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Best Video Blogging Contest EVER Ends Oct. 22nd!!!

Chipmunk-a-doos, this is your friendly, WordPressure-freefilled reminder that the Best. Video. Blogging. Contest. EVER!!! ends one week from today, on Saturday, October 22nd.

Check out my own vlog and the rules here

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to win a STUPENDOUS prize! Just ask Darla. Or Deb. Or Renée. Or Leonore. Or JM. (I’m talking to you, Sprinkles. And you, GotC. And you, Byron. And you, Tink. And YOU!!!)

Now come on, get on the rock (yeah, you’ve gotta watch the vid for that to make sense)!

18 thoughts on “Best Video Blogging Contest EVER Ends Oct. 22nd!!!”

  1. When I saw the pingback, I went, “Don’t be those Italian bozos!” And then I went, “Wait, that’s not right. It’s advertisements!”

    Then I saw the source, and giggled.

    For anyone still on the fence, it’s a heck of a lot of fun! If you don’t like competition (like me!), just pretend you’re sitting and doing it with Julie (hahahaha) for no other reason than blogging . . . I mean vlogging . . . your sillies out!

    1. Tee hee! I giggle every time I think of you saying “heinous digestive issues.” Your vlog was SO GREAT! Thank you again for making one/being so awesome!! 🙂

    1. You’re bonkers!! First of all, you paved the way. (You’re like the Perfect Strangers to ABC’s Friday-night line-up.) Second of all, you had visuals. Third? Um, hello! Peanut butter cups and golden girls!! How is that not awesome!?!? You rule, and that’s that.

      1. I’d like to second Julie (Jules? which should I be using here?). But for the Maineiac vlog, there wouldn’t have been a TMiYC one! “Paved the way”=true story! ♥

        1. Yay! Guilty Pleasure Goddess would be my preferred name, but either Julie or Jules is acceptable. 😉 Even though I’m gojulesgo on WordPress, most people outside the blogosphere call me Julie (except my besties and every gym teacher I’ve ever had, ha). I always think nicknames are used affectionately, so there’s only been one instance (about 10 years ago! I remember it perfectly!) where it rubbed me the wrong way, because this dude was being a stalky creeper. (“Why is he calling me Jules? He doesn’t get to call me Jules!” LOL)

  2. Julie:

    I love everybody’s vlogs. But I will dance again if necessary. Is that what’s going on here. Or should I do something else for you? Another vlog. Would you like that? Because I have plenty of even more guilty pleasures.

    I know, I shall publicize your contest on Twitter.

    Will that get me any bonus points?

    I told you I get all crazy competitive.

    Even if the prize is invisible.


    1. Renée – I love your competitive-driven tweet (I just saw it)! I should really milk this. Why yes, yes, you should make another dance video, and videos of all your guiltiest pleasures, and tweet about them all. This prize is amazing.

    1. In lieu of guilty pleasure commentary, I will also accept submissions about how adorable my dog is. Extra points if you can work in Uncle Jesse quotes.

      P.S. – I left a comment on an older post of mine this morning that I later realized you probably wouldn’t see — today someone got to my blog searching, “how to wipe drool.” I need to get to the bottom of this.

  3. Oh, Jules, you made me LOL!! Don’t worry, you’ve been like a little chipmunky voice in the back of my head saying, “Sprinkles, get your video uploaded to You Tube so you can post it on your blog! Do it now Sprinks! Nooooowwwww!” I haven’t forgotten, but I also haven’t gotten it down to 30 seconds! Old chatty Sprinkles–that’s me!

    BTW–I love the lizard video! 🙂

    1. hahaha It’s no accident that your name was first on my list to WordPressure in this post! 😉 I cannot WAIT to see your video, however long it is!!

      And I’m SO glad you watched and liked the lizard video – it KILLS me! I think I’ve watched it 5 times (they have two other ones on YouTube, two dogs talking and two cats talking – both pretty funny)!

      1. Hi! I just wanted to put out there that I am realllllly looking forward to Sprinkles’s video! *nudgenudge*

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