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The Next Big Thing: GOGP’s Video Blogging Craze!

My sweet, striped, forest-dwelling critters, I am about to harness the guilty pleasure god energy that was recently made available to me. Also steal borrow divine inspiration from the current vlogging trend about accents.

That’s right!

New vlogging phenomenon!

Starting right here, right now, courtesy of!

The Rules

#1 – Tell everyone who you are, why we should care, and what your silliest guilty pleasure is.

#2 – Incorporate my favorite word: heinous.

#3 – Oh yeah, you only have 30 seconds.  (Because every game is funnier when the clock is ticking.)

The Prize

It’s a surprise. I don’t want to alarm you, but let’s just say my pumpkin-carving skills rival my vlogging creativity.

Now, let’s kick this shizzle up to the next level and get started! And yes, this is my FIRST. EVER. VLOG!

YOUR TURN! (If you’d like to participate, but don’t have a blog or don’t want to post on your blog, feel free to submit videos on YouTube or directly to me at:

DEADLINE: Pumpkin Season (a.k.a. October 22, 2011). …The contest might be over, but you can check out the winner and the AWESOME prize here!

44 thoughts on “The Next Big Thing: GOGP’s Video Blogging Craze!”

    1. You can DEFINITELY use your own favorite word. (Is shizzle really your favorite word? Oooh.) The deadline is September 31st.

      …hahaha Get it? Okay. Sorry. I really did think about a deadline, but wasn’t sure if anyone want to jive with this shiz (umm…that’s what she said). There really is prize potential, though, which should be carved, I mean, awarded, by mid-to-late October.

    1. Cute like animals dressed as other animals cute, or just regular animals cute? I mean, thank you.

      😉 Seriously – thank you!!! Advance apologies for WordPress-uring you into vlogging over the next 3 weeks.

      1. Kittens dressed as hedgehogs dressed as chipmunks cute!

        Hmm, vlogging–scary! I’ll ask my daughter what Final Cut Pro can do in making me look cool on video and then I might consider it! 🙂

        1. Wow, you know how to give a compliment! I’m printing that and putting it on the fridge!

          Do it do it do it do it do it! I won’t be mad, I’ll just be sooooo disappointed if you don’t. (…And THAT is what I call WordPressuring.)

  1. Okay, I say “shizzle” every day in my classroom. I have had students leave my class and come back to tell me they can’t stop saying it! 😉

    Even the usage agreement on my blog reads: “Seriously, don’t steal my shizz. Plagiarism pisses me off.”

    Or something like that.

    I’ll probably do this and send you the link to YouTube.

    Cuz I love pumpkin-ishy stuff.

    That said, I’ve had enough vlogging for a while.


    I think people prefer to read my words than see my face.

    Which is a lot older than your adorable face.

    1. LOL I believe it! That word is like crack! Ooh, I’m so excited to see your video (and THANKS!!)! You really are a terrific vlogger – heck, you inspired me to do this (although I must say I feel the same way, and will likely stick to writing ;))!

  2. Oh, I loved that. You are too cute! My only complaint? It was way too short. I barely had time to focus my eyes and turn up the volume before you were gone. I think I’m too old to do any video that quick. 😉

    Do you have more drawings you’d care to share with the class? The one you showed for a second looked awesome!

    1. Aw, thank you!! That’s really nice to hear. 🙂 First-time vlogging is a little scary, especially because it goes on YouTube, too!

      I have a very lax submission policy, by which I mean if anyone submits any video remotely to do with their silliest guilty pleasure, they’ll be considered for the super-duper stunning prize, LOL

      I almost don’t want to mention this, but I actually did a post a while back about being a ‘sketchy artist,’ ha! I don’t draw very often (so those on the post are old sketches), but when I do it’s usually celebrities. It might’ve been cute when I was 15, but at 29? Not so much.

    2. Once again, we are eerily, exactly on the same wavelength! When the video stopped, I actually cried, “No!”

      Julie? As Li’l D would say, “Mo peaz!”

      I will be pondering this. I would totally ponder it with a side ponytail, too, but my hair is just recently too short. Darn it? 😉

      1. From now on, whenever anyone says they’re sick of me (ha! Like THAT would ever happen!), I’m sending them to you and Darla to set the record straight.

        I would LOVE to see a vlog about your silliest guilty pleasure. That would be delightful on so many levels. Including the level that really wants to see your hair, which I’m sure looks gorgeous.

        You’ve officially. Been. WORDPRESSURED!

  3. You’re never too old to vent your creative shiz. Have you posted a video on Facebook about your second husband? As I see it, if you have, he’ll love it and make is so much easier to partake in my G.P. which is to stalk celebs at events and get pictures (of you with them). Just saying. That Broadway premiere’s not so far away.

    1. I am pretty sure he is going to discover this video on YouTube and I won’t even have to make my “Why Polygamy Is the Right Choice for You” presentation in January. By the way, I plan on leveraging your photography skills at our wedding.

  4. Could someone please clue me into what “shizzle” means? I was born the same year Martha Stewart got her first Easy Bake Oven so I’m a little out of touch.

    1. Ha! I think originally it was a way to say “For Sure,” but now people use it as a very silly way to say sh-t. Credit goes to rapper Snoop Dogg (who takes words and puts ‘izzle’ on the end to make his own amazing language).

      Speaking of Martha Stewart…

      1. Thanks, and that’s one helluva nice tie-in!! Can’t you just see Martha using “shizzle” at her next dinner party? NOT!

        I’ve heard “shizzle”, and other words conjugated with the -izzle suffix, many times but rap isn’t my thing. I believe that each generation has the neurologic capacity to wrap its collective brain around only one preachy, self-righteous, inane musical genre and my synapses were already numbed by casual background exposure to folk music in the ’60s. I cannot even tell you in mixed company what I think one of the lines from the song “Informer” by Snow is saying.

  5. I absolutely loved this entry and your video! Made me laugh out loud and that’s always a great thing! I’m really happy I stumbled across your blog! Not sure I’ll be doing my own video, but definitely enjoying your blog 🙂

    1. That really means a lot, thank you so much! I absolutely love blogging, and my fellow bloggers provide plenty of hilarious inspiration! I always eagerly anticipate comments; that’s one of the best unexpected joys of blogging.

      I’ll try not to WordPressure you [into making a video]…too much 🙂

  6. I am currently rocking a side ponytail and you just made me feel like that was super lame. I love the side pony, mine is all low and class though. Not in the middle of the side of my head (you know what I mean) valley girl style.

    Also are you watching Top Model All Stars??

    1. Oh no! I actually LOVE the (low) side pony!! I’ve just been waiting for it to come back, and then decided I wasn’t going to wait anymore, LOL

      Yes I am watching it! What do you think??

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