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Why You Need to Watch Santa Clarita Diet

Wayyyy back in the day, this blog was called Go Guilty Pleasures! Yes, with an exclamation point, because I make it my mission to tell you how you feel about what you’re reading. Back then I waxed poetic about Darren Criss and Justin Timberlake, but eventually I evolved to more mature matters, like eating dog kibble.

Well, old habits die hard, and I’m here to tell you how you should feel about Santa Clarita Diet, the morbid, quirky, irresistible Netflix show starring Drew Barrymore and that guy from Girl Next Door. (…Anyone?) They’re back for season two and I just about puked from excitement.

If you can get past the puke in episode one, I promise it’s worth it! Photo credit.

This show is filling the Buffy-sized hole in my heart. It is utterly absurd, and yet entirely lovable, with characters who make the most implausible seem as commonplace as eating an entire box of Wheat Thins in one sitting. (…Anyone?) Take, for instance, this dialogue from the beginning of season 2, episode 1:



JOEL (male lead a.k.a. Drew Barrymore’s husband) is inside a mental hospital. He shares a room with CRAZY HOSPITAL PATIENT and decides to come clean about his wife.

JOEL: She’s undead.

CRAZY HOSPITAL PATIENT: Really? How is that going?

JOEL: Honestly? Mixed. She has an intensity I love, but having to find human flesh for her to eat? That’s been hard.


JOEL: We’re realtors, so, killing people and stuffing them in the freezer doesn’t come naturally.


If you’re reading that cold, I’ve probably convinced you to never watch this show. But guess what? THAT’S EXACTLY WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS SHOW. They make that work.

Chyeah. I know. Catch you on the flip undead side, Chipmunks!


11 thoughts on “Why You Need to Watch Santa Clarita Diet”

  1. Ok, I will add fuel to the zombie-infested fire.
    Santa Clarita diet is hilarious and a bit raunchy and interesting and different, but, mostly, hilarious. Yeah, you gotta have a morbid sense of humor. But, wow, if you do, this show just hits the box office of your soul and shines. (bad imagery, but we writers can’t be great all the time – sorry S. King.
    Watch it!!!

    1. I wonder what would happen if you added literal fuel to a literal zombie-infested fire. Do you think that’s coming in season 3? “Box office of your soul” – I wish I could steal that, but its original author has already been documented here on Go Jules Go (next best thing, I suppose)!

  2. I loved it at the first episode itself, except the puke was just…too much! The characters are absurd and there was Nathan Fillion tho just for two episodes 😂 I plan to watch it further!

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