I Owe You: Your Friday Palate Cleanser

I know I just made you watch a video of me stealing my dog’s vegan kibble and eating it.

Tastes great…less meaty!

I can’t believe you came back.

I love you so much.

As an apology and token of my affection, I’d like to offer you a palate cleanser.

Wait for it…

You might recall from the aforementioned debauchery that my dog, Uncle Jesse, just turned 8 years old. And guess what? You can teach an old dog new tricks! A few years ago, I accidentally taught him how to stretch before our long walks. Recently I thought, “Wouldn’t it be helpful if he learned how to shake off all of this excess snow/water/disgusting street sludge before we get into the living room?”

Oh sure, it all looks fine and dandy right NOW…

I figured it would be a tough one, and yes, it’s taken Uncle Jesse a lot longer than usual to decipher my funny mouth sounds. Sometimes when I say, “Shake shake shake!” he sneezes. Sometimes it looks like this:

But now (…most of time)? Behold!


Have any favorite dog tricks?


13 thoughts on “I Owe You: Your Friday Palate Cleanser”

    1. I started out by praising him (OVER THE TOP) every time I caught him doing it naturally and gave him treats. “GOOD SHAKE!!!!!” Then, every now and then, he would do it when I said the words, and I’d go nuts. He still doesn’t *always* do it, but he’s getting better and better and we practice every day. Also, of course, he’s a genius dog.

  1. Heard the story about the city people who visited some friends out in the country? The city couple stays for dinner and the woman remarks how clean the dishes look. The country woman says, “they are as clean as cold water can get them.” The city woman is a little upset that they don’t use hot water, but when in the city… So, after the meal, they are cleaning up and the city woman offers to help do the dishes. “No need,” replies the country woman and she starts setting the plates on the floor. “Come on, Cold Water, come on boy…”
    Have a great week,

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