Slap Bracelets, Summer is Hot, Wipe the Drool

Summer is Hot and So Are You – Issue #2

Oh-hoh am I ever looking forward to this issue, Chipmunks. Also I may or may not be wearing pants.

Given that I focused on lovely lady-bloggers last week, I figured it was only right to focus on steamy menfolk this week. Grab an ice-cold lemonade and fire up your Scoville scales because it’s about to get hot like Peppermeister‘s (Husband #1) peppers up in here.

Editor’s Note: For those of you still experiencing WordPress Reader issues, email and they’ll get you squared away. Thanks so much for the tip, Jess!

Cover Story – The Food and Wine Hedonist

The Food and Wine Hedonist (FWH) and I were destined to meet. You may recall this blog was once GoGuiltyPleasures!. The FWH contacted me back in January to invite me to guest post for his Friday feature, where he blogs about guilty pleasure songs.

That’s right, I said guilty pleasure songs. FWH goes far beyond food and wine. And even if he didn’t, I’d still read, because food and wine are my favorite FWH is hilarious. His humor is fresh and fun, and when it comes to making a fine meal or infused vodka, he’s the guy I want on speed dial. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s one of my favorite posts.

If you need any more proof of his chipmunkitude, check out what he tweeted me the other day (don’t you want to follow him now, too?):

Let’s just say I spend a lot of time wishing he invited me to his parties.

Featured Article #1 – The Byronic Man

He almost bled to death for this picture.

Everything’s coming up roses for my bloggy BFF, the better half of JuJuBees, the always crackerjack and sometimes cross-dresser, Byronic Man!

This week he wowed the blogosphere not only with his “7 Deadly Sins: Lust” entry over on k8edid’s blog (this is seriously good. Read it), but also by posting a couple clips of his stand-up comedy. Bloggy prayers were answered. Chipmunk wishes granted. Oh yes. The clips were -unsurprisingly- worth the wait.

But we still need to work on this.

Of course, I give myself complete credit for B-Man’s slow reveal to the blogosphere. Remember when he wouldn’t even show his swoon-worthy face, and then slap bracelets happened? You’re welcome.

I wonder what I can get him to do next. I think it will involve a chipmunk costume. And a synthesizer. And Pig Latin. Just off the top of my head ead-hay.

You can also click on this awesome picture I made to see the aforementioned stand-up clips:

But only if you like the finer things in life.

Featured Article #2 – 1pointperspective

I like to imagine Dave’s gravatar having conversations with Byronic Man’s half-face.

Dave at 1pointperspective is a riot. I don’t know what’s more thoughtfully funny – the comments he leaves around the blogosphere, or his blog posts. That is really saying something.

What’s more, he’s a fantastic artist. For k8edid’s “7 Deadly Sins” writing contest (which he’s already won twice, ahem), he also creates illustrations. Here’s my favorite – can you guess which sin this was for? (Just kidding, this one was done for another incredible story, Forty-Seven Shades of Pink or as I like to call it, Ode to Bacon.)

By D. Lovett at

If you’re new to Dave’s blog, this is one of my favorite posts.

That Fun and Quirky Last Page of Every Magazine – MJ Monaghan

His gravatar is a perfect imitation of Darla’s (!

Many of you already know and love Mr. Monaghan. He’s one the nicest bloggers around, and one of the silliest (the highest compliment from this chipmunk enthusiast). Case in point: his uproarious entry for k8edid’s “7 Deadly Sins: Lust” contest.

If you need a friend -or a laugh- in this cold, cruel world, please head over to MJ’s blog (or follow him on Twitter). I’m especially fond of this post.

And let us not forget he is our best hope for getting In -N Out burgers:

Hello, Friends.

Back Cover

I’m woefully behind on reading your blogs, and even on responding to some of your comments. It humbles me beyond words that you continue to visit Go Jules Go despite my negligence. Thank you. I have vacation time starting next week. Which means I’m about to stalk the shiz out of you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Now. Please shower these smokin’ fellas with attention and compliments in the comments section below, and/or let us all know what else we should check out in the blogosphere! 

Sometimes I feel like I love you so much I want to cut you into pieces and carry you in my pocket.

But I don’t have any pockets.

Because, as I told you in the second sentence of this post, I’m not wearing pants.

Maaaaybe you should try taking me seriously once in a while.

75 thoughts on “Summer is Hot and So Are You – Issue #2”

  1. Jules! How could I not love this post?! You included my bald head AND a drawing! Way to trick the readers into thinking the pig was attached to a deadly sin! Your reading public needs to be bamboozled every so often, so they can bow to your superior intellect and razor sharp wit. Especially impressive was that you devoted a blog to us guys, when you should be using every spare moment to let everyone know about your upcoming appearance at BlogHer 12 in NYC!

    1. I need to link to the Ode to Bacon (oh, fine, okay, Forty-Seven Shades of Pink, that’s a good title, too) post, STAT!!! What was I thinking?! Updating now…

      And oh yes, BlogHer post-age is coming, my friend! Thank you for letting me pimp you out today 🙂

  2. Whoa! This is the stud-liest post ever! Food and Wine Hedonist? quite possibly the best name for a blog I’ve ever seen. Love the ‘stache specs…are these things catching on or what?

    Dave-between your illustrations, your writing and your ability to leave kick-ass comments all the time, I am in awe. But explain your gravatar to me. Are you hiding a soul patch?

    B-Man, you probably already know how jealous I am of you. I mean, thrilled for your success. And then you had to go and enter into Lust late? You were tardy for the party and basically blew us all out of the lusty water. So not fair.

    MJ–what can I say to a man who is the sweetest blogger around? Oh, yeah, you stole my gravatar. Prepare to die. (aw, you know I’m kidding, right? just had to slip in some Princess Bride this morning….love ya!)

    Fantastic post, JuJuBees. The Smuggersons should be in both of your banners. Love it!

    1. Darly-Pants! Hey. Why are you wearing pants? C’mon. Get comfy. It’s hot out. And it’s hot up in here today! Woooot!

      Thank you also for adding a “Princess Bride” reference to this blog. We don’t get enough of those, and it’s INCONCEIVABLE!!!

      The Smuggersons are unbearable. I’ve told them to lose my URL.

  3. Me likes! Thanks for helping us discover more blog-awesomeness. 😉 And I knew the random ‘no-pants’ comment would come full circle in the end. You’re hilarious. 😉

    1. Lily, pretty soon you’re going to be sorry when you open your Reader and realize you need to quit your day job to keep up. Speaking of, I can’t wait to stalk the shiz out of YOU on vacay!

      Thank you for having faith in me. And your slap bracelet is in the mail! I think I sent one for the BF, too. I can’t remember. I was drunk. 😉

      1. Haha, already quit my day job! In all honesty, I can’t imagine going back to work EVER because how on EARTH will I have time to write AND read all the awesomeness out there! It’s stressful just thinking about it. Wait til your vacay, you’re never gonna wanna go back. 😉

        And thank you for mailing, can’t wait! Any chance you were so drunk you mailed me a bottle of wine instead of a bracelet? 😉

  4. Holy Balls! Thanks Jules for the great shout out! And the opportunity to use “holy balls” again. It’s also an honor to be mentioned in the same category as these esteemed gents!

    Now I’m wishing I did take that picture sans shirt. Next time I see them I’ll do it. But I’d have to glue some chest hair first. Which means I’d have to carry around a torso toupee everywhere in case I run into those glasses again. Ok, maybe I won’t take that shirtless pic.

    Thanks again!

    1. Yes, you really should have taken that pic. But balls, I forgive you.

      Also? Chest merkins? That could be HUGE. Like the next ‘stache glasses huge.

      Thank YOU for being hot and fabulous! We’ll always have “Gilmore Girls,” no? Well at least “Growing Pains,” then?

  5. Hey Chipmunks, I must start with a HUGE:

    FINALLY, someone said I’m hilariously funny – or was it just “silliest” or “a laugh??” No, I think it was “hilariously funny.”

    Jules, you know I like to have fun, but to say I’m “one of the nicest bloggers around” means more to me than anything funny. Especially coming from you.

    Just to be in your list of “dudes” was honor enough, but the kind words are so appreciated. Thank you, so much, my friend!

    In conclusion: “SHE LIKES ME, SHE REALLY LIKES ME!!!”
    *IN-N-OUT Burgers passed all around to everyone*

    1. Ahem. I believe I also used the word “uproarious,” so put that in your pipe and smoke it but not in the house okay, because that’s just rude.

      And if everyone doesn’t click on the link to the recommended post, all the remaining mullets in the world will cry.

      Who doesn’t love MJ Monaghan?! WHO? Show them to me and I will show them the way.

  6. Hey wait, didn’t Darla steal my Gravatar?? Can’t prove it. Her mug’s probably something NOT Eddie Bauer. Like LL Bean or something all Maineiac-ky!!

            1. Oh, MJ. Sweet, innocent, MJ.

              Don’t you know who you’re dealing with here? It’s me! Teasing is what I do! I’m still holding out hope that one day I’ll find a career in it.

        1. What’s great about this exchange is it looks like your two avatars are doing that thing where you talk behind your coffee cup, or a napkin, because you don’t want people to know you’re talking. Like it’s super-secret.

  7. This couldn’t be more fitting, Jules, since it’s National CLOWN Week!! No kidding…

    So, it makes perfect sense that you put this rag-tag pack of vagabonds together this week. I believe we call that “serendipity” Chipmunks!

    Okay, FWH, B-Man, and “Diamond Dave” at 1pointperspective, cheers to you! *rubs tear off of clown facepaint*

    1. Ha! Oh, I love me some serendipity. It’s fun to say, sounds like a tasty dessert and also makes me feel like everything is coming together in my life. I mean your life. I mean our…lives?

  8. Jeezum Crow, things really ARE heating up all ova da place! We’ve got
    Bryonic – smooth and quick, Dave – clever and artsy, MJ – funny and sweet, and now a new fella to get to know, FWH (may I call you “H”?)

    No wonder pants are optional over here!

    Hope you get recharged and caught up on your vacation, Jules. You need to crank out a post on babysitting right quick – it’s the right thing to do.

    1. First off, Peg, pants check? None? Okay, good. Now.

      Yesss. I have high hopes for what I will churn out on vacay, but also appreciate that it may just be empty champagne bottles.

        1. I’m pretttty sure you could thwart even the most terrible things with a hot, underwear-less girl. A robber about to storm a bank? Jumper on the tallest skyscraper? Last Tickle Me Elmo at Wal-Mart? Have her walk by and cry, “I’m not wearing any undergarments!”

          Bam. Problem solved.

  9. Totally off subject . . . was in Eagle River, WI, last week when I saw a GIANT chipmunk stuffed animal in the window of a candy shop on the main street. Wanted to get out and take a picture for you, but everyone else in the car was in a hurry.

    1. Nina, if you’re going to go ‘off subject,’ this is exactly the place I’d hope you’d go (though let the record state chipmunks are NEVER off topic here).

      Just that thought warms my ‘stache glasses, I mean, heart. I should send your clan some slap bracelets – how has that not happened? Then again, I like you, so I might not want to put you through that.

  10. Loving your blog when I get a chance to come into WP and see things! I’m not commenting as much (and let’s face it, not here that much) but I still wuv you.

    1. Aw, L, and here I was starting to worry the only person I’d ever French again was Peppermeister!

      I have been shamefully bad about keeping up myself with other blogs, so please don’t ever feel you need to explain yourself to me! You know I’m thrilled to ‘see’ you whenever you swing by! (Although your gravatar makes it look like you’re doing all the seeing.)

    1. Sometimes I think about all the spilled drinks there’ve been in the world, and I cry a little. Actually a lot. Don’t tell Milk. I never cry over him.

      Also, I think you should see annzewithaz’s comment (two down). Heh.

  11. Jules! Love to see my male counterparts in this issue (that sounded weird, like I have male parts, which I don’t. It’s easy to check too, because…you guessed it….I’m not wearing any pants!).

    The comments on this post are priceless btw. So much funny!

        1. I’m so glad I haven’t missed much, Rache! I’m in the saaaame boat. Of course, since I’m trying to take two weeks off for the first time since the millennium, I’ve gotten SLAMMED this week. Ugh. I’m in the home stretch now, thank GAWD.

          1. Is it too early to wish you a HAPPY TWO WEEK VACATION?? Hoping work is finished and you are currently stalking blogs, vodka and juice of your choice in hand.

    1. Jess! Thank you again! 🙂 The WordPress ‘help’ folks are so great – I sent them a couple questions yesterday and they responded within the hour.

      **WordPress Freshly Pressed Overlords: Please note the above sentence. I love you.**

    1. Well, you are in good company with your half face, AND with your awesome finger ‘stache! I so want one of those. I had to stop myself from buying mustache magnets on my lunch break. I had them in my hand and everything. I was like, “Jules. Jules. You know this is a fad. You know it. And you’re fickle to begin with. PUT THEM BACK.”

  12. Jules, thanks for always making us feel at home here on your blog. From now on, I shall be sure to read it after a heavy meal, with my pants unbuttoned, and a shot of tequila within reach… (We can’t all be as high-brow as Byronic with his martini glass.)

  13. I missed this post – dammit. Had to have been the drugs after surgery – when, ironically, I was not only NOT wearing pants, my nether regions were likely exposed by a skimpy hospital gown.

    I love these men…and Sweet Cheeks knows about them all.

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