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Slap Bracelets Comeback – Part 2!

Ohhhh myyyyyy goodnesssss. That’s how I feel right now, Chipper Chipmunks. Like Kristen Wiig in one of those surprise party skits on Saturday Night Live.

I can’t even stand it.

For anyone stumbling across this blog for the first time, what you’re about to see are some pictures of my adoring fans beloved readers wearing GoGuiltyPleasure slap bracelets. I’m posting the pictures in installments (here’s the first round), based on when they were received.

These photos are going to blow your mind. There’s a bulldog, CHIPMUNKS, an adorable child AND…a big reveal!!! Holy stromboli. I hope you’re sitting down.

#1 – Meet Mickey!

You hear me talk about my bestie, Jenn, now and then, but you’ve never heard about Jenn’s brother’s dog, Mickey, which is a real shame. Mickey knows all about how to embrace the guilty pleasure-ful life. For starters, he dines on gourmet meals and usually gets the best seat in the house. (Sounds like another dog I know…) You’re my hero, Mickey!

He is wearing a BLONDE WIG! In my honor!
This is bad(a*s) to the BONE!
If you don't think this is amazing, I feel sorry for you.

#2 – The Byronic Man’s BIG REVEAL!

I know I just said my best friend’s name is Jenn, but The Byronic Man and I are totally B.F.F.s too. It might be that we get along so well because I know where he lives and he has to be nice to me, or maybe it’s simply because he’s just so g.d. hilarious. If you haven’t read his recent post written from the perspective of Gary the bee, stop right now and as soon as you’re done reading MY blog, click here.

Now, if you have been following The Byronic Man’s blog, you know his gravatar (profile image) and blog header photos are mysterious, showing only half of his face. Well, Byronic Man has GIVEN ME PERMISSION to post his ENTIRE, CRACKERJACK KISSER in one slap bracelet photo, and it is QUITE scandalous.

First, a teaser:

And now…

Get ready…

Seriously, brace yourself…

MEET BYRONIC MAN (and his…lady….friend)!!!

I know. …I know! I know. It’s great.

#3 – Darla from She’s a Maineiac

Darla rules my guilty pleasure school. Her blog posts are thoughtful, funny and beautifully written. Darla is also incredibly supportive of her fellow bloggers; back in October, she got my video blogging contest off the ground, and by vlogging about Reese’s peanut butter cups and Golden Girls, she proved that she is the most chipmunky of chipmunks.

Speaking of chipmunks…I’m so excited to share Darla’s ADORABLY AWESOME photos (and captions!)!

I searched high and low for the slap bracelets and was startled to come upon this scene:

Apparently, even those crazy spastic helium-sucking Chipmunks can rock Julie’s fab bracelets:

Looks like wholesome Chipmunk fun...aside from the fact that poor Theodore has been blindfolded and Britney has apparently broken her neck...
I managed to steal the bracelets away long enough to put them to good use…
Nothing says “Good mornin’! Now wake the hell up!” than coffee, The Beatles and Go Guilty Pleasures!
They also make a fantastic baby bottle warmer!
Need the latest in fashionable binoculars? Or a trendy way to watch the opera? Look no further than Julie’s versatile slap bracelets!

THANK YOU Jenn (and Jen and Mickey!), Byronic Man and Darla! You can now let your loved ones know you have achieved the coveted Cherub Chipmunk status.

Stay tuned for the next installment!

If you’d like one of these (FREE!) psychedelic wonders, your wish is my command! Email me at!

28 thoughts on “Slap Bracelets Comeback – Part 2!”

  1. I don’t think Mickey likes that wig much. I can’t tell though because in each picture he has the same exact facial expression. And yet he still manages to look cool.

    And finally, the entire face of B-Man. Very debonair, Mr. Byronic!

    1. Adorable children with chipmunks?? I can’t compete with that! DAMN YOU, DARLA!!

      And actually, the picture really isn’t complete without seeing the pajama pants I’m wearing below.

    1. Renee, I could put in a good word for you with the Byronic Man…

      Will your husband mind? (In case you haven’t heard, Second Husbands are all the rage now.)

  2. Loved this post! I actually stumbled on your blog after stumbling (and checking back) on The Bryonic Man’s blog a while back. I love them both!!
    I wanna be your BFF now. PULLEEEZZE?
    (Okay, how ’bout your ‘out-of-country’ BFF? Hmm??)


    1. Thank you, Sandy!! I didn’t know that – that’s great!

      Can I stay at your place if I visit your neck ‘o the woods? If you say yes that will prove you are serious about our BFF-ship.

  3. What a hoot!!!!
    Jules,you are too funny!!!
    Love,love,love the “oh so popular” Mickster…..

    Would love a psychedelic wonder,must keep up to date!
    These would have been amazing with the pom-poms….

    Regards and Happy New Year to the family!
    Love, Linda (Mrs. Flynn) xo

    1. Hi Mrs. Flynn! The fabulous Mickey and I welcome you to my blog! Ha! I sooooo have slap bracelets with your name on ’em. (Be careful what you wish for! ;))

      I think about those pom poms ALL the time!! They were amazing.

      Happy New Year! Thanks so much for reading!


  4. err hello… think the out of country BFF spot is taken, althugh we are on shaky ground as my slap bracelet still hasnt turned up. Im going to start an uprising soon if i dont get one!! 🙂

    1. Tinkerbelle: I think I need a BFF in every U.S. state, every Canadian province, and every European country. At least.

      That’s fair, right?

      P.S. – And now we know what happened at the post office, grrr!!!

  5. Jules: Nova Scotia welcomes you with open arms….as do I. 🙂 I will pamper you with control over the remote and we’ll watch Clueless, Buffy and The Cutting Edge (all movies I was obsessed with too). 🙂 BFFs now, Yes?

  6. If my cheerfulness level could be represented by dots, here’s how that’d look:

    Cheer before reading a GGP blog: .
    Cheer after reading a GGP blog: …………………………………….
    Cheer after reading this particular GGP blog: ………………………………………………. Byron’s face! Adorable Darla pics! PUPPY!!! Slap bracelets! What’s not to love here? (NOTHING. The answer is NOTHING.)

  7. How did I miss this?? My WordPress subscriber dealio is all messed up – I’m so frustrated, you don’t even know.

    Darla, is that your little girl? She is flat-out, no-holds-barred adorable! Have you ever watched Toddlers & Tiaras? It’s just a thought.

    And Mr. Byronic – hubba, hubba! No wonder your fresh-from-the-shower honey has a possessive arm wrapped firmly about you. That’s a clear “hands off” message to the blogosphere.

    Bulldogs always remind me of WInston Churchill, so Mickey wearing your bracelet is like the seal of approval from a (deceased) head of state. Congrats!

    1. Peg, I think I should photoshop all three together – Darla’s daughter, Byronic Man and Mickey. It would need a good name. Like Chipmunk Summit 2012. Except better. Or would that just make people’s heads explode from the sheer awesomeness?

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