I Owe You: Your Friday Palate Cleanser

I know I just made you watch a video of me stealing my dog’s vegan kibble and eating it.

Tastes great…less meaty!

I can’t believe you came back.

I love you so much.

As an apology and token of my affection, I’d like to offer you a palate cleanser.

Wait for it…

You might recall from the aforementioned debauchery that my dog, Uncle Jesse, just turned 8 years old. And guess what? You can teach an old dog new tricks! A few years ago, I accidentally taught him how to stretch before our long walks. Recently I thought, “Wouldn’t it be helpful if he learned how to shake off all of this excess snow/water/disgusting street sludge before we get into the living room?”

Oh sure, it all looks fine and dandy right NOW…

I figured it would be a tough one, and yes, it’s taken Uncle Jesse a lot longer than usual to decipher my funny mouth sounds. Sometimes when I say, “Shake shake shake!” he sneezes. Sometimes it looks like this:

But now (…most of time)? Behold!


Have any favorite dog tricks?