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The Book Series That Lived (and Lived and Lived and Lived)

On Saturday night, I positively GOGP-ed to the Biography channel’s “Harry Potter: Evolution” special. Geeked. Out.

Harry Potter is a subject matter that, like Buffy, Glee or Twilight, I could discuss ad nauseam. Beyond reading the books each at least twice, I’ve watched ALL of the DVD special features. If you’ve done this yourself, you know Harry Potter special features trump them all. They’re very thorough, and it’s just so damn cool to see how they create this magical world. To think it all started in the mind of a lil’ writer named Jo! A lil’ writer like you. …Or me!

So, yes, I watched this Biography feature, fixated. I pondered very serious things: How did they know Emma Watson would grow up to be so pretty, and not taller than Daniel or Rupert? When my boss told me I reminded her of Luna Lovegood last Friday, what was the proper reaction? Peppermeister knew better than to interrupt. Until he couldn’t help himself and added his own deep thoughts.

“How much money does J.K. Rowling have?” He paused. “All of it?”

Well...she's brave. And she makes her own jewelry. That's...something.

If you were called a Harry Potter character, who would it be and why? (And what have you been geeking out on lately??)

40 thoughts on “The Book Series That Lived (and Lived and Lived and Lived)”

    1. Here’s a real Harry Potter Geek question – do you have a favorite special feature?? The ones with Goblet of Fire are awesome (and okay, it might have something to do with Robert Pattinson’s presence…).

  1. I’ve never read or watched “Harry Potter” – but I’m not being a snob or anything. I just was so late getting to it, that now I am just too lazy to try to catch up. But I’m plenty geeky on other things – just give me some crazy-ass theory about the Kennedy assassination. Can’t get enough.

  2. So, I’ve read the books, but I’m afraid that if I pick a character a true fan will be horrified, because “he’s the one who betrayed Harry and destroyed the thing at the place!”

    Was Sirius Black cool? I seem to remember that he was.

    1. Yes! Sirius Black is a good pick. Very cool. Except, you know, for the dying in Book 5 part. Annnd now that I’m Googling this, I’m seeing discussion boards entitled, “Sirius Black’s Death: Who Cried?” ‘Scuse me, be right back…

  3. Can I be Harry Potter? Or does he die in the end? (I’m sorry, but I’m the one person in the galaxy who hasn’t read any of the books) But I love the picture of you! My son’s nickname at school is Harry Potter. Yes, he wears glasses and yes he is incredibly smart, but somehow he doens’t think it’s a cool nickname.

    1. First off – your new gravatar pic is lovely! Your eyes are so beautifully blue!

      I’m coming to learn via these comments that you are NOT the only one who hasn’t read the books, LOL, I’m almost feeling lonely! You can definitely be Harry Potter, a.k.a. the boy who *spoiler alert* LIVED! He has a very happy ending. Maybe I need to make a slide presentation for your son, illustrating the awesomeness of his nickname.

  4. I think I read the first 5 books to satisfy my elderly friend who may actually out-geek you. It’s not my thing. I’m more Star Trek/ Firefly orientated. Since I didn’t finish the series and since we barely know one another, I’ll settle for an assigned character.

    1. I really like your new gravatar pic (is that a veggie burger??)!

      Ooh, it’s time for a Geek Off with your friend! And I will always accept a substitute guilty pleasure, as well as the privilege of assigning you a Harry Potter character. Henceforth, you shall be Tonks! (This is a good thing. Except the dying part. But her hair changes color – by magic!)

      1. Thanks about the pic. I was holding food, which makes me happy! It was a vegetarian resto but that was some kind of meat…can’t recall. Turkey? Many vegetables *were* assaulted in the process, though.

        I have to google Tonks…

        I accept this assignation based upon the following quote Google provided:

        Tonks: “I was never a prefect myself. My Head of House [Pomona Sprout] said I lacked certain necessary qualities.”
        Ginevra Weasley: “Like what?”
        Tonks: “Like the ability to behave myself.”

    1. haha you are too funny! Hedwig is an awesome pick – she is a gorgeous snowy white owl with some sass. A lot of the best characters die performing heroic acts; think of your legacy. 😉

      It’s actually a picture of my head on Luna Lovegood’s body, the character my boss said I reminded her of. Luna is very flighty and CRAZY, in a good way, and in trying to find the positive in my boss’s comment, I chose to focus on her bravery and jewelry-making abilities. LOL

  5. This is a hard one for me. Would I want to be Dumbledore, or be someone who interacted with him heavily?

    Naaaah. Not that hard in the end. Dumbledore all the way, ’cause this gal loves the wise guys! No, I mean it, the real wise guys. Not wiseguys! 😉

    (Better still to be Gandalf! Hee.)

    1. Oooh Deb I was looking forward to your answer! (I was getting a little lonely in my HP obsession ;))

      You are definitely Dumbledore! (Is there higher praise??)

      I guess Luna’s not so bad. She saves the day in a pinch and she winds up with Neville. Peppermeister and Neville have some things in common, too (like gardening), now that I think about it…

      1. You are definitely Dumbledore! (Is there higher praise??)
        LOVE!!! Maybe if I were called Gandalf? I’ve gotten “Giles” and “Dumbledore” so far, so that’s the last of my sacred trio of wise men remaining. 😉

  6. Wow, my son totally loved all of the HPs but I didn’t. We won a book prize pack of his and I tried reading the book. I can’t believe kids can read that! It was thick, to me, not flowing. But my son, can’t get enough of it.

    1. I seriously don’t know why graphic designers aren’t clamoring for my resume. 😉 That totally counts! Do you also…speak…like this…with….huge….pauses between….almost…. every word?

  7. HA. I love Harry Potter. Is it bad that I want to say Hermione? She seems like such an obvious choice, though in reality I am nothing like Hermione. I do not have her patience at all. Hmm… who would I really be? I feel like I would have to go through a sex change and be Ron. Funny, slightly awkward. That sounds about right.

    1. No it’s not bad! Hermoine is my fav, and Ron is up there, too. She and Ron might be one of my all-time favorite couples. So much more fun than Ginny and Harry. I’m learning to live with my Luna lot in life (oooh, unplanned alliteration! Woot!).

  8. Great picture of you, Juluna, but where are your radish earrings?

    I am something of a HP geek, embarassing when you’re over 50. I TOLD my kids 2 books back that they should trust in Snape.

    1. Ha, why thank ya! What’s funny is that in grade school I used to wear CRAZY earrings every day (I know, my boss is onto something): Koosh balls, troll dolls, you name it.

      If there was an age limit on guilty pleasures, I wouldn’t have a blog.

  9. Ooooh, I’ve watched all of those on the Biography channel. They played them alot right before the 7th movies came out. I love all of the characters so very much, so it’s very hard to choose who I’d want to be. Perhaps we could take turns being Luna. I love her calm demeanor, her soft voice, and her connected way of interacting with the supernatural world. It would also be quite fun to be Snape, but certainly not in the 7th book!

    Love your pic!

    1. *cough* where’s the vlog? *cough*

      That is awesome that you watched all of the special features, too (you’re the first person to say that!! I was thinking about setting up a series of polls to find out what other false assumptions I’ve been making about my sweet little chipmunky readers, LOL)! So, you’re proposing going from Luna to Snape? That is very ambitious, but if anyone can do it, Sprinkles can!

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