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My Dog Is About To Make Your Weekend


Some of you may already be familiar with my obsession with my Labradoodle dog, Uncle Jesse.

He’s a model.

He eats lying down.

He answers to ridiculous commands.

He’s the inspiration behind my inaugural blog post.

Recently, I began to notice something even more incredible than the fact that he turns his snout up at the sh*tty knock off Milk Bone biscuits from the local bank teller.

I noticed he learned a command entirely unintentionally.

Because he’s the most amazing f%$&*@ dog in the world.

Happy Friday!

What’s the best pet trick you’ve ever seen? (Links to videos STRONGLY encouraged.)


40 thoughts on “My Dog Is About To Make Your Weekend”

  1. Your dog is THE BEST! This isn’t so much a pet trick, but it’s a video of my cat being stroked by a robot arm that my son made. We can’t work out whether the cat is enjoying it, or just can’t be bothered to move!

  2. Wow.. Letterman quality Stupid Pet Tricks. Forget the cat that can recite poetry or the monkey who’s got a degree… Your dog takes the prize

  3. Can your dog teach my dog to come when called? Maybe I should stop trying to bribe her with the sh***ty biscuits from the bank teller and stock up on raw steak.

  4. What a face ! My pitbull wont eat bank treats either, she prefers Newman’s sweet potato & turkey; so I drive her over to get a mini ice cream cone after the bank…..I guess her greatest trick is training me to buy ice cream.

  5. 17 seconds? Jeez, what am I, made of time?

    KB has started doing Downward Dog after laughing at me doing it for a few months. That’s right, my baby is almost as smart as your dog.

  6. That was soooooo adorable. I love it when my dog gets up in the morning. She has to stretch out and make this cute yawn noise. I can’t remember if she learned that from me or vice versa. Literally grinned like a fool at your video.

  7. He’s such a sweetheart! My dog (now in Puppy Heaven) used to bow on command (really he was stretching, but who’s gonna quibble, right?). SO darling when they behave like that! Labradoodles are the bomb!

  8. Dang that dog is not only cute but smart. Why can’t I meet a dog like him? I mean a man. i meant to say man…okay fine. A dog! I have a sweet, mental dog who is nuts. I wouldn’t trade him for the world. But would it KILL him to just do ONE LITTLE CUTE TRICK other than the ‘I’m being chased by invisible bee’s so I’m going to cram myself under this impossibly small space’ trick? Or the ‘lets go for a walk and poop RIGHT on the planter in the middle of the busy street so it is all over the side of it and can’t be properly picked up’ trick? I think it would kill him, he seems to think it will, so he’d better not try. Go Sea Hawks…

  9. I have a cat. She is really good at this stretching trick, and she does it all the time. Well, except for sleeping and eating, which are her two favorite tricks of all time.

  10. Thing 1: How does the running skirt work out for you? Tell the truth: is it more for function, or cuteness?

    Thing the second: I want to live with you guys. Can I bring my family and stay in your garage? I think we’re all secret soul mates.

  11. Funnily enough, last Friday my own lovable tailwagging sidekick started talking to me after the bottle of vodka I put down. I managed to film the entire experience but unfortunately don’t require the necessary technological skills to put it up on any social media site…it’s unfortunate!

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