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If You Don’t Want to Fall in Love, Don’t Read This

There are a lot of really compelling, totally unbiased reasons you should fall in love with my dog, Uncle Jesse (yes, that’s right, we named him after a “Full House” character, ’cause we’re cool like that).

For one thing, have you ever seen a grown, otherwise sassy and able-bodied dog eat lying down?

Did I mention he comes over and gives our feet/legs a lick of thanks every time he has a solid drink of water or a satisfying dose of kibs?

Uncle Jesse even looks pathetic-cute after rolling in disgusting things out-of-doors (and getting an immediate bath):

Have mercy for REALSIES.

If Uncle Jesse’s looks and eating habits haven’t won you over, perhaps his mind-control abilities will. When he has to go outside, he simply stands in front of you and stares.

If that doesn’t work, he gets closer.

And then…

Okay, still not smitten? Well, there’s one more test to see if your heart actually works. When I was a Hurricane Irene refugee at my parents’ house, Peppermeister and Uncle J put on this stunning performance:

What makes your pet(s) lovable?

42 thoughts on “If You Don’t Want to Fall in Love, Don’t Read This”

  1. Loved his singing!
    My cats are incredibly cute most of the time. My cats love to walk across my computer keyboard as I type and although sometimes it is annoying when one of my cats gets the idea to attack my stray frizzy hair, I have to smile!

    1. Aw! I love when they walk across the keyboard, too! Or, when I see pictures of them captivated by the computer screen. My husband is deathly allergic to cats, otherwise I’m sure we’d have at least one (I did growing up)!

  2. He looks like a giant teddy bear! Like, one of those expensive Oatmealy ones at Build-A-Bear. Except in dog form. I love that he eats lying down. My favorite thing is when Jack catches you unoccupied, he gives you the canine equivalent of BRB! and runs off at full trot to get a grrr. A grrr is whatever toy is closest that he will then run at you full force with and make you play tug until he can’t breathe. Casey watches all this while trying to doze, every so often opening one eye.

  3. I’m imagining his cuddliness right now! My 2 cats, Pixie and Sophie, are very cuddly, too. Of course, thier cuddliness is totally on their own terms unless I scoop them up and force-cuddle them, which I often do!

    BTW, I’ve been working on a guilty pleasure vlog just for you. I’ve only done about 20 tries!! Do you know how hard it is for a person who talks as much as me to do 30 seconds of video? ( I also seem to break out in hives on my neck and chest when I film myself!!) I’ve gotten it down to 33 seconds! My youngest daughter is a Mass Comm major and does news clips for the campus radio station. She’s very used to timing stories down to 30 or 60 second blocks, so I’m going to call upon her expertise for help before your deadline! 🙂

    1. LOL! Force cuddle! Yes! Sometimes it just has to happen. I’m bad enough that Uncle Jesse even knows a command, “Cuddle me.” Usually used when I get home from work (and need a reminder for why I work in the first place).

      Oooh ooh oooh I can’t WAIT to see your vlog!!! (And don’t tell the others, but if you need 33 seconds, dangit, those extra 3 seconds are YOURS!!)

  4. I actually had a dream about U. Jesse last night. You and I were up in your old bedroom and heard something downstairs and when we looked, there was your pup. Your blue pup, but we weren’t surprised by his Smurfness. It was just a , “Oh, good, the noise was just your blue dog.”
    If you think that’s weird, ask my about the party at my house involving D.C. that followed the Uncle Jesse dream… Crazy!

    1. Bobby is beautiful!! Even covered in cow poop! Thanks for sending the video link – you cracked me up when you said, “Use your words.”

      A lot of people think we named him after Uncle Jesse from Dukes of Hazzard, and I also think he’s howling “STOOOOOP” when he “sings.” LOL! He howls at jazz music, which cracks me up, because I don’t like [most] jazz.

      1. Kind of you to say about Bobby. He’s “just” a lab…had I gotten him 2 weeks later, I’d have named him Dug after the dog in “Up?” He’s EXACTLY that dog (personality, intelligence and looks).

        Often, when I say “Use your words” he goes, “rorrrrorrrorrrr.” He was too full of himself and cow shite to be bothered.

        I respect Uncle Jesse and you for admitting that jazz isn’t great. I’ve wanted to like it since I was a child but haven’t grown into it.

  5. He is adorable. What kind of dog is he?

    My two goldens sneeze when they get excited. When I get up in the morning, I am greeted by hysterical sneezing from the both of them. They are also just really sweet and cuddly. That must be why I put up with the constant shedding.

    1. Thank you so much! He’s an Australian Labradoodle – very silky coat and doesn’t shed at all, but you have to be careful where you get ‘doodles from if allergies are a concern (not only to watch out for less-than-reputable breeders, but if you get a first generation, they could still shed/upset allergies). ….I know way too much about this. 😉

      That is TOO cute!!! I always wanted a golden retriever (and was going to name him Comet, like the Full House dog – now you know the oh-so-fascinating story, ha). The labradoodle was a compromise because of my husband’s allergies (although of course he isn’t really a compromise!). Do you have any pictures available for public consumption??

  6. He’s a wheaten terrier, right? My parents have one. They’re just very, very sweet. Also they don’t shed, which is nice.

    We have a beagle whose brain is very small, but a good 50% of it is devoted to figuring out things we think are adorable. it seems to work for him. He was not allowed on the bed, but then started sneaking up to the foot of it in the middle of the night and we wouldn’t notice until morning. So, fine. Then he’d jump up there at bed time, since it was allowed now. Then it was the middle of the bed. Then the head of the bed, then right between us, then he basically commandeered his own pillow which is his now because ew, dog pillow. So now he has a spot right between us, with a pillow, shoving us away if we make him too hot in his bed, all the while looking at us with big, sweet eyes and resting his chin on your stomach.

    1. He does look a lot like a wheaten terrier! I love them. He’s actually a…well, a [small] labradoodle. I know. But he doesn’t bother my husband’s allergies at all!

      That is such a great story, and makes me feel a lot better about the fact that we went through the exact same process with Uncle Jesse. Pretty much every pillow in this house has become a dog pillow. I’m surprised he hasn’t moved us out to the barn yet.

  7. That video! THAT VIDEO! It sure piqued my dog’s interest.

    If you’d asked me what’s awesome about my dog pre-Li’l D, you would’ve gotten a pretty exhaustive list. Now I tend to sum it up in one (pretty broad!) bullet: “Is awesome with my little one.” I seriously love watching Sai sit patiently while Li’l D rolls all over him and says “PONY!” while trying to ride him like a pony.

  8. Aw! The “getting closer” tactic works. I want a dog! I haven’t had one since I was 21. My daughter is deathly afraid of dogs…and cats. Maybe one day when she’s older I can convince her dogs are the greatest creatures on earth. 🙂 She did love the video clip at least!

    1. So, now I’m obsesssed with you getting a dog. How does your daughter feel about small dogs or puppies (do you know anyone with one?), to get her warmed up? When Uncle J was about 4 months old (maybe 20 lbs. – he’s only 30 now), an adult female friend came over who was TERRIFIED of dogs, but Uncle Jesse won her over. She said it was the first dog she wasn’t afraid of.

      New plan. I’ll rent him out to you, for a small fee. Except I’d probably miss him too much.

      New new plan. Come visit Jersey with your daughter.

    1. hahaha Thank you! That reminds me of my exact reaction every time I see him. We just stare at him all the time. Everything he does is cute to us – probably because he still looks like a puppy (he’s a year and a half old)! Also sassy. Very sassy.

      Your dog is ADORABLE!!

    1. Thanks, Larry! Do you by any chance know the number of Raffi’s agent? This could be huge. So many things rhyme with ‘doodle. Man, why did I never practice the guitar?

  9. He’s super cute! He reminds me so much of my dog (who’s with my parents overseas, couldn’t bring him when we moved to Connecticut) – he does the same thing when he wants to go outside! I call it his ‘hypnosis stare’ 😉 And he will definitely ‘sing’ too, but not with the piano, with my brother’s trumpet, or if we sing with him! Miss him lots, so seeing your pictures put a big smile on my face! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. p.s. Just had to add that I love that you named him after Uncle Jesse in Full House – the show (and Uncle Jesse) were huge favorites with my sister and me when we were little girls!

    2. Thank you so much! Aw, I’m sorry to hear your pooch isn’t with you; that must be hard. Are you going to be in Connecticut for a set period of time?

      Believe me when I say it was MY pleasure! In fact, I have to stop myself from making every post about Uncle Jesse, LOL 🙂

  10. OMG, adorable. Also, I love that you named his Uncle Jesse.

    Also, I have seen a grown able bodied dog eat laying down. He lives in my house. A perfect example is when Athens, a weimaraner, was taken to the dog park, where instead of running around playing with other dogs he laid down in the shade next to the water dish and drank the water laying down as he watched the other dogs exercise!

    1. Thank you!! You’re kidding, your dog eats lying down, too?! That’s fabulous. Any pictures online of him (I’m hounding [har har] everyone for pictures as soon as they tell me they have pets)?? The weird thing about Uncle Jesse is that he’s otherwise very energetic; he always wants to run and play. But, he’s chill about food – we even leave his kibble out all day, and he only eats when he’s hungry! Like a cat.

  11. Uncle Jesse sure is cute! I had cats all my life until I got married when my bride found out she is allergic to the furry guys. I’d kind of like to get a skunk, which are supposed to be kind of like a hypo-allergenic cat, but I’ve never had one and I’d kind of like to know what I’m getting into before taking the plunge.

    1. Thank you! You should see him now – he just got a haircut and he looks like a skeleton dog from a Tim Burton movie.

      I think you should get a skunk. Mostly because I want to impress people by telling them I know someone with a skunk.

    1. You should see Uncle Jesse get down with jazz! He really is singing; it’s wild! My parents’ piano is so out of the tune, though, that he probably was howling in that video! Le Peps – I like it! LOL

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