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Where I’ll Be While You’re Entering My Vlog Contest (ENDS TODAY!)

Cheeky chipmunks, my video blogging contest ends today (October 22, midnight EST)!! You have about 14 hours to enter your 30-second video. By my calculations, this means you could do 8 billion (maybe slightly less) takes and still have time to qualify for the WORLD’S BEST PRIZE! You don’t want to miss out. Just ask Sprinkles.

In the meantime, I’ll be enjoying a lovely, relaxing Saturday with my two besties (b-day celebration in the hiz-ouse!), Uncle Jesse, Peppermeister annnnnd….a puppy!!!

My chipmunkalicious friend, Jenn, volunteers for 11th Hour Rescue, and is currently providing a foster home for a lil’ pitbull named Kelly.

Here’s Kelly. Get ready for an aww-attack.

Hi! I'm Kelly. You know you love me.
Imma show Uncle Jesse who's boss.
...Unless I get too sleepy.
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Best Video Blogging Contest EVER Ends Oct. 22nd!!!

Chipmunk-a-doos, this is your friendly, WordPressure-freefilled reminder that the Best. Video. Blogging. Contest. EVER!!! ends one week from today, on Saturday, October 22nd.

Check out my own vlog and the rules here

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to win a STUPENDOUS prize! Just ask Darla. Or Deb. Or Renée. Or Leonore. Or JM. (I’m talking to you, Sprinkles. And you, GotC. And you, Byron. And you, Tink. And YOU!!!)

Now come on, get on the rock (yeah, you’ve gotta watch the vid for that to make sense)!

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WordPressure and How it Relates to Spontaneous Combustion

Is it hot in here, or is it just you?

Lofty post title, if I do say so myself. But it’s only fitting for one who has Merriam-Webster on speed dial. They’re currently reviewing my latest submission, and I have high hopes:

WordPressure (verb) – to peer pressure people who read your [Wordpress] blog into doing something they might otherwise never consider. (Though they should. Because you’ve given them a chance to win a truly spectacular prize, which you would gladly award yourself, but think it’s finally time someone else feel the amazing glow of victory.)

That, ‘munks (as in chipmunks), is WordPressure. WordPressure reminds me of another knock-your-flaming-socks-off kind of pressure* (annnnnd that’s how it relates, in case this post title was still bothering you):

If you see this guy, RUN.

Spontaneous Combustion.

Much like guillotines, this is one of my more…eccentric…guilty pleasures. (I blame Buffy. I’m sure you remember that dance-til-you-die episode.) Rumor has it, this week, a man in Ireland died of spontaneous combustion.

Do you buy it? Or are you too busy thinking about your own weird guilty pleasure (ya’ll better DIVULGE!)?

*And by pressure, apparently I mean: a buildup of static electricity inside the body or from an external geomagnetic force exerted on the body (thanks,

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The Next Big Thing: GOGP’s Video Blogging Craze!

My sweet, striped, forest-dwelling critters, I am about to harness the guilty pleasure god energy that was recently made available to me. Also steal borrow divine inspiration from the current vlogging trend about accents.

That’s right!

New vlogging phenomenon!

Starting right here, right now, courtesy of!

The Rules

#1 – Tell everyone who you are, why we should care, and what your silliest guilty pleasure is.

#2 – Incorporate my favorite word: heinous.

#3 – Oh yeah, you only have 30 seconds.  (Because every game is funnier when the clock is ticking.)

The Prize

It’s a surprise. I don’t want to alarm you, but let’s just say my pumpkin-carving skills rival my vlogging creativity.

Now, let’s kick this shizzle up to the next level and get started! And yes, this is my FIRST. EVER. VLOG!

YOUR TURN! (If you’d like to participate, but don’t have a blog or don’t want to post on your blog, feel free to submit videos on YouTube or directly to me at:

DEADLINE: Pumpkin Season (a.k.a. October 22, 2011). …The contest might be over, but you can check out the winner and the AWESOME prize here!