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WordPressure and How it Relates to Spontaneous Combustion

Is it hot in here, or is it just you?

Lofty post title, if I do say so myself. But it’s only fitting for one who has Merriam-Webster on speed dial. They’re currently reviewing my latest submission, and I have high hopes:

WordPressure (verb) – to peer pressure people who read your [Wordpress] blog into doing something they might otherwise never consider. (Though they should. Because you’ve given them a chance to win a truly spectacular prize, which you would gladly award yourself, but think it’s finally time someone else feel the amazing glow of victory.)

That, ‘munks (as in chipmunks), is WordPressure. WordPressure reminds me of another knock-your-flaming-socks-off kind of pressure* (annnnnd that’s how it relates, in case this post title was still bothering you):

If you see this guy, RUN.

Spontaneous Combustion.

Much like guillotines, this is one of my more…eccentric…guilty pleasures. (I blame Buffy. I’m sure you remember that dance-til-you-die episode.) Rumor has it, this week, a man in Ireland died of spontaneous combustion.

Do you buy it? Or are you too busy thinking about your own weird guilty pleasure (ya’ll better DIVULGE!)?

*And by pressure, apparently I mean: a buildup of static electricity inside the body or from an external geomagnetic force exerted on the body (thanks, science.howstuffworks.com).

20 thoughts on “WordPressure and How it Relates to Spontaneous Combustion”

    1. If I ever decide I’ve run out of guilty pleasures to talk about (ha!) and need to shut down this blog, I’m going to put up a notice that it spontaneously combusted. Then all my 1.5 followers will have something to blog about.

  1. Between coining a phrase and making a Buffy reference, I’m following you. Can that be a guilty pleasure? I think Krispy Kreme doughnuts are prolly far guiltier.

    1. That is, without a doubt, the most fulfilling reason anyone has ever given for following this blog. Thank you!!

      Also, I really appreciate you setting a good example for the other commenters. They’re usually very shy about talking about their own guilty pleasures. And how I’m their favorite guilty pleasure.

      I do think there are guilty pleasures, like Krispy Kremes, that become so deliciously overindulgent that they swing back into the realm of just pleasures. (Logic like this is how I get to sleep at night.)

  2. I totally buy it. When I was ten and eleven, I had this piano teacher. I went to her house for lessons and she was always super late getting started, like 20 minutes, 45 minutes, because she would have these screaming matches with her teenage daughter. I didn’t mind the waiting (hated the yelling) because they had tons and tons of books. Lots of the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not books, one of which had a big spread on spontaneous combustion.

    You thought I was gonna say my piano teacher burst into flames before my eyes, right?

  3. I totally know what you mean by wordpressure. When exactly is the dictionary going to consider that a real word?

    I almost wish we could make the stats page go away. =)

    1. I’ve been on hold with Merriam-Webster all day. For some reason they keep transferring me to…oh, what did they say…it sounded kind of like ‘security.’

      I know! Just say no to stats! LOL!

  4. Oh lord, that musical episode of Buffy was one of my favorites of the entire series. Otherwise, I can’t think of spontaneous combustion without thinking of Spinal Tap drummers (who were also referenced in Buffy when Giles decided to buy the Magic Shop in Season 4 or 5…see how I tied that all together?? 😉 )

    Okay, I might give in to WordPressure and take your Guilty Pleasure vlog challenge. What can I say, the Accent Vlog was scary but kinda fun and I think it opened the floodgates…

    1. Me too (re: the musical episode)! And niiiice tie-in! 😉

      Another successful case of WordPressure!?! Sweet!! I would absolutely LOVE (love love love) to see it!!!

  5. Well, at least it’s a dry heat. Great picture and what a coincidence! I just bowed to one of my guilty pleasures and bought a CD of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”, the cover of which features a photo of one guy shaking the had of another guy who is in flames!

    1. Oh, man. I think I need to adjust my GOGP-meter, because I always had Pink Floyd on the ‘cool’ side (a.k.a. where the needle never lands when I’m holding the meter).

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