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New Name. Same Beloved Blog.

Ay caramba, Chipmunks! What do you think?

That’s right.

I am now officially:

Go Jules Go

As I explain in my updated About page, the reason for saying goodbye to the “Go Guilty Pleasures” blog name can be boiled down to:  I got tired of search engines sending people here after they sought ‘naked gypsy girls’ and ‘strippers covered in ketchup.’

Other than that, you’re gonna find the same ol’ side pony-sportin’ Jules with the same ol’ stories about the guilty pleasure-ful life. Except better. Because I have so many hilarious tales that don’t involve guilty pleasures. …That may be a lie. I’m pretty sure every story I have involves a guilty pleasure of some kind. And I haven’t even realized it yet.

Maybe I’ve made a huge mistake here.

A Few Notes:

  1. A big thank you to anyone who’s ever mentioned my blog on your site. I still own, so folks using the old link will be redirected here.
  2. I am retiring my fledgling GoGuiltyPleasures Facebook account and focusing my attention on Chipmunks-4-President this exceptional blog and Twitter (@JulieDavidoski). For now. 
  3. I have some ideas about how to upgrade your GoGuiltyPleasures slap bracelets to version 2.0 slap bracelets. Because I’m a visionary like that. Stay tuned.
A question to bloggers – have you made any tough blog-related decisions? Do you think you have a ‘brand’? To non-bloggers – if you had a blog, what would it be about?

94 thoughts on “New Name. Same Beloved Blog.”

  1. My honest (read ‘naked gypsy’) reaction is, “NO – DON’T DO IT!’ The old title was funny and sensational – which gives people a good hint up front that your blog will be funny and sensational. The new one is just narcissistic – which makes it blend in with every other blog, like mine. However, after reading your explanation, I do understand the stripper problem. Got anything else? “Chipmunk Heaven”? “Slap Me Silly” – no, wait, same problem.

    1. Ha! Aw man. If only I’d realized my sensational nature when I had it!! The narcissism, on the other hand, well, that’s always been there.

      So. Enough about me. Let’s talk about me. 😉

  2. I would blog about….actually have no idea what I would blog about but I love reading yours and would certainly link to it! Keep up the great work!

  3. “CHANGE??!…. Arrrgh the horror…… I cannot take such drastic change!”……

    Nah, I jest, it’s cool, whilst I agree the idea of gypsy craziness makes me smile… and encourages me google the old name, I understand the need for change…….

    Also, to my disappointment on googling there were no gypsies… rather I found another blog with a similar name…. which I think is just cheeky… so yes change away…. 🙂 x

    1. Kate! A blog with a similar name?! My gosh. I changed it just in time.

      Maybe my next post should be just about the search terms I’ve gotten (I’ve been thinking about doing that for ages). People would have to be sitting down for those…

      Thank you so much for believing that a rose by any other other name would still prick the crud out of you. 😉

  4. I just made my blog address my moniker — because who knows what I might be when my book is finished one day. And with my name as the URL, people can remember me and tweet me more easily. You should read @NinaBazin’s post. She’s considering leaving WP and going self hosted so she has her own control. I’ve been waffling about this for a long time. I’m just sooooo terrified of losing everyone, which would obviously suck meatballs. (I think I just invented the waffle and meatball sandwich.) Anyway, GoJulesGo is way easier to remember, and it makes you sound like a cheerleader rather than a porn site. A better move, no doubt

    1. I was thinking about you, Renee, when I was mulling this over! My other choice was to use my name, but, well, my name isn’t very catchy, LOL You definitely have the right idea!

      Nina rocks. She is definitely taking ‘The Plunge’ it sounds like! I have to admit, I really only use my WordPress Reader and my email inbox to read blogs, and for the latter, I rarely go and leave comments because I have to leave my inbox, go log in (which doesn’t tend to go well), yadda yadda, and usually I’m rushing between 10 things so that extra step is not appealing. That’s definitely the #1 thing that would keep me from moving to a new platform, too, but I applaud people who do it.

      Thank you SO much for your support; I really felt relieved when I saw your comment 🙂

      1. Like Renee, I too have debated this. I added my name to my blog title… Ironic Mom ~ Leanne Shirtliffe and I own Leanne Shirtliffe. I think one day I might develop it as an author blog (maybe on but my blog might stay as IronicMom. Who knows, eh?

        1. Leanne, you know I’ll follow you wherever you go/whatever you’re called! I do really like the idea of a name being associated with the blog, especially if you have other writing projects going on. For what it’s worth, I think of you as Leanne Shirtliffe, the hilarious and kickass writer, EH!!! 🙂

  5. Pffft I say do whatever you want. That’s the joy of blogging. You have absolute power. As long as you have the same URL, a name change isn’t a big deal.

    I’ve wanted to change the format of mine for a long time but I’m terrified my blog will explode and I’ll lose stuff.

    1. Carly! I just mailed your slap bracelet! Hopefully you’ll have it by Friday or Saturday.

      And amen! This place is a free for all, LOL I was very liberal in my application of the guilty pleasures theme all along, because I have zero ability to keep funny stories to myself (regardless of whether they have to do with guilty pleasures).

      Oh and as for making changes to your template, URL, etc. on WordPress, that seems to go well! I’ve changed my theme and banner 3 times since I started, LOL, and bought two different domains. Although having said that, I think there’s an issue with me showing up in some people’s Readers now!

      1. Yes!! Thanks again for sending it!

        I’ll have to experiment with the new theme soon. I’ve seen people change their sites up, so surely it can’t be that difficult.

        I’ve heard of the issue with posts not showing up in the Readers. I hope they fix it soon.

    1. Thank you so much, Nikki! Hey do you know if you can still have people ‘follow’ you on your new .org account? I didn’t see a way to subscribe when I was last there!

      P.S. – I mailed out your slap bracelet today. Hooray! 🙂

      1. I’m still trying to figure that one out, I have a email out to my computer guy. I did add a follow me email widget,,guess you can use that and get email notices.
        Yaayyyy,,,I hope my slap bracelet gets here for Canada Day Celebrations! Oh,,and sorry about you guys losing the Stanley Cup to those losers over in L.A.!!

  6. Stay Jules Stay! What about ketchup coated chipmunk seekers did you get any of them? OR chipmunk coated ketchup lovers? OR Coated lover chipmunks? Did that happen? Did it? Eh Jules? Eh? Tell us more of the salaciousness and depravity and… and… stuff… yeah… too much sugar on my cornflakes this morning… sorry.

    1. Ha ha! Rich, I think you and a couple of others have inspired a follow-up post, all about the search terms I’ve seen… but are you ready for it?!?! And am *I* ready to up my blog rating from “G”?!

  7. I like the new name, so the change itself is cool. Are you sure, though, that your still won’t get the weirdos? I thought it was based on content of the posts rather than the URL. When I started i hoped to get, er I mean expected there would be a bunch of people getting to mine by searching for “hedonist” but that’s only been a blip. As for changes, I’ve added contributors and (as of yesterday) starting showing my face. Those aren’t huge changes, but enough for me to mull over a few beers!

    1. I just wanted to say I will read the blog no matter what it’s called and that I just got my slap bracelet yesterday, THANK YOU!! 😀

      Ps- duhhh, we can ride off into the sunset with Darren Criss on unicorn instead of ‘stinky stallions’ hahaha.

      1. Pss- this is Valarie because I am on my ipod touch abd WP didn’t give me the option to log in grrrrfghj

        1. ha! Val, it took me a second, but when I got to the part about the stallions, I knew it was you! I’m so glad it arrived safe and sound! Thank you SO much for your support (and willingness to share Glee stars :))

    2. I like to mull everything over with a few beers, including what beer I’m going to drink 😉

      Oh I’ll totally still get some twisted search terms based on all the gypsy and ketchup content I’ve got on this here blog (I HOPE! LOL), but I’m also hoping that fellow bloggers/readers now won’t be misled by the name. Plus, I felt a tad confined by the old name; I don’t expect anything to change content-wise, but it’s nice to know I can branch out a little if the spirit moves me!

    1. Ha! I like it, Thoughtsy. You’re on top of it, and you’ll be the first to know! I’m not sure I love my original idea. I think I can do better…

  8. I like it. I still loved guilty pleasures better. I personally love the effed up searches that lead some people to my blog (“did Barry Gibb shave his beard” is just one fine example) and find that part of the adventure. But I can understand why strippers covered in ketchup is not your preferred demographic.

    1. I’m going to need to post some awesome, exclusive, Go Jules Go-only type posts so the change will be worthwhile 😉

      I am SO with you on the hilarity of search terms; I still think I’ll get some doozies given that I HAVE blogged about gypsies, washing my hair with ketchup AND seeing Daniel Radcliffe nude… but at least now I hopefully won’t scare the good guys off with my blog name!

  9. I like the new name my friend. I didn’t dislike the old name, but it makes good sense to have your name in the name, iykwim. And the weird word search folks would probably make me a little crazy if I were you. LOL.

    1. Thank you so much, El! It’s the really SPECIFIC search terms that keep me up at night, LOL Let’s just say there’s no question these people’s search habits are being monitored by the feds…

  10. I like the new name. 🙂 My blog name stinks, but for now I’m living with it. So I’m not even going to pretend like I have any good advice on this subject.

    1. Thank you so much, Annie! I don’t think your blog name sucks at all! Sometimes I wonder if just using my full name is the way to go, though… but people freak out when they see ‘Davidoski’ (and my maiden name was even worse!). Sometimes I feel like wearing a sign around my neck that says, “It’s pronounced exactly how it looks!!! Just say the word!! David. Oss-key. Yeaaaaa!”

  11. I love the new banner and the new name! I can completely understand wanting to change and mix things up. I’ve came close to trashing my entire blog and renaming it (remember that post?) Or going off in a totally different direction. Anyway, I think it’s a great new name–it fits and opens things up a little for you.., so it’s all good.

    1. Thank you, Darla! 🙂 I can see you doing that, actually, but still being the same Darla! I say that not because I don’t LOVE She’s a Maineiac (and think of you that way), but to give you peace of mind – I know I’ve really struggled with this decision! As others have so kindly said, people get to know YOU, and the blog name is secondary. It really is just a way to make a first impression/let people find you! (Along that line, the main impetus behind this change was people thinking this was a porn site at first glance, LOL Once I accepted that, I wanted to pick a name that was closer to the truth. And it helped that my WordPress peeps already knew me as Go Jules Go!)

  12. I’ve also been compiling a list of weird search terms to use in a future post. How in the world does “unicorn sliding on ass” bring someone to my blog? The wonders of the internet will never cease to amaze. But, in all seriousness, I love the new banner and new name! I think it’s great that you’re making it more about the fabulousness that is you. You, after all, are the creator of all of the great content on this blog. I’m taking a blogging class right now. Yikes, right? And we just had to refresh our “About” page. Tough love, but necessary sometimes. People come to your blog to hear what you have to say, so it makes sense that you put yourself front and center. Go Jules Go!

    1. Ha! Oh, Rian, I can’t WAIT for that post. I really can’t even begin to imagine what other search terms are leading people to you, because your blog doesn’t seem like the type to draw ‘strippers covered in ketchup’ 😉 Unicorns, on the other hand, now that I can see!

      Thank you so much – that really means a lot to me! Aside from not wanting people to think this was a porn site (ha!), I did also want to have a name that would allow me to use it as the ‘writer me’ blog, if that makes sense. So I could still use this blog as my main platform no matter what. I would LOVE to hear more about this blogging class. I’m going to my first blogging conference in August, but haven’t looked into blogging classes (yet)… Your new About page ROCKS!

    1. Coop! (Is it weird that when I ‘talk’ to you I think, “I’m hanging with Mr. Cooper” and then giggle?)

      The best thing about the search terms is that I can almost ALWAYS trace them back to the ‘source’ post, including the ketchup one (I may or may not have washed my hair with ketchup last summer, when it turned green from pool water…). “Farting for pleasure” – yup, been there, done that. “Is Daniel Radcliffe circumcised?” yup, also been there (NOT LIKE THAT. But I totally saw him naked. …On Broadway. And totally answered that question.). The one that still eludes me is, “kissing without slobbering.”

      1. I seem to get more ordinary items like “The Elephant Man”, “Rebecca Romin-Stamos” and midget porn

  13. Well, I love you no matter WHAT you call yourself. You know that!!

    And we’ve kinda had this decision already, so I totally understand how you feel. But I also think that people begin to “know” your blog (aka YOU), and the name of the blog really becomes secondary. I mean, how much do I write about the law? Like zero to none? Yep. But I think my readers don’t really expect that at this point. They just expect . . . me. Although I have recently thought of revamping, so you taking that first leap is great for me. I’ll just copy, er emulate what you did when I finally figure out what I want my blog to be when it grows up! 😉

    Oh, and yes . . . I agree. I love the new header/banner/whatever it’s called thing up top. Lovely!!

    1. Misty! Right back at’cha! Thank you VERY much for your kind words and support; it really does mean a lot to me! You are SO right that the blog name becomes secondary. (I was just telling Darla the same!) I figure anyone who isn’t crazy about the name will [hopefully] just stop noticing it after a few days or weeks, LOL

      Emulate away! 😉

  14. Much to say. As you know, I’ve hired a designer and the process is JUST now beginning so I’m still putting a lot of thought into things. I actually won’t be doing too much changing, but ultimately it will give me more control.

    But let’s talk about YOUR blog. I’m like the new name so much better. It’s more specific to you. I’m always an advocate of people somehow fitting their own names in the title since there are so many blogs, but only one YOU. That sounded cheesier than I meant it.

    Your header is perfect.

    So I’m thinking about how I read posts. I think for me it’s mostly through Twitter. When I’m on twitter (usually on my phone) I star “favorite” tweets containing links I want to read later. I also keep a list on twitter called “some favorites” and those are the bloggers I read regularly. You’re on there!

    I don’t use a formal reader or even the WP reader thing. Maybe that’s why I’m not too nervous about losing subscribers. makes it so easy to just hit the “follow” button up there. I’m not so sure the numbers mean much to be honest. I know I “follow” many blogs but only read the ones that come through my twitter feed.

    Just my two cents!

    1. Nina, you know you’re on my ‘short list,’ too! 🙂 And you make an EXCELLENT point about the ways people follow, and that the WP Reader/following system isn’t remotely indicative of the ‘actual’ following. You know I’ll be reading you no matter where you ‘are.’ And I am definitely thinking about using the Twitter system, because there are SO many talented bloggers outside of WordPress (I’d say I get about half a dozen via email, but that doesn’t begin to scratch the surface!).

      Your feedback really made me breathe a sigh of relief – thank you! Aside from the ‘unsavory’ reputation of a blog called Go Guilty Pleasures, LOL, I also wanted to give it more of a generic ‘me’ feel so I could hopefully keep a single blog for the indefinite future.

  15. Okay, anyone who’s searching for pictures of strippers covered in red liquid needs to be arrested immediately. Second, if they’re naked, what’s the significance of their being gypsies?

    Down to business – I assume the slap bracelet will now become a collectors item, so I approve of that. I can now refer to it as “go guilty pleasures” and people will be like “what’s that?” and I’ll say “Oh, sorry, I still call it that – I was in to her site before it got big” and I’ll look all cool and edgy, so I approve of that. Also you’re less bound by the name to lead a life of heroin and caramel, so I approve of that (caramel is gross).

    In short: I approve.

    1. Once they’re arrested, we’re going to steal their heroin and cover them in caramel as punishment, right? (And then blog about it, natch.) …I should be honest and admit my first reaction to this comment was, “OMG BESTIE! I don’t get caramel either!!!” I mean, when it’s mixed with a bunch of other delicious stuff (picture Snickers bar), then okay. But on its own? I can feel the cavities forming just thinking about those little squares that are so hard to unwrap you think when you finally get it undone you should be paid for the time you’ll never get back. And then it’s SUCH a disappointment.

      Um…what were you saying?

        1. I was never a big fan (for the reasons Jules describes), but the capper was having to make it. Wife: “Just pour this bag of sugar in to the pan.” Me: “Then what?” Wife: “Heat it up.” Me: “What about the other ingredients?” Wife: “There are no other ingredients.” Me: *gag*

  16. First time visiting your blog. Very funny. As I didn’t know you in your previous blog life, I’m all for the new personna. Have fun with it. It sounds like you had plenty of fun with the previous one as well.

    1. So nice to ‘meet’ you, Judy, and thanks for stopping by! I definitely try to have fun here, which for some reason seems to often involve me being more blonde than a bottle of Peroxide… does anyone know how to get this comment out of this little box so I can mail it to you…?

  17. As always, your use of visual aids was fantastically hilarious. And I’m digging the new blog banner.

    Whatever you do with your new and improved blog, please, please don’t tell me it means that the chipmunks have returned to their nests in the jungle? I don’t want to live in a world that doesn’t include chipmunks assisting in blog writing.

    1. *gasp* Angie, to even THINK such a thing! Chipmunks have been PROMOTED as a result of the name change – they’re now all up in my banner and widget side bar! 😉

    1. Hiya Courtney! Good to see ya! Thanks so much for coming by, and I hope you liked spending a li’l time over here, LOL I also hope I get to know you better! (I saw you commented on my latest post, but I haven’t gotten a chance to respond yet! 🙂

  18. It must get very cold being a naked gypsy girl. They’re far better off playing scrabble, which is the most awesome board game ever and far warmer too.

    I have a hodgepodge, not a brand, but your blog branding is great! It involves chipmunks and ketchup. What’s not to like?

    1. Ha! Right? They need to put on a sweater, grab a cup of cocoa, and get to Scrabble-ing.

      Thank you so much – I feel like I should tell you I once washed my hair with ketchup (and blogged about it, natch), so I should only expect these kinds of things from my search engine terms 😉

      1. Aaahhh… just read it. The copper idea actually makes sense, kinda like how copper roofs always turn green over time. Aside from the frizzy mop I had in high school (before I discovered texturizer), no hair disasters here. I probably would have deliberately dyed my hair green or blue just to freak my parents out, but sadly I never could have pulled it off. 🙂

        This summer, try lemons. If the idea is to wash out the chlorine using something acidic, they are way more acidic than tomatoes. As an extra bonus, they’re also far less messy…

        1. That’s what I was thinking, too, re: copper! If the ketchup thing didn’t actually work, I would have thought there were some devilish bloggers out there just trying to make me look ridiculous (or, maybe, awesome ones who were trying to inspire me with new blog ideas, LOL)… next time: lemons! I can already see it starting to turn green again this summer… le sigh.

  19. You have 61 comments right now. I think you’re doing MORE than okay in the blogging world. In fact (pardon my french) you’re doing fucking amazing. I love the new name! Its easier to say anyways. Now time to update my blog roll to your new name 🙂

    1. LOL! Marta, I should confess at least half of the comments are always my responses, because half the fun of blogging is interacting with my gorgeous and hilarious Chipmunks!

      Thank you so much for the support! I was a little nervous about making the change, actually! 🙂

  20. Jules, I didn’t get a notice of this post. Darla now shows up in my Reader and you don’t. Is WordPRess saying I’m subscribing to too much awesome?? Have I hit my limit of funny???? I’ll try unsubscribe and resubscribe cuz something has to be done.

    1. Peg, Darla just started showing up on mine, too! (Huzzah!) I am in favor of your “Too Much Awesome” theory. It makes perfect sense to me. And I’ll make sure you won’t forget about me, LOL I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE *twists mustache*

  21. Greetings, Jules! Love, love the new name. And what an awesome banner pic he he. Why does the name now kinda bring back memories of Forrest Gump for me? You know, Run Forrest, Run. I’ve actually been thinking of changing the name of my blog too (for a while now) but just never really found something that makes my light bulb flickers.
    Anywho Jules, ta ta for now. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, AJ’s Mom! 🙂 I’m so glad you like the new name and banner! And you’re RIGHT. I LOVED “Forrest Gump,” so maybe it sunk into my subconscious and sprung out in blog name form??

      If you’re kicking around other blog name ideas, I’d love to hear ’em! I know it’s a really tough decision!

      1. Hi Jules, I am still kicking (and sometimes literally, ha!) around other blog names for my blog site. But I don’t know, most of the names are lacking or just doesn’t have any zing to it, I should say. Perhaps I should watch Forrest Gump or something to get some inspiration? What do you think? 🙂 Indeed, this is a tough decision.

        1. LOL! Yes, Tom Hanks is always good for inspiration! It is SUCH a tough decision, and you definitely shouldn’t feel pressured to change it unless you truly want to – your current name is great! As is “AJ’s Mom” 🙂

  22. Branding with blogging is a huge thing. Back when I had my semi successful food blog, it was called “”, only because in the beginning it was a blog for both my husband and I, and I was too lazy to switch everything over.

    If i had named it something food related, I most probably would have been even more successful. As most people don’t think of dinosaur feet when they think of food. But who knows, right?!

    1. L! I’m going through L withdrawal – I haven’t read any blogs since Thursday!

      ha ha, Raptortoe is GREAT. I bet that had some people scratching their heads. I think your current banner and name are awesome – it definitely caught my eye and seemed professional, and got me to click around. So it really does go to show… I think you’ve got this blogging world in the bag 🙂

  23. Oh Lordy! So THAT’S why the change. I never read this. Those search criteria can be a real bummer on some post titles, much less a blog title. I hope the change cleans up your following a bit. Go, Jules, GO! But I still do love me a guilty pleasure every now-and-again. 🙂

    I’m scared to “publicize.” I can only wonder at what wacky search criteria would lead a hapless stranger to my blog which is only about, uh, dirt and kids. Really.

    1. LOL! Ah hah! Your blog is ‘dirty.’ No WONDER 😉

      I think I’ll continue to get some fabulously creepy search terms in my stats (I HOPE) thanks to posting about My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Daniel Radcliffe nude on Broadway, and naked “Girls” on HBO, LOL

      Separating me from guilty pleasures would be like separating peanut butter from chocolate. Unholy.

    1. Thank you so much, Sprinkes! 🙂 And I’m reading this comment after the Shades of Grey one, so my mind is completely in the gutter. I’d better stop typing. LOL

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