Dear BlogHer ’12 Conference: Are You Ready for Me?

Dear BlogHer ’12 Conference,

Right after I send this, I’ll be en route to Manhattan for you, my first blogging conference.

I must confess: Every time I say that, my inner nerd pushes up her taped-together glasses and giggle-snorts in anticipation. Then the other part of me rolls her eyes and goes, “Blogging conference? There are conferences? For blogging? Really?”

You can undress, I mean, address me ANY time, Mr. President.

How many conferences do you know of, Jules, that get the President of the free world to speak? I can almost hear you saying.

That’s right. On Thursday, Barack Obama addressed the BlogHer ’12 crowd!

Today, thanks to you, I will see Katie Couric, Soledad O’Brien, Christy Turlington Burns and Malaak Compton-Rock. Not too shabby, but *pssst*, not nearly as cool as seeing JM, Misty and Thoughtsy.

Did I ever tell you Misty runs a “Weekly Whacked” series displaying greater Baltimore’s finest fashion faux pas? In her honor, I’m wearing her favorite clothing pet peeve: Stretch pants! (I’m sure you remember my see-through stretch pants disaster from a previous trip to New York to see JM? I’m an old pro here.)

And thanks to my beloved Chipmunks, I’m armed with the most kick-tail business cards a blogger could hope for:

Do you think I should promise a follow-up post tomorrow, or will you be so full of awesomesauce that it’ll take me until Monday to get a post up?  …Okay. Fine. Let’s say Monday.




Have you been to any type of conference or convention for your passion? If not, have you ever met a pen pal or online pal? How did it go? 

Photo Credit (Obama)

75 responses to “Dear BlogHer ’12 Conference: Are You Ready for Me?

  1. OMG,,I am sooooo jealous!! Next year I am so coming too,,and I will be representing the Canucks eh!!
    Have super chipmunk fun gurl,,,say hi to everyone 🙂

  2. Hope you all have a great time!

  3. I’m giddy with vicarious anticipation. I trust you’re wearing the mustache glasses and a tasteful number of slap bracelets with your stretch pants.

    • LOL! Dave, this comment made me giggle during the train ride on Saturday. I actually DID bring a few slap bracelets along with the stretch pants and ‘stache glasses, juuust in case.

  4. Sounds great! You will be covered in slap bracelets, yes?

  5. Oh, I wish I was going with you…have a fantastic time…

  6. Sooooo jealous. What a doojie I am! It was on my coast any everything. I totally could have gone for the whole time. Can’t wait to hear who you met- and we might have to actually speak about other things! Like who you met but didn’t care for!

    K8edid! I would love to meet you at a blogging conference! You are so easy, breezy, beautiful. Plus you always kick my butt in all contests. Next year BlogHer.

    Unless you are on the left coast, in which case, I’m out. 🙂

    • Renee, I am happy to report there was not a d-bag in sight. Okay, maybe in sight, but none that I met 😉

      I kind of want there to be a conference in some place awesome that I haven’t visited yet, so I have an excuse to go. Then again, I don’t think I could face another one without RAS Jacobson. It would be too much disappointment for one chipmunk lifetime.

  7. I have never been to a conference. But I have met an online pal and it was freakin’ amazing. It really felt like we had already met and were just meeting up again after a long separation. Sometimes you just meet online soulmates and it doesn’t matter that you haven’t talked to them face to face. Have fun!

  8. I’ve met two online pals before, they drove up from texas to see me in the land of Canadia. It was great, we drank a lot.

    • Oh, L. I don’t think there’d be enough alcohol in all of great Canadia if the two of us got together. Then again, your beer does have a higher alcohol content… (Of course I know this. Of course I do.)

  9. I love those moustache glasses! Can I get them with real prescription eyeglass lenses?

  10. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooo! x

  11. 😀 Very cool, have an awesome time!

  12. If I had known this conference existed in time, I would have been right there with you, snorting with nervous laughter. Have fun, Jules! And remember you’re a blogging pro! You even have the business cards to prove it.

  13. I’ve met Thoughtsy. You’re in for a treat. As, I am sure, is she. Have fun!

  14. I went to quite a few conferences in college and grad school, and I do enjoy them. It might be time to start looking at writing conferences. I wish I’d known about Blogher ’12 – I’m only an hour away by commuter train! I could have hit you up for some mustache glasses! 😉

    Have a great time shmoozing!

  15. I hear the best thing to do at these conferences is talk about
    Really, it’ll make you the coolest chick with a moustache there..

  16. I’m curious what secrets you’ll learn there. I bet it’ll be really interesting. Have fun!

  17. I don’t know what to be envious first, location or conference. I guess I will have to try harder to be a real blogger, attempt to gain more readers and actually write what people want to read rather than simply rage at whatever I want to rage at on any given day then I can be like some of my heroes of the blogging world!

    Oh my a goal, I think I don’t like goals. But I am so envious. Have fun and I am looking forward to all the details. Love the business cards!

    • That is such a good point about blogging heroes – one of the pieces of advice they gave at the conference was to find those ‘heroes’ and then do what they do. (Not in a copycat way, but just to pick up on the things that make them ‘work.’)

      Thank you so much – it really was a blast! I hope you do look into going to a future one! 🙂

  18. Oh yeah? Well, I’m going to a blogging thing too, and it’s super cool and fun and amazing. It’s called, um, Amazo-Blog 2012, and it’s really, really, big and important people are there and they hand out book deals at the door and there’s a water slide. Yeah.

    • They’re giving away money and puppies here. And the puppies talk. They give compliments. This is the greatest day of my life.

      In all seriousness, I did hear promises of free booze at the after parties. And Thoughtsy already gave me some “spicy” vodka. It’s a good day.

    • If you blog about peppers and/or can grow your own mustache, you not only get into Amazo-Blog 2012 for free but they give you 5 Get Freshly Pressed cards that you can use at your leisure because they conveniently forgot to put an expiration date on the back.

  19. MAN! As I type this comment, you are having a bloggity blast–in such awesome company! I weighed jealousy against joy and decided I’ll go with joy, although I’d much rather just go with you to the conference. 😀

  20. Envious! Let’s meet there next year. Is it in NYC next year too?

  21. I have never been to a conference that has interested me…I have really got to look into this. I feel like I have not lived my life!! Have oodles of fun!

    • I owe you an email my friend! And that’s EXACTLY how I felt about it (that it was cool to attend a conference on a topic that I’m passionate about). The conference itself was not nearly as cool as meeting blog buddies, though. I wish I could host a big ol’ bloggy party!

      • No rush in responding! Seriously, take your time 🙂 Glad to hear that you enjoyed the conference. I have to look into what I really enjoy…mmmm, this is gonna take some serious thinking. A bloggers par-tay? Now that’s an idea…!

  22. Running from Hell with El

    Dagnabit!! I almost went to this . . . but it’s on my Birthday weekend–but man, does this sound like a blast!! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!!

  23. russelllindsey

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a Misguided Blonde and commented:
    I’m going to have to go to the Blog Her conference someday. Why do I get the feeling that hanging out with people like Jules, Lindsay Maddox, and Angie Z. would just be too much fun?

  24. Keep this proverb in mind: You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t catch a bird in the hand.

    Something *like* that, I think.

  25. So awesome meeting you today! I’m new here, but am lovin’ what I’m reading so far!

  26. Have fun, Jules!! 🙂 It sounds like a really awesome time!

  27. You look so adorable 🙂 I hope you had lots and LOTS of fun at the conference! I am super jealous, maybe I can come join you at it one of these years, it sounds super fun ❤

  28. I need FULL details. Spare nothing.

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  31. JESUSGOD you’ve got massive, basketball player hands!

  32. You are edginess personified in those photos! I was always the one putting together the conference or convention; never the attendee. I think I’m ready to attend one now. I’m passionate about beer, vodka, the blues, the West, all things absurd, and all things colorful. I think I’ll start making the rounds of music festivals and call them conferences.

  33. That sounds so fun!!! I would love to go to a conference for my passion instead of for my income…I think I am going to make that a goal for this year. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  34. It’s your business cards that will set you over the top — I just know it. Hope you’re having a blast!

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