No Way I Was Missing My Reservation at Rachel’s Table

I tried to tell this story in one post, Chipmunks. I really did. But you know I don’t like to ramble.

At least not until I convince you to meet me in person.

Like I did with Rache from Rachel’s Table.

I’ll regale you with a prequel later this week, but for now assume getting to this point was a feat and a half:

Yes! Rache made THIS happen! (This is NOT Rache.)

On Sunday, I met Rache and her husband for the first time. Peppermeister (Husband-Until-I-Secure-Second-Husband) and I were in her neck ‘o the woods for a family party this past weekend, and nothing was going to keep me from the woman who pulled off one of the greatest slap bracelet coups of all time.

‘Member Rache’s hub in a slap bracelet? And my subsequent lobster roll obsession?

Though Peppermeister and I were living dead by lunchtime on Sunday (don’t worry, I’ll explain everything in the prequel), meeting Rache and her hub at a Cheesecake Factory in Delaware was a calorie-laden thrill.

“Peppermeister has officially asked me five times if I remembered the peppers,” I texted Rache as we pulled up. “P.S. – I never said that.”

I recognized the dazzling, scarlet vision as soon as we walked up to the restaurant. Rache and I hugged and immediately ordered drinks. Then it was on to handmade cards and peppers and ‘stache glasses.

I know! I forgot my f&#$* ‘stache glasses! But I didn’t need them to see that this was the best card ever made.
Boy, being allergic to avocados would really suck.

Rache is a locavore (i.e., eats only locally grown/produced food), but doesn’t deny herself the occasional avocado egg roll and Snickers cheesecake. In fact, it was one of my greatest ‘enabler’ moments of all time.

And that’s saying something. I used to call this blog GoGuiltyPleasures.

Nearly three hours flew by. Rache has a great sense of humor, and so does her hub. It was one of those rare occasions when I knew we’d click, and then we DID click, exactly the way I expected.

Rache, you’re tops.

Who wouldn’t click with THIS?

I’m pretty sure this was Rache’s first bloggy meet-up. I think we were gentle.

Or at least she and her hub managed to disguise their deer-in-headlights look once they realized we didn’t want to collect their toenails.

We like hair.

(And Rache has really great hair.)

I eagerly anticipate Rache’s glowing write-up of me, I mean, our next lunch date.

Stay tuned for the prequel (Thursday, Sep 13th)!

66 thoughts on “No Way I Was Missing My Reservation at Rachel’s Table”

    1. Right!? I consider myself quite privileged to have posted pictures of BOTH of you in bikinis on my blog. It’s really kind of sad that I don’t have more male followers, because I totally have their backs.

      She knows I love her, too, so I think it was special for both of us.

  1. Aww, sounds like a superb meet up! Yay for first timers. The virgins are the best. All sweet and innocent before you corrupt them, um, I mean ease them gently into your crazy world. 😉

    You forgot your stache glasses? I don’t even think I know you any more. :p

    1. Ninja Snaps, do you like my bloggy-meet-up shirt making a comeback? There were stretch pants under there, too.

      For the first five minutes, with the hugging and gift exchanging, I could tell Rache’s hub reallllly wasn’t sure what he’d gotten himself into. Peppermeister is fairly irresistible, though, so I wasn’t worried.

  2. ‘Stache glasses or no ‘stache glasses, you couldn’t be any more delightful, Jules. First you say I’m a “dazzling, scarlet vision.” Then you post the most sexily awkward photo of me ever. YOU are what friends are made of. Excited to see where this new relationship takes us. Maybe exchanging toe nails at a local restaurant in New Hope?

    1. Likewise, Rache! I am honored that you briefly came back to the dark-chocolate side for me. And that picture of you is THE ULTIMATE! I mean look’atchoo! Can I send it to the Sun-Staches people and demand they pay you?

      I will start my toenail collection ASAP.

    1. Thanks so much, Cécile! Another bloggy meet-up goes down without a hitch 🙂

      You know what? Halfway through lunch, the hubs were completely immersed in their own conversation (I heard snippets about vintage video games and “Arrested Development”). It was awesome.

  3. Oh, WOULD it?? WOULD being allergic to avocados SUCK?? I don’t know, maybe it’s GREAT. Maybe being allergic to avocados is a HOOT because of the PROLONGED CONVERSATIONS you get to have with waiters EVERY SINGLE TIME you go out for Mexican, or sushi, or Peruvian food! YEAH. I bet it’s GREAT.

    By the by, someone just said that that’s a seriously sexy picture of Rache. Not me. I’m too much of a gentleman. But someone else did. I pointed out that she’s a complex woman with hopes and dreams and strength and intelligence and how dare that person who walked by say such a thing.

  4. Is it bad that I am really jealous of the hair? Like I want to know all her hair products… now. haha

    And seriously. Who can resist Snickers Cheesecake?

    1. The Godiva cheesecake is my kryptonite. Every bite tastes like a 10,000-dollar chocolate truffle. I ate it with champagne and Rache and Rache’s hair and I felt so fancy and lucky.

  5. LOL Yes, that last photo is indeed awesomeness, even if the ‘stache glasses got bumped out of the way. Hubba hubba…

    Blogger meetings – especially the successful ones – are so post-worthy. In this world of wackos, it’s refreshing to find regular ole people who have common interests and then set up a date. Hey! It’s like Internet dating only without the sexual drama that results from that. Just two jolly bloggers sipping champagne. Three hours, not enough time.

    I’ve had nothing but good meetings (three) thus far, though the wife of the first blogger I ever met (with my husband by my side, in another state, no less) had issues with the whole thing. Silliness, really, but whatever.

    Happy, happy for you both. 🙂

    1. Shannon, the 3 hours flew by! And I hear you are SERIOUSLY in need of some ‘stache glasses… If I promised you some in exchange for a small amount of sexual drama and/or champagne, would you agree to the terms?

      Wow. I feel like I need to hear SO MUCH MORE about this particular bloggy meet-up. Do you have my email address?!

      1. My husband voted for “sexual drama AND champagne.” He says they go together. Whatever.

        I will look for your email and we will discuss the terms further, in a more serious and deliberate matter. *snicker*

  6. As a woman of a certain age, I respectfully request that you start posting calorie warnings on your posts. I was a few sentences in when I thought, “Oh, no. This is the lobster roll woman! . . .Do not read! Abort!Abort!”

    But it was too late. I was already to “Cheesecake Factory” and all was lost.

    1. See, now, Speaker, why would I send you some if this is the alternative?

      Do you think we could get Nicki from The Middlest Sister to craft some tiny ‘stache glasses for Hugo?

      P.S. – I’m sorry I’m obsessed with Hugo. I don’t mean to let him steal your thunder.

  7. Rachel sure knows how to work those stache glasses! Day-um! You go, girl.

    So glad you two had such a great meet-up. The first ones are always the hardest. You don’t know what to expect. Of course, my first meet-up happened to be with Charles and I was so nervous it was like the first day of school or something. But it was worth it to meet a fellow neurotic blogger like me. 😉

    1. …by the way..your ads today are cruel. Just mean. I am so hungry. And suddenly have a serious hankering for some Wendy’s Ranch Chicken Clubs. With loads of avocado on top. Oh, Mr. B. So sad. my heart bleeds for you.

      1. Right?! Freakin’ Dave Thomas all OVER my blog yesterday. And apparently red and yellow are the colors that make people hungry, too.

        I know! Even if you have NOTHING else in common, you could always turn to a ‘site stats and how they relate to my overall sense of self-worth’ discussion.

    1. I don’t blame you in the slightest. That’s actually what I get on my birthday (avocado egg rolls from Cheesecake Factory – and Godiva cheesecake, ‘o course), that’s how much I love them.

  8. How fun to meet another great bloggy friend! Just to tide you over, JuJu, until you get to meet me. Doesn’t quite seem fair that Rache is fun, hot AND free of avocado allergies (sorry B-Man – that IS heartbreaking.)

  9. I’m so glad (and encouraged!) to hear that so many blogger meetings are great experiences. I mean, there are no fava beans or chianti mentioned in any of these posts, so I would assume everyone is still intact after these get-togethers. Glad to see the only things that were devoured were avocado egg rolls and cheesecakes!

    1. I’m glad you weren’t thrown off about the hair, Jess. Rache has already promised me a lock of hers. I think the bottom line is bloggy meet-ups traditionally go well because you meet people who are as equally sick and twisted, and then everything seems normal.


  10. You two are adorable and any couple would be honored to swing with the likes of all of you. Particularly when there are mustache glasses involved here.

    Avocados are my favorite food on the planet and I would throw myself off a building if I couldn’t be a part of that goodness. Just so you know my position on avocados.

    1. Nnng, please tell me that’s a proposition and not just a general statement.

      I couldn’t agree more re: avocados. In fact, I never would have mentioned the egg rolls if I knew I was just rubbing it in B Man’s face.

      Except for the part where that’s exactly why I mentioned them.

  11. New bloggy friends, cheesecake, avocado rolls and stache glasses. This post was just meant to make us hungry and jealous, right? Glad you hit it off with another blogging friend! I love hearing about real life meetups.

  12. What a cutie!!! And yes being allergic to avocados would suck, they are the best – I like them even more now that my bf has given me a thorough education on how to pick out the best ones from the store (he is a pro <3)

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