! I discovered my love of memoirs in college, and absolutely want to continue in the genre, so this really makes my day!

      I am definitely haunted by my draft memoir. I think I just need to start over in some ways (same basic story), because right now most of it reads like an overly sentimental, crappy, rambling diary.

      And you are so going in my phone right now! Thank you thank you thank you 🙂

      1. Aye to start-overs–I felt the same way about stuff I wrote before . . . maturity makes for awesome growth as a writer. The stuff I wrote years ago has glimmers of brilliance but is mostly maudlin silliness. LOL. I can’t wait to talk more!

        1. LOL “…glimmers of brilliance but is mostly maudlin silliness” – Yes! What a perfect description of [most of] my older writing! (And “maudlin” is one of my favorite words, by the by.)

          Squee, me too! Thank you again – this comment is STILL putting a pep in my step 🙂

  33. Awe Jules! Sometimes I think we all need those believing mirrors for friends, to help us see what they see when we cannot. I have to admit that the fact you worked in a bookstore has me a bit jealous, I love books and the idea of being surrounded by them makes me all warm and fuzzy. In fact, when I have a particularly bad day….I go to a bookstore. I’d go to a library, but a bookstore is closer to home and work. My original blog title was “Anachel” a nickname for me from a man *sigh*, lol, but I think that story may result in a ping-back blog post as well as why it’s now called “my renaissancelife” and a book I’m writing titled “Anachel”…good thing I like to tell stories 😉

    1. Kristy! Have I mentioned how much I always love ‘seeing’ you?! 🙂

      It’s funny you say that, too, because Jenn just said something encouraging last week, following it with the phrase, “We never really see ourselves, do we?” It’s so true that a good friend carries the best mirror (although in times of doubt it might seem like a fake funhouse mirror, LOL).

      I loved my job at the bookstore, but it was crazy busy and a lot of work! I never actually got to read on the job, which people always thought was the case. But, discounted books! Always good.

      I would LOVE the read the pingback post. “Anachel” is really beautiful (I hope it doesn’t bring back too many negative memories, though)!

  34. Oh, I really like this post, Jules. Friendship stories are the best. They’re like love stories but with more booze and bras. Sounds like you make a pretty rad pair and I can’t wait to read Jenn’s post next week!

    1. You know that means a lot to me coming from you, Rian! 🙂 “Love stories with more booze and bras.” HA! My gosh. That’s so good someone needs to use it for a blog tagline or something ASAP.

  35. Oh Jules, you are fantastic. I will def be coming back to your blog. The story behind my blog name, Marla Rose Brady, is a pen name I have given myself for my short stories and works. I like the name because I like to think of it as my secret identity, or my “superhero persona”. It’s the place I can go to actually think and feel, something I don’t really give myself enough time for.

    1. Aw, shucks, “Marla Rose”! That totally makes my day. And what a cool pen name.

      I [try to] do the exact same thing as “Jules”! It occured to me a few months ago that if I think of myself as the Jules HERE (Go Jules Go), I approach the world with a lot more self-assurance and levity. In general, thinking of myself as “Jules” has given me a lot more confidence – funny it took so long for me to realize that that’s who I wanted to be.

      You rock!

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