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Slap Bracelets Comeback – The GRAND (Oh, it’s Grand) Finale!

Well, fashion-forward Chipmunks. The time has come. I’ve given away nearly 200 slap bracelets since December, and your response has made my guilty pleasure heart soar.

I think we’ve done it. We’ve brought them back. A quick Google search of “slap bracelets” proves this. They’re everywhere. (Add “chipmunks” to that search and see what happens!)

Congratulations to you for being so awesome.

Oh and a final tip before we view some FLIPPIN’ FANTASTIC PHOTOS – I’ve noticed my few remaining slap bracelets are suffering from lackluster snappiness. Perhaps it’s the gawd-awful Jersey humidity. Anyhoo, it seems they like being stored rolled up, instead of flat. Here’s a helpful illustration:

And now – onto the final pictures (posted, as always, in the order in which they were received)! If you’d like to see past slap bracelet pictures, or Go Guilty Pleasures slap bracelets across the blogosphere, scurry over to my Slap Bracelets page. And of course, if any other photos roll in, you know I’ll be thrilled to brag about post them.

#1 – A.J.’s Mom From BibeAutyful

A.J.’s Mom and I bonded over the gloriousness that is guilty pleasure gift basket giveaways. Her submission [to win the basket] was wonderful (and earned her an Honorable Mention). I’m very excited to post her pictures and introduce any newcomers to her blog! I mean, just look at her annotations! You do me proud, A.J.’s Mom.

Finally! Slap bracelets at the Royal Wedding!

This one has inspired me in so many ways:

#2 – Angie Z. from Childhood Relived

Chipmunks, I don’t even know where to start here. Peppermeister (Husband #1) just told me that I was talking in my sleep the other night (I blame the heroin cough suppressants); apparently I said the name “Angie” as I was chattering away incoherently. When he asked who I was talking to, I sleep-responded, “My bud, Angie, from Go Guilty Pleasures!” (I’m absolutely certain I used my own blog name so he would understand.)

Angie, I’m sorry if that creeps you out, but I really just love you a lot. You even got me to share my horrifying kid pics. If people don’t understand why I feel this way, all they need to do is read this slap bracelet letter and see the accompany photos, which take us back to a simpler time, when slap bracelets weren’t yet shanks.

Dear Jules,

I received my snap bracelets in the mail and couldn’t be happier.  They are everything I ever wanted in vinyl wrist accessories.

In fact, what I would’ve given to have them years ago.  (I could’ve been the coolest girl in high school.)  What I would’ve given to have them in the summer of ’93, just in time for my senior year photo shoot.

Can you believe we’re seniors?  It’s gone so fast!

After giving it some thought, I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands — quite literally.  Because who says you can’t reinvent the past?

That’s right — with my very own snap bracelets, I decided to recreate my senior pictures.  I happen to have some of my old clothes even — the early ’90s certainly paved the way in high fashion.  I think you’ll agree that we gave up the hair bump far too soon.

I’ll always remember the homecoming party at T-Bone’s house when we karaoked to Ace of Base.  I’ll always remember how you proposed marriage to Mark Calderon from Color Me Badd.  I’ll always remember how we ruled the school in our band uniforms.  My memory is a little fuzzy on that last one.

Stay cool, never change, and never stop wearing your velvet choker,


P.S.  Why does my old letter jacket stink like Cool Ranch Doritos?

#3 – L from Trying Not to be Fat

In a short time, L has become one of my favorite favourite Canadians. First of all, she makes delicious food for a living and has great stories, and second of all, she’s very funny. Her blog focuses on her effort to lose weight, and while she needs no help from me, I keep offering to take those croissants off her hands.

I just sent L’s bracelet out on Tuesday, so she neither confirms nor denies the authenticity of THIS photo:

#4 – Kate from Katiepede’s Blog

I can’t even tell you how stoked bloody delighted I am to have another Brit in my corner. Kate has a great sense of humor, which complements her green thumb, and probably means I should never introduce her to Peppermeister. It would be love at first sapling.

She’s so thoughtful, she even brought the Jubilee to me!

#5 – She Who Must Not Be Named (but you can call her Ashley Patterson, her favorite book character)

Ashley gave me a right scare this week when she said her slap bracelets STILL hadn’t made it to Dubai after several weeks. I would have had to take down my ‘Number of Slap Bracelet Incidents: 0’ board that I keep next to my Second Husband shrine.

Luckily, there was just a little mix-up at the office, and they showed up on Wednesday, just in time for Ashley to snap some amazing pictures of…

The slap bracelet letter…

Her handbag, which didn’t think it could get any hotter, until…

Alfred, who recently graduated and is allegedly quite the braggart, never taking off his graduation cap…

Alfred’s pal, Creamy, who wanted to join the fun, but you can just imagine what Alfred had to say about that. Snob.

“Creamy, you’re bear-y nice. You’re just not cut out for this kind of pressure.”

Pictures in Dubai – the famous Emirates towers…

…And the world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa…

And last, but certainly not least, 3 of Ashley’s guilty pleasures: The Post-Its in her room…

Her books…

And her all-time favorite, her love dices (now THAT’S what I call well played)…

#6 – Sprinkles from How Can I Complain?

Sprinkles is one of my oldest and most cherished blog buddies. I ADORE Sprinkles, the way some people adore, well, sprinkles. She just gets it, you know? I mean, just ask her about any of TLC’s latest offerings.

Meet Sophie, whose guilty pleasure is bubble watching (I could watch this all day):

And here is Sprinkles’ new(ish) tattoo, designed by her oldest daughter – how amazing is that?

Thanks again, Chipmunks. I really believe you are special. And not special like you can’t eat cereal without spilling milk down your shirt. Special like I’d totally watch your stand-up comedy even if you used props like Bob the Snake.

I wonder what’s next*.

*I totally know what’s next.

93 thoughts on “Slap Bracelets Comeback – The GRAND (Oh, it’s Grand) Finale!”

    1. Exactly! Angie does NOT mess around. HA – I was thinking the same thing about the candy; between that and the love dice, we’ve taken things to a whole new level here.

  1. God DAMN IT!!! I missed it (insert angry face). I just read your past posts about these Slap Bracelets thingy abob’s , and I must admit this old lady went to google to find out just why they were band in school,,and I believe that was just WRONG,,,I say let the kids have a little fun,,,then I started to think of the possibilities of how these little baubles could be used as a kinky sex toy,,,,,,sigh,,,,,now I’m feeling even more anger not only did I miss out on these things during the late 80’s and early 90’s,,,,I missed out on the comeback,,,,,,,,waahhhhhhhh

      1. Well…of course it does. I was trying to use reverse blog-psychology to snag one. In my heart, I’m sure one of the many women in my household would steal it anyway. They’d have every right to do so. I mean, I thought a “side-pony” was a sexual position.

  2. Love the post, Jules!! Sophie fully approves, but my other cat, Pixie, (who refused to pose with a bracelet) is highly jealous and is officially ignoring you for the day!
    Totally off subject but, oh, Gawd, have you seen the brief ads for National Geographic Channel’s “American Gypsy?” Can life get any sweeter? I think not! 🙂

    1. I’m so glad Sophie approves! I’ll keep one eye open when it comes to Pixie, though.

      I have NOT seen those ads, so I will keep the other eye open for THOSE!

      Hmm. It’s going to be hard to sleep.

  3. Can my elbow in the picture next to the tree look any more broken? I think my femur bone is protruding. I’m a tad double-jointed in a sideshow freak type of way. Sorry about that.

    Thanks for your creepy-sweet words, Jules. I was just told by another woman last week that she had a dream about me. All part of my blog traffic enhancement strategy. If I provide enough childhood nostalgia on my blog, eventually people will believe they grew up with me. Eventually I will be listed as their next of kin.

    I can’t believe how far your snap bracelets have traveled! Amazing! I loved the other photos, very creative uses of snap bracelets.

    1. ha ha ha No need for apologies when it comes to double-jointedness and bone-naming snafus on Go Guilty Pleasures. Besides, I am totally blinded by my love for you. Hearing of your strategy does not change this.

      THANK YOU again for sharing your truly amazing, creative genius with me/us! And did I mention you still managed to look gorgeous?!

  4. YAY! I wanted to take so many more pictures, awful I couldn’t! 😀 The slap bracelet will now be my new bud for many more adventures to come 😉 Even the guilty ones I suppose 😉

    1. I’m so excited to hear it, Ashley, and I was SO SO SO happy the bracelet arrived in time! I’ll definitely be more than glad to share any other pictures. Thank you again! 🙂

  5. This is all kinds of great – but I’m left feeling a little sad. I wish Angie felt better about herself and would share pictures of herself. It’s a shame she is so shy.

    1. What’s there to be shy about, Lenore — I’ve never felt more sexy than I did last weekend when I got my hair to touch the ceiling of my bathroom. I’m feeling that the hair bump really suits me.

    2. Ha! I know. I wish she would stuff that shyness in her poof and get on with it.

      P.S. – This Chipmunk learned a little something from the squirrels, and squirreled away a few slap bracelets, so if you’d like one, I’d LOVE to send you one! ( 😉

  6. I want that purse with the PURPLE strap WANT IT WANT IT WANT IT. I also want us all to get together with our slap bracelets and get a happy drunk going. Can we do that virtually? And did you know how very excellently a slap bracelet fits around the widest part of a champagne bottle?

    1. Right?! I love it, too, but it’s in England! I wonder if we can get our paws on one…

      Also? What you just told me about slap bracelets and the champagne bottle brought a tear to my eye. I think it’s only right that we test this out during our efforts to get happy drunk (ha! Can something done so naturally be called an ‘effort’??).

      Thank you so much for your own SPECTACULAR slap bracelet pictures! Tito and I were blown away.

      1. Hi Linda & Jules,
        I think you might… just might be able to get your pawns on one of these bags. The brand is called Envy and I actually bought this from this little shop in town where I live for £18.00 ($27). I just checked online and managed to find this bag from this website See what you think guys. They ship worldwide! 🙂 Good luck!

  7. That is a boatload of bracelets! What a clever idea to get your blog url out there. Go Guilty Pleasures!
    I am partial to the baby’s ankle bracelet~ 🙂

    1. Susie! Things have been so nutty I didn’t get over to ‘use me and abuse me Wednesday,’ LE SIGH. (And I’m hosting parties for the next three weekends, gah!)

      You know what’s really funny? I never even thought of it as a good marketing tool until someone else pointed it out, LOL I am so blonde. I was all, “Well, I said I was going to bring them back [in my first ever video blog back in October], so why not take myself seriously for once?!” 😉

      P.S. – I still have a few left and would LOVE to send you one, if you’re interested. All I’d need is your address (!

  8. These are all so, so wonderful. Your name and the guiltiness of pleasure, has truly made its way around the world.

    But Angie’s senior pictures….urp…gaa…snort….I can’t even talk here, I am so verklempt and in awe. Bahhhaaaaahhhha!

    1. And yet, total WordPress domination still eludes us…

      I know. Angie is like an angel sent straight down to us from the guilty pleasure gods.

      But let us remember, too, YOUR amazing slap bracelet pictures and captions! You definitely raised the bar, Peg.

      1. I don’t understand how that domination continues to elude us. Must be some cosmic disturbance in the force.

        Refresh my memory…the slap bracelets weren’t ANOTHER contest, were they? We were just all admiring one another’s work, right? Cuz my competitive spirit is just about kaput. Especially since Angie would win that hands (clutching slap bracelets) down.

        1. ha ha! That would have been hilarious if I was secretly holding a slap bracelet contest (twirling my handlebar ‘stache’ all the while)… No, this is the kind of thing where EVERYONE is a winner. Except, you know, those suckers without slap bracelets 😉

    1. Ha! Thank you so much, Darla – I have all my awesome Chipmunk peeps to thank (yourself included)!

      (Don’t ask me how long this post took to put together, LOL It’s almost sad.)

    1. Thank YOU, L! I seriously want to blow up your picture and hang it on the Chipmunk Wall of Fame and/or Shame. (Don’t worry, yours falls under the ‘fame’ category ;))

    1. Ha ha! Ya’ll are too kind. And please don’t ever ask Peppermeister to verify Angie’s statement.

      Audrey – I would LOVE to send you a slap bracelet from the Reserve Collection if you’re interested! (Just would need your address sent to:

  9. Angie, that last picture of you in the hammock- like, oh my GAWD! Those are some serious bangs. Like, can’t-fit-in-my-car-without-the-bangs-scraping-the-ceiling kind of bangs. Totally Awesome, dude! Radical.
    And I love that you lettered in band. We didn’t have that option at my school and I’m still bitter. I had to manage track to get a damn letter.

    1. Aw, thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed my glamorous hair and attire. I could never, ever get that kind of hair lift in high school. How tragic that, now that I apparently can, the world has no use for it?

      I did get a legitimate sports letter in Cross Country but I love that it’s only the band letter that’s showing here.

    2. I know! It’s truly amazing. And Angie, I think you MUST find use for the new heights your hair can achieve. I will start brainstorming immediately.

  10. So your slap bracelets are now officially a global-phenomenon! That’s impressive. I can’t figure out why my “I’d Rather Be Reading The Byronic Man” garter-belts aren’t catching on…

    1. Wow. I just came really close to responding, “You bet your nuts they are!” ‘Cause, you know, chipmunks and nuts…

      And that really is a mystery.

      P.S. – Let the record state, your slap bracelet picture ‘reveal’ was one of the top highlights of the Slap Bracelet Comeback-a-palooza!

      1. Well, that’s nice of you to say – but there were some pretty great shots. Angie Z’s “Senior Faux-tos” (Oh my God, I TOTALLY just made that up!) are pretty hard to beat.

  11. Oh, how did I miss this? I had a slap bracelet collection that was to-die-for. Alas, they are all gone now, along with my swatches and stick on earrings. But if you have any of the gorgeous things left, I will make sure my pig rocks it as a fashionable collar. Please send it to: Zack Morris, 1 Crimped Bangs Place, Straight Up Now Tell Me, 90210. Thanks!

    1. I am not surprised, Rian, that you had a whole collection, because you are awesome like that.

      And YES, I would LOVE to send you one from the Reserve Collection! I just need your address at! In the meantime, I’ll get one straight away to 90210. (HA!)

  12. Well, leave it to the Nebraska girl to take top prize in the slap bracelet finale – in my book, anyway. We Huskers have to stick together.

    This was a right proper finale, Jules. Had the whole, “Is this the last of the fireworks, cuz they just keep getting bigger and bigger, mom” vibe to it.

    Nicely done by all. And thanks for putting on the puttin’ on of the slap bracelets, my friend.

    1. You both did Nebraska (and California, for that matter) proud!

      Oooh, like a fireworks finale…now THERE’S a compliment. Thank YOU, my friend! This was almost more fun than should be allowed.

  13. Reblogged this on Ramblings of a Misguided Blonde and commented:
    Jules over at Go Guilty Pleasures just wrapped up her efforts to bring back slap bracelets. The post is a doozy. Angie Z. from Childhood Relived takes centers stage as she relives her 1993 senior photo shoot, slap bracelet, choke collar, side tail, and all. How do Jules and Angie keep coming up with this stuff? I’m just glad they do!

  14. Hi Jules!!! Wow awesome pics from all the slap-bracelets owners! Our slap bracelet has been traveling with us rain or shine while being attached to my cross-body bag. It’s been a heck of a week of RAIN here ever since June arrived. OMG. Even during the Jubilee celebration, it was just soaking wet! You would have loved it here still Jules. Celebration (food & drink!!!) all around and everyone really had the British spirit all over them. 🙂 Happy Sunday!

    1. Hiya, A.J.’s Mom! I’m so sorry I didn’t respond to this earlier – THANK YOU for your awesome pictures, AND for telling us where we might be able to find that gorgeous purse! I so wish I could have been at the Jubilee, but I trust you celebrated enough for both of us! 🙂

    1. Hiya Shannon! Sorry I took so long to respond to this comment – THANK YOU! I feel like I sleep better at night knowing slap bracelets have been revived.

  15. I could get run out of town for this & forced to give up my Hartnell jersey, but wanted to stop by & let you know I am standing by the east coast & cheering for the Devils tonight !!!!
    & my niece has a slap watch – they sell them at Target !

    1. Doh – sorry I never responded to this! I heard the Devils lost, but I’m sure it had nothing to do with you 😉 LOL (Confession: it’s a miracle I even know who you’re talking about.)

      P.S. – Target…where are my royalties?!

          1. They arrived complete with a bright green letter and stickers! I haven’t received this kind of mail since 7th grade. I’ve decided that I’m taking the slap bracelets on my vacation with me. They will have all sorts of adventures, which I will document for your viewing pleasure.

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